Wednesday, February 19, 2014

it's up to you.

I'm generally an extremely positive person. Of course, we all have our "off" days, but for the most part, I just tend to see my glass as full vs. empty.

I learned to be content with what I had and who I was at a young age. I'm so thankful that I have the best family in the world that encourages and supports what I want to do in life. 

I'm living a dream life. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have plenty of shortcomings and plenty of things I want and need to work on in my life BUT I don't let the negatives define me. 

I don't want my gratefulness to be misinterpreted as bragging but I just genuinely believe in making the best of any situation. I mean, I'm 24 with a college degree but I am not working at my DREAM job right now. I have an amazing job that supports my dream job and so I'm thankful. I'm single and not married, but I'm learning more about me everyday and so I'm thankful. I'm not at an ideal place in any aspect of my life but I'm thankful.

I'm thankful that I'm not where I want to be yet because it continually drives me to be better. To blog better, to find new music, to find new cities, to find new things about me. I just absolutely refuse to settle.

My wonderful boss and I talk about where I want to be by the end of the year a lot. She said something to me that just really stood out to me,

"If you don't get up and do, then you don't."

Have you ever felt like you were waiting on a sign straight from God and then you got one?
That's exactly what happened to me when she said that.

Sometimes I think that I'll never make it to Nashville or never make it past what I'm doing now. I'm so grateful for my family and for Birmingham and for Alabama. But, if I stayed here, it would be because I was settling. It's okay to not want to settle. It's what separates normal people from the people who are living their dream.

I want to live my dream. And I wish others would, too. I'm so mentally exhausted from receiving hateful tweets and messages and comments from complete strangers in regards to my life. People tell me to give up on love because I believe in staying a virgin until I'm married. People tell me to quit writing because all it does is make them jealous of my life. People tell me if I move to Nashville that doors will continually be slammed in my face. And, you know what? THESE ARE COMPLETE STRANGERS telling me this stuff. I honestly want every single person in the whole world to seek their dream-and to go after it.

If you don't like something, change it. YOU are the only person that your happiness can depend on. Joy comes from God and you HAVE to have joy to survive in the world today. Loving Jesus brings so much completion and wholeness to your life. Praying and asking God to direct your dreams in a way that will please him will open so many doors. I promise!

Love this!

I've blogged and blogged about being nice and kind to everyone we meet. And, sometimes, I still let the negativity sink in a little. But, no more. I refuse to believe anything less than the best for my life. And you should too. Surround yourself with people who SUPPORT you and not people who belittle you. Get a plan together and KNOW where you want to be in a year. Refuse to listen to the negativity and seek God in all of your decisions.

I'm never going to be the best at anything but I can be the best at being KATELYN. And you can be the best you as well. If we started focusing on being the best we could be, we would realize we are way too flawed to be hateful towards others. It breaks my heart when I read emails that tell me to "kill myself." But, I refuse to let those people define my life. Whenever I receive one of those messages, I immediately give it to God and start speaking truth into my life. It is amazing how wonderful your life can be with God as your guide.

Be Better

The point of this rambling post is this: if you're going to give up on anything in life, give up on negativity. Give up on tearing others down. Give up on jealously. Give up on hatefulness. Embrace love and peace and joy and the love that God is waiting to give you. And live your dream. Go after it.

Yes, you!



  1. Go get em girl!!! Very inspired by this !!! Love ya !!

  2. This is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration :) Keep being Katelyn, because there are so many of us who look up to you and love you for who you are! Love you!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass