Tuesday, January 21, 2014

curly hair probs

If we are Facebook friends, then perhaps by now you've seen the hilarious article I posted this afternoon. It's from Total Sorority Move and it's perfection. I am a Phi Mu girl through and through AND I'm southern, so, that article was golden.
Anyways, there was another article I ran across while paroosing (is this a real word?) the site this afternoon that was talking about girls and their hair. It talked about how we all hate our hair for the most part and always want someone else's hair. This is true, I assume. I can always rattle off several celebrities whose hair I envy (pre-demonic Miley, Reese, Vanessa, the list goes on). The article also talked about how easy girls with straight hair have it and it got me thinking--what about all the curly haired gals in the world?
Curly hair problems                                                Weird....
Someone sent me a message my senior year of highschool and told me I'd never land a guy because guys do not like curly hair. Well, dear ole Stephanie from Bessemer was wrong because I would dare to estimate that guys tell me they like my hair just as much as girls. Although, I am still single, so maybe Stephanie was right...
Moving on, curly haired girls have an EXTREME love/hate relationship with our hair. At least, I know that I do. My hair is the single most talked about feature of me, though. I  cannot go one day without someone commenting on "wanting my hair" or how "lucky you are to have so much hair" or without someone asking me "if it's all mine." No, I volunteered to get enough hair for five people? Hello.
Ha. I'm not complaining, though. I can have the most horrible hair day ever, in my opinion, and it never fails that those are the days I get the most compliments. I LOVE my curly hair. I was literally bald until I was three so to have curly hair now, I'll gladly accept it. All of it. As I was thinking about curly hair, I realized how many "stereotyical" things I could say about curly hair. So, I typed the following in my note app on my iPhone in hopes that my curly haired friends everywhere can relate to the list.
1. Our hair is magical.
Seriously, though, it can do anything. Barrel curls? No biggie. Beach waves? Simple. Blow-outs? Just give me a few hours and you'd never even know I had curls to begin with. Sock bun? No sock required. Prom hairstyles? Bring it on.
2. We keep conditioner suppliers in business.
I can buy a bottle of shampoo and it will last me a good two weeks. Conditioner? Two bottles a week. So much conditioning.
3. Our hair is never boring.
Admit it, curls never look the same way twice. We have the snowflakes of hair.
4. Straightening our hair makes us question ourselves.
The only time I've straightened AND documented my straight hair in the past year was my 2nd most liked picture on Instagram. Wait, so am I ugly every other day? These are the questions that haunt us when we straighten our hair and is 97% of the reason I don't.
5. We have a favorite hair tie.
And God bless America and your entire household when that Emi Jay you've been stretching out for the past three months breaks.
6. There is no such thing as a "quick shower."
I mean, if anyone with curly hair tells me that it takes them a second less than 14 minutes to wash their hair, they're lying. Or they aren't washing their hair correctly.
7. We make really fun road trip buddies.
Anyone with curly hair will not sleep in the car because we can't lay our heads against the head rest without frizzing up the back of our hair. So, hello seven hour road trip to Lousiana? I'm up. The whole.way.there.
8. Government issued photos discriminate against us.
I mean, my hair has never all fit inside the license photo. 3/4 of my hair didn't make it into my passport photo. Such is life.
9. Curly hair is bi polar.
Love the curls. Hate the frizz. Can't have one without the other.
10. Did I mention that it's magical hair?
Nothing quite as magical as finding a bobby pin in your hair in the afternoon and knowing you didn't put any in your hair that morning. Left over from yesterday, even after washing it? No, no. It's magic. Duh.
Curly hair

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