Sunday, November 10, 2013

find your "Nashville"

there's been so much that has happened in my life lately that lots of y'all have been asking about so I figured I'd d0 a generic "lately" post just to fill y'all in.
when I blogged about wanting to quit nursing school-I got so much support from y'all. I am SO thankful that I already have a bachelor's degree. and, since I finished early, my year is nursing school technically means I'm at the same spot-age wise- that I would've been if it would've taken me the average time to finish my bachelor's degree.
the more I look back and reflect on nursing school, it was totally what I was suppose to do at the time. I've always been taught to pray for "God's will" for my life and not to pray for just my "wants." I want to follow God's plan for my life, not my plan. I did earnestly pray and seek God (as well as parents, grandparents, pastor, etc) before going to nursing school. the prayer was always for God to lead me to a career where I could "help" others. I think the part where I took matters into my own hands was my belief that the only profession I could have and help people was a nurse. I don't know why I was so set on it but I was. I didn't do well in first semester and I still wanted to be a nurse. It just felt right-all the way up until September. Have you ever known something that you kept from someone and it ate away at your spirit or heart until you finally told someone? Ha. Well, that was nursing school. I hated every second of it. And, I was even doing exceptionally well this semester. The passion to help people has never left. The passion to help people in a hospital bed has. It takes a certain discipline and determination to become a nurse. I was salutatorian in high school and undergrad and I just sucked at nursing school. It's a whole thinking process that I never grasped. The whole time I was in nursing school this semester, my spirit and spark would die a little every day because it wasn't where I was suppose to be.
I have a big family and we all live within 10 miles of each other. Both sets of grandparents, my parents and all my siblings. no one else in my family has ever really had a strong passion to live Alabama or leave, but I ALWAYS have. I've said so many times that I could live in a tour bus and just drive because I love traveling so much. I mean, I still love my family more than anything, but I've always just wanted to "go." then, when my sister and I went to Nashville a few weeks ago, it just felt right.
I've blogged about this before, but, honestly, I felt like every single person in Nashville was there to pursue their dreams. whatever they may be, they were there and they were chasing them. I want to chase my dreams. I want  a super awesome pr/marketing/advertising/all in one media type of career. I love people. I love social media and I LOVE talking. Ha. And, for me, Nashville is where I honestly believe all this will happen.
Maybe your "Nashville" is New York or Tampa or Hollywood or Birmingham or right where you live right now. I think, for whatever reason, so many of us are afraid to dream. Why? That's why so many people are miserable. Fight for your dreams. Chase them.
It's easier for me because I have no husband or kids or school to attend. I'm just a free little bird who is trying to make it to Nashville. I'm SO excited about the next year! My one year plan is to save every penny I can and move to Nashville one year from December. I've had a job interview here in Birmingham with an amazing company, and I'm in the waiting process. If this doesn't work out, I still have a job in Birmingham that has supported my dreams and passions since the day I started working there. I firmly believe to make your dreams happen WILL take work. I know that I just can't wake up one day and move to my "Nashville." Neither can you. But, you can work and have a plan.
This is all so vulnerable and exposed and out there for anyone who reads this. But, for the first time, I'm SO happy in every single aspect of my life. There is no baggage, no conflict and no strife. I understand that the road to my "Nashville" WILL have many downs. But, it will have many ups. And, you know, it will be SO worth every second.
I've decided a while ago that telling my story, whatever aspect of it, helps people. Your story helps people, too. At the end of the day, I'm just a girl that has the best family in the entire world with big dreams of moving to Nashville and living my life. My story of waiting until marriage for sex is a part of this story. My story of not finishing nursing school is a part of the bigger story. My story of clinging to and trusting God is the biggest part of the story. I guess my whole purpose of writing this is for everyone to find their "Nashville" wherever it may be. Don't let people talk you out of your dreams. Pray about them and then work for your dreams. Your life won't be perfect, but you will find so much JOY!! :)
Happy Sunday!


  1. Good for you for following your heart, listening to God and trusting in His plan!

  2. I've always wanted to move to Nashville. I don't know what it is about that city but I want to move there so bad! Maybe one day I will make it there too!

  3. Katelyn - I'm glad to see you praying for God's will in your life. I'm sure that will be revealed to you as time goes on. It's also good that you have family to support you. I especially want to encourage you to share your story about waiting until marriage. Yes, you have to be very courageous to bring this subject up today. Young people need more guidance in this area. I too am waiting until marriage before having sex. It can be done to any age.