Friday, December 20, 2013


I had two reasons that I wanted to start Southern Samplings. One was to try to tell girls how valuable they are and the other one was to simply document all the fun travels I get to go on. Looking back through my posts, these two topics easily make up 90% of my posts. 

What I'm talking about today is simplicity and girls. Or, modesty.
It literally breaks my heart to see so much negativity on social media from young girls. I cannot scroll through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram without reading or seeing horrific things. And, sometimes, from girls 10 years younger than me!!

I was SO overly sheltered as a child, and I suppose to this day, I still am. I was taught to respect myself, to save myself and to appreciate myself. I never went out and "partied" or lived it up by the world's standards. If "most modest" would've been a senior superlative, I had that one in the bag. But, at the same time, I had such a fun high school experience for the most part. I went to football games and hung out with friends without ever drinking or smoking or trying drugs. 

I saw on my Twitter TL last night a tweet from a girl that is 16 that said she couldn't wait to wear her new year's eve dress because it would make her boyfriend drool.

What? Hold up. She's 16.

Not that I want my boyfriend necessarily drooling over me even at 24 but DEFINITELY not at 16. It's a vicious epidemic that a large percentage of girls have today-low self confidence and no modesty. And, it's really sad.

I mean, think about it. If you really respected yourself, you wouldn't be wearing a dress that is so tight you can't sit down or heels so high that you trip every other step. Yes, it's important to look nice and feel good about yourself BUT deep down, I really don't think girls who dress that way feel good about themselves. They aren't dressing for themselves. They're dressing to catch the attention of a guy. And, guess what? You'll definitely get his attention. You'll probably get it long enough to go back to his place for a one night stand and then he'll loose all interest. What's so fun about that? 


You can dress "cute" and feel confident about yourself and catch the eye of the right kind of guy. I don't know about you but I WANT to be the girl that he wants to take home to meet his parents. What's so sad about this theory is that it's so foreign to most girls today.

I also love Jesus and I am a Christian so I have a different view of modesty even to the "world's" definition of modesty. Modesty is something that Jesus commands of us in the Bible. 1 Timothy 2 and 1 Peter 2 are packed of modesty verses. If Jesus commands it of me, it should probably be at the top of my list. We have a gospel mission: not only to preach Christ, but to live in a way consistent with our profession of faith. As we preach the good news of the transforming work of our Savior, our dress should reflect His power at work in us.

You can be modest and still be "attractive" and have fun and not regret what you did the night before. I personally don't drink. I'm not against you if you do, I just choose not to. You can drink without getting drunk and still remember what you did the night before. You can express your feelings without cussing every other word. You can choose the dress that is 4 inches longer and have SO much more fun dancing the night away.

Once you choose to dress modesty, I promise you will see a difference in the type of men that approach you. You don't WANT one night stands with men. You want ONE man that you can spend every night with. That's another issue that is so hugely advertised to young girls-sex. I've had more than a fair share of hate messages over this blog and social media for announcing that I'm a virgin with no regrets about it. Even some Christians have blasted me by saying that being a virgin is a private matter and you shouldn't discuss it on social media. Okay, so if I don't discuss how important it is to save yourself, do you know what is being discussed and sold to young girls? That's right-sex. It's all over the radio, the movies, TV shows, everywhere. So, if being a virgin is anything to be ashamed of, I feel sorry for those people who think it is. I'll be able to give my husband my entire heart without worrying about what I've done with other men. It's a modest way to live. And it's the best way to live. 
I've been coaching and mentoring several girls through email and church life groups since I started this blog and I think it's SO important that I not only blog about the way a woman of God lives but that I actually do it.

I'm human. I'm far from perfect. I say things that I don't mean and I get jealous sometimes of the girls who aren't living modestly that seem to get the guys and have ALL the fun. Those moments of jealously are squandered when I think about how much better my life of modesty is. Everyone has off days and doesn't feel confident in their modesty BUT it's my prayer that if you are a girl and you are reading this blog that you realize how valuable you are to God. He values you much more than any guy could. He will lead you to the man on earth that will love you the way a man is suppose to. But, in the meantime, don't be disappointed and think that modesty equals boring. It doesn't. Come hang out with me for a week and I'll prove it!!
I've had several requests from people to do a post on modesty and my views on it, so here you go. I'm not judging anyone because we all have our mistakes. I'm just here to encourage the girls who ARE living modestly to continue because every blessing you receive from it will make your life that much more fun and enjoyable. And, God really appreciates a life of modesty. :)

I cant express how much i believe this.. I love being modest. at times it can be hard but its worth it


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! While I don't consider myself to be ultra modest when it comes to clothing choices, it is definitely something I pay attention to and over the past year I've really established a line of what I'm comfortable wearing and what I feel is too revealing.

  2. "Even some Christians have blasted me by saying that being a virgin is a private matter and you shouldn't discuss it on social media." Katelyn - I'm a Christian guy. I respect myself. I don't drool. I don't spend time in bars. I've never had a one night stand. And I'm also a virgin. Yes, Jesus did command modesty in the Bible - for both guys and girls. It works both ways. I would even say that if the right girl was placed in the presence of the right guy, he would be able to sense her beauty even if she was completely covered in a shroud. John (52)

  3. Hi Katelyn!

    I am so thankful I just found your blog. I loved this post and couldn't agree more. I am going to follow by email.

    Thank you for taking the time to write encouraging, thought provoking, God honoring, and meaningful posts. It is very much needed AND appreciated.

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    Thanks so much!

    ♥ Emma Joy