Thursday, November 7, 2013

stand your ground.

I feel like I won the blogging reader jackpot, if there is such a thing, after my last post. The amount of people that are SO kind far outweigh the negative things people send me. So, thank you for reading these posts and thank you for SUPPORTING and BELIEVING in me even if you don't agree with me all the time. It's refreshing and fun to be able to just vent and write stuff and stick it out on the inter webz but a bonus when people read it.
So, anyways, as I've said before in posts, I teach on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights at my church. It's small but it's familiar and it's fun. On Wednesdays, I have the teenage girls. I always have a lesson planned but 99.8 percent of the time we end up talking about whatever we are going through.
The name of the lesson was "stand your ground" and as I was studying it, an AMAZING song came to mind. It's called "stand in the rain" by superchic. Don't judge. Christian bands have rockinnnggg names. Moving on.
I challenge you to go listen to it because I can't post a Youtube video from my mobile device. (thanks apple. and while we are thanking people, thanks for deciding to completely crash Monday night deleted every single piece of information I've acquired. anyways.)
Okay, so we started talking about how hard it can be to stand up for your beliefs. High school is hard. High school is harder when your friends abandon you because you didn't go drinking after prom. (true story. guess who sat at the lunch table alone for 8 weeks. this girl. ha!)
 Any ways, it is hard to stand up for your beliefs. But, for me, NOT standing up for my beliefs just really has never been an option. I've wrote about my dad before but for those who don't read often here's a little spill: My dad is the most incredible man I've ever met. I adore him more than any other human on earth. He works hard, he loves softly, he believes firmly, he leads with passion, he's just the best. My dad is NOT affectionate. He doesn't tell you he's proud of you, he shows you. He's very stern and firm and very black/white. There is no middle ground with my father. There is no option to give up with him. And, I think that is why I believe so strongly. I think we (as a family) love and work so hard because of the bar he has set.
Anyways, since standing up for what I think is right isn't a battle for me, it is for a lot of people. That's why I posted all those pictures of mean things people have said last week. I mean, I'm no one special or famous or cool and I get hate mail at LEAST 4 times a week. I wouldn't ever dare post the meanest messages of all because it breaks my spirit a little bit and I don't want to subject people to that kind of rudeness.
So, I've talked about what I believe in and why I believe it and some people don't get it.
Well, here's my disclaimer: if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will never understand why I believe what I do. I try to kill people with kindness. I try to be a good example. I try to love regardless of the person. But, I'm not perfect. And, it's hard.
People have messaged me on twitter and told me to just ignore the haters but at the same time, I'm not standing up for myself AND my beliefs if I don't.
I feel super confident writing these posts and messaging people and praying for them but it's when you're all alone reading those messages that it gets me. And, it's super hard to stop crying once you start. Ha. Crying is okay sometimes. Just don't dwell on it.
You know why? I use to let all the negativity eat at me and I would do everything in my power for everyone to like me. But, you know what, lots of people didn't like Jesus so a lot of people aren't going to like me. That's cool. I get it. There's a lot of people I don't like but instead of sending them hate mail, I at least explain myself.

Stand up for what you believe in. I don't think you should have sex before marriage. That's what I believe. I think that abortion is a coward move. I think that marriage is between a man and a woman. I think that Jesus put us on this earth to have a fun life but we aren't here for eternity. I believe in Heaven and the Bible and Jesus. I believe. The key word is this whole paragraph is "I."
I really liked this guy in college. He loved God and he was sweet. As far as how he looked on paper went, he passed all my "requirements." But, as we started talking, everything was about compromise with him. He had the same belief in God as I did but he didn't think that getting drunk was wrong. He was SO good about being "protective" and "sweet" but always questioned my belief in waiting until marriage for sex. If he was this questionable as a potential boyfriend, I can't imagine what a marriage with him would've been like. So, I walked away. People said I was crazy but I was standing up for my morals.
In the past two weeks, three people have messaged me with faith questions. People who want to know about God or faith or forgiveness or my morals. That's cool. I'll stay awake until 3 oclock every day to answer questions people may have. I'll debate my point of view until I'm dead, but I'm going to stand up for what I believe in.
You're not alone. Ever. Even if you don't agree with me but you need someone to talk you, email me. Message me. Call me. Whatever you need, I'm here. There are so many girls who message me every week because they are being bullied or pressured or burdened. It's okay to talk to someone. You need to talk to someone. Just remember to keep standing. When you look around and everything else is falling down, just keep standing. :) Whatever life gives you, you can handle it.
I had a super crappy Thursday in the past 3 hours so I guess this post is a "get up and move on with it" type of post for me. But, I also kind of feel like other people are stuck for various reasons. Don't ever change your beliefs just for another person. Change them for yourself. Be a good person. Have beliefs and be able to back up why you believe it. Life is hard but it's temporary. And, it's a lot more fun with Jesus.
I've been saved for 18 years, since I was 4, and life has been hard but never too much too handle. Jesus loves you and he wants you to believe in him and to stand up for him. He stood up for you by dying on the cross. He didn't halfway die for you, so don't halfway live for him.
My point is, if you are struggling with your beliefs or morals or life, just keep standing. You are your own worst enemy or your best cheerleader. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your family and friends and for people you don't know. Just don't stop standing up for something.


  1. well, this just gave me chills because I had a horrible day and was on the edge of giving up, then wham!! you post this. lord, lady, thank you for listening to God and standing up for what you believe in. so refreshing to see a lady believe as well as you do.

  2. Your blog is what made me question being an atheist. I'm far from a committed relationship with God but I firmly believe he exists now. You introduced me to him through this "little ole blog." Don't ever question why you're writing this blog. It's for people just like me. thank you.

  3. Hey girl heyyyy!!! It's Tiffany from Phi Mu!!! We use your blog as a weekly "pick me up" in chapter meetings. Your faith is strong and your convictions are pure. You are the true definition of a woman and we are all so excited to see how big your blog gets. :)

  4. You probably get tons of comments and emails from people and I'm not sure if you would even see this, but I got saved Wednesday night. You talk about your need for God, I didn't have that but now I do. I've learned that I am not strong enough to go through life on my own. I tried and failed doing things on my own. keep spreading the world.