Sunday, January 12, 2014

keys to your heart

Our sermon in church tonight was SO good! I always take notes on Sunday mornings but normally Sunday nights aren't as lengthy BUT as soon as he started preaching tonight, I took notice. He preached out of Matthew 16 and the subject was KEYS. As we were driving home, another spin on KEYS came to me so that's what I wanted to get all out here before I lost any of it. This will probably not make sense like 90% of my other posts BUT it was such a powerful sermon and then God spoke to me so loud on the way home, I just wanted to get it all out.

I am passionate about girls recognizing their worth and purity. It's my personal opinion to stay pure until marriage and I hope that is the opinion and conviction of all girls as well. I understand that it isn't and I don't hold that against ANYONE. I have several friends that don't believe you should wait until marriage and that is their opinion. I'm not here to judge. I'm here to offer advice and guidance to those girls that ask it of me but I never want anyone to feel like I'm pushing my beliefs on them.

Sorry for the little rant but I normally get so many people emailing me to "not push my beliefs on anyone" so, again, this post is intended for me to read only. If anyone else stumbles across this page and likes what I'm saying, cool. :)

Okay, so back to the topic: KEYS. Our pastor used keys as an example to talk about trust. You don't give people a key to your house if you don't trust them. You don't leave your keys in your car if you don't trust that they will still be there when you return, right? Right. So, there are three things associated with keys when talking about your heart.

1. authority
How are authority and your heart and a key related? Someone who has a key, in any situation, has to have some sort of authority to earn one. Well, for someone to earn your heart, you have to give them the authority to have it. No one can "steal" your heart from you without your consent. There are so many girls who blame guys for broken hearts and broken promises and it's so sad. Yes, guys can "break" your heart and break their promises to you but you are ultimately the one that has the control of who you are giving the authority to. That's why I am a fan of taking things way slow versus quick in relationships. Emotions and hormones RAGE when you like someone but if God has your heart, he has the ultimate authority of your heart. The more authority you allow God to have of your heart, the more difficult is will be for someone to steal your heart. So, I think it's better to be "over" guarded vs. not guarded enough when it comes to your heart and the key to it.

2. responsibility
Once you've given someone the key to your heart, you both have a responsibility. Again, you don't give the key to your car to someone you don't think is responsible enough to have it. Your heart is SO much more valuable than a car so you should require someone to use a lot more responsibility to hold the key to your heart. Your heart is precious. It's delicate and it's fragile. You have one lock and one key to your heart-use so much caution when deciding who to give it to. Make sure that the person who gets the key is responsible in every aspect of their life. Make sure they have their own goals and dreams and that they are responsible with what they have. Someone who can't afford their light bill shouldn't be trying to wine and dine you.

3. accountability
Lastly, make sure that the person who you give the key to your heart to is accountable. They need to be accountable to you and preferably others. It's important to set boundaries and talk with the man who gets the key to your heart. If you don't want the relationship to go in a certain direction, you make sure that y'all talk about it. Then, once they know, they can be held accountable for it. This part also means that they know the consequences of giving the key back to you if necessary. So many girls will email me and say that they "just want a boyfriend" or "no one will ever like me with standards so why not just approach a relationship with no standards and then let them know my belief." No, no no. This is wrong and extremely false. You shouldn't ever feel like you HAVE to have a boyfriend. If you do, you're probably missing an eternal love that only Jesus can provide. I promise you, once you are satisfied with being single and you've given the key of your heart to Jesus, he will give it to the man that deserves it. Secondly, please understand that the whole "no one will like me" is just a lie. If you REALLY wanted a boyfriend or to have sex, all you need to do is to go to a bar downtown somewhere. You don't have to be a victoria secret model to find someone who will sleep with you. But, that's not being accountable with your heart and that's not what you want. So, make sure that you are accountable to Jesus with your heart. Give him the key and he will give it to the man that deserves it. And, if you are giving the key to the right person who has authority and responsibility, chances are that's the guy that will hold the key to your heart. He will not break it. He will not push you. He will respect you. And, he will cherish that key more than anything else.

So, again, this is random and scattered but I've just been emailing some amazing young ladies and trying to provide guidance lately. Several of these girls simply are losing a grip on their keys. I hope this is the encouragement that you need to grip onto that key and with the help of Jesus, the right man will be able to grab hold of the key and unlock your heart when the right time comes. :)


  1. WOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW I am one of these girls that you have been guiding. I don't come from a strong Christian household at all and you are the glue that has held me together for the past month. I've asked Jesus into my heart solely because of this blog. I'm holding the key to my heart for someone who deserves it. God sees me as a princess and I have to be able to see myself with that value as well. I will never be able to thank you enough for being bold enough to put your convictions here for everyone to judge and see. I'll be in heaven now thanks to you introducing me to JESUS!!!

  2. Such a wonderful post. love reading your stuff! Keep sharing the truth and forget the haters.

  3. This post is amazing, and so are you. So much truth. <3

  4. Another amazing blog post!! Love you and your heart!

    xoxo A