Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE: Nashville

And just like that, it's 2014.

I am SO excited and thankful for everyday of 2013. It was filled with SO many incredible memories that I could never even try to list them all. It makes me realize how blessed I am and makes me thank God every single day that I get to live this life. I wouldn't trade a single day for anything. Of course, there were plenty of hard days but the good days FAR outweigh the bad and that's what I'm focused on.

When I started Southern Samplings in February of 2013, I would have NEVER thought that I would be able to reach over 100k views in 10 months OR be able to go on so many adventures. I learned so much in 2013 about myself and about life. I've learned to believe in myself. I've learned that my family really is the most precious family in the world. I've learned that country music is the greatest thing in the world. And, I also learned that Nashville makes my heart skip a little faster. Thank you, Jesus, for an amazing year. And thank all of you for reading. I can't IMAGINE how amazing 2014 is going to be. I hope you'll continue reading but hold on, it's going to get crazy.


Okay, moving along. Let's get to the nitty gritty of this post. Two subjects to discuss: Nashville and New Years celebration. 

I was gifted with a pass to see Brett Eldredge for NYE in Nashville. This pass included a buffet dinner at Wild Horse Saloon and then a private acoustic performance, toast and meet and greet with Brett. My sister came with me and it was amazing. 

We headed out for Nashville Tuesday morning. We go practically once or twice a month so the routine is pretty down. It takes almost three hours to get there from Birmingham. However, this trip was the exception because my sister decided to get an oil change, activate her debit card AND temporarily lose her insurance card ALL in one morning. Whoop whoop Lauren. Way to go! ;)

We finally get to Brentwood where we were staying this visit and stopped by Ivey Cake for some cupcakes. Ivey Childers is the creator of Ivey Cakes and she just so happens to be one of Carrie Underwood's besties so of course, we had to stop by.

 The cupcakes were delicious and I just love the Brentwood area!

After we got ready for the dinner with Brett, we headed downtown to park and get to Wild Horse Saloon in enough time.






Everyone makes fun of how nervous I get before any concert or event so I never can eat before the shows. So, it all looked really good and what I ate, I loved but I hardly touched the food. Haha.


Yes, this is how close he was. No, it's not zoomed in. Yes, our boots touched. Yes, it was awesome.


Sorry about the lighting. It sorta sucked in the event room we were in. Shout out to Chelsea's mom for snapping these pictures while Brett wined and dined at our table, beside me of course. ;)

Every time I've seen Brett, we've always taken selfies. It's a little thing I call "selfies with bretty poppins." So, of course, the tradition continued. 

He sang four or five songs before he just ate and talked with everyone. Even though I didn't pay for my ticket, knowing what I know now, I definitely would've. It was worth every single penny.

As he was dining with us, this little magical moment happened. 


Lawd have mercccyyyy. I could've died RIGHT then and been the happiest little girl that there ever was. Haha.

The "official" meet and greet photos were taken after the magical moment happened. When it was my turn, he said, "I'm about to do something I've never done during autographs. I'm going to draw a picture. But, don't sell it. Because it's yours. And it's an original."


So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is. 

And, of course, we snap chatted all y'all.

The Broadway Bash that Nashville has every year grows each year. They were expecting 70,000 people to be there. When we left the dinner around 8:00, I swear there was already 75,000 people on Broadway, Commerce, 2nd Avenue and every street in between. But, as most of you know, crowds are easily conquered when there is a hot man on the other side of it. Haha. Brett was playing the Broadway Bash at approximately 9:30 which meant we had a hour and a half to go back to the car, charge our phones and attempt to make it all the way to the front of 75,000 people. 

Mission accepted. 

Well, we squeezed just about as close to the front as we could when a security flagged me down and said "come on over here." We have NO credentials whatsoever, which we make known, and he just lets us into the VIP area with NO questions asked. I mean, what? My hair must've been super curly that night. Haha. I mean, how does this just keep happening??? No complaints, though. Haha. We made it. To the very very front. Of 75,000 people. To see Brett. 

 Shout out to Storme Warren for posting our picture on his twitter page.

After the show was over, we went to Losers/Winners bar to hang out for a while. We also checked out ReBar. When you don't drink, bars are fun for a while but then you realize you're just standing there awkwardly and then you just want to go to bed. Haha.

We woke up Wednesday and met my new friends for lunch at Rock Bottom. It is one of my favorite places there and it's always delicious. 


Then, we went to Opry Mills Mall and decided to see the show Ice. Naturally, we scored VIP to the show. 




We toured Broadway for the 600th time and took a picture with Luke, as usual.


We ate dinner at Hard Rock and then said goodbye. :(


Best view ever. 

Until next time, Nashville, you were awesome. :)

And, that, my friends, was my New Year celebration. Hope yours was just as fun!! 
 Check IG for videos!! 


  1. Katelyn!!! I can't see your pictures!!!! I see the GIF at the top and the next collage but after that is is hit and miss! HELP!

  2. You are adorable! Your pictures, I couldn't see but I've seen them on instagram so I know what they were! So jealous!

  3. Keep living the dream ~ don't ever let anything block you. Stay true to you & the good will continue. What a beautiful way to start the year. I'm beyond thrilled for your fun blessings in life, sweet Katelyn!