Tuesday, November 26, 2013

good enough.

I would like to say that I am in love with 98% of my life. I honestly live a dream. I don't say that to sound full of it but I say that because I really do realize how blessed I am. I didn't love my life for a while because I let other people tell me my dreams and passions. I just gave into who others wanted me to be-and not in a bad way. I was the class president, my sorority vice president, etc. etc. etc. because it was FUN and it made me feel VALUED. I led Bible studies at my Christian college, I never ever miss church and I don't drink or smoke. I am the "good girl" mold to a T. BUT, that also means that I can't say no and I end up taking on 500 different tasks and getting burned out. I felt like the more I did, the more valued I would be.
NEWS FLASH ----> no matter HOW much you try, your worth will never be defined by a position or a person or a place. Your worth is defined by Christ. And, in Him, you're enough.
"You are my treasured possession."
Exodus 19:5
I became a Christian when I was 5. My dad got to lead me to alter and pray with me with my pastor and family right beside me. I've been taught and raised that God's view is the only view of myself that matters. In high school, I was the dorky virgin who ate alone after everyone got drunk at prom. I still am that dorky virgin who gets mean and hurtful twitter messages and emails at least three times a week.
"you're ugly"
"you're dumb"
"you're a virgin?? how retarded."
"no one will ever date you."
"just let me live my life and party if I want."
Is getting hateful messages something that anyone would willingly sign up for? No. And, like I mentioned earlier, I was raised to not believe it. Do I? Not 99% of the time. But, you know what sucks? That 1% of the time that I do.
I try to be a happy go lucky, positive, upbeat girl all the time. And I succeed at that most of the time. BUT, I also get messages like this: "Omg, your life is so perfect and everyone loves you and you are so cool and you have the best tweets and IG's and have a big house and etc. etc. etc." This is such a sweet message- don't get me wrong. BUT, I'm not perfect, lots of people don't like me, I'm a nerd, I'm social media illiterate and it's my parent's house so yeah. :) The heart behind this blog was for me to share my faith and try to be an example to young girls. An example to be pure, to be kind and to be nice. That's still the heart of Southern Samplings. Now, there's just some country hunks scattered throughout, also.
I think to be a real "role model" or example to girls, I need to be real. I'm not perfect or cool. I'm Katelyn. And, that's enough. I'm exactly who God made me and for the first time, I'm owning it because I'm following my dreams. I know what I want in life, I'm seeking God in the decisions I'm making and I genuinely believe that God is blessing me.
I just want to hug every girl who thinks they aren't good enough. You are. There is not another person in this world that can do what God put YOU on this earth to do. When you seek God with your entire heart and do what GOD wants you to do-not what your parents or teachers want you to do-you'll be happy. I'm not saying your parents or teachers are wrong but just make sure that you are listening to God.

There's a quote that says "you have to fall in love with who God created you to be before He will let you fall in love with who He created you to be with." I don't mention this quote to hope that you're living to be in a relationship with a man but to say you have to love yourself before someone else can.
This is a short post because there's only so many ways to say that it's my honest prayer that every girl will learn to love themselves and see themselves the way God sees us. Of course, there are a million things that I can improve on BUT what citygurl1992 has to say about you or me on Twitter should not be what we dwell on anymore. What Exodus 19:5 says about us is what we should dwell on.

Shine on ladies.


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