Sunday, March 30, 2014

anniversary party || 30th

This may be the longest I've ever gone without blogging and I apologize for that. I've received SO many emails asking me if I was sick or not blogging anymore--and both of those aren't true. Haha. I've been SO busy in the past few week and have just now had more than 30 minutes where I wasn't suppose to be somewhere or doing something. HA!
I went to see Chase Rice in the greatest college town, ever (Tuscaloosa) about two weeks ago and then took a weekend road trip to Biloxi to see Billy Currington, Chase Rice and Brett Eldredge. Then, last week, I headed to Nashville to spend a few days with some friends. We got to be a part of a filming for CMT Monday night featuring Dan and Shay and David Nail. Tuesday night, we got to see Chase Rice's opry debut and then Wednesday, it was time to head back to Birmingham. I also had an amazing connection interview Wednesday and met several more people just in the past five days that makes Nashville a clearer reality. I'm SO excited to be able to share some more exciting news in the next few months.
BUT, back to the meaning of this post. My parents celebrated their 30th anniversary on March 24. I've posted about both of them many times but I honestly believe that they are the most Christ like people on the earth.
I sometimes complain under my breath for the security they provide me because I think I have it all figured out when at the end of the day, I'm still a lost kid who will ALWAYS need direction. I'm thankful to have parents who don't believe in consuming alcohol or drugs. My parents are the most pure and faithful people I've ever met.
There are times when I disagree with them on minor issues but it's never something that I don't look back on and see God and my parent's hands protecting me from potential harm. A lot of children with over protective parents end up in a loony bin for going crazy--that's never happened with me or my siblings. They grounded us with the best morals and then they did something a lot of people fail at doing--they lived it. They talked the talk and they walked the walk.
My father's hard work allowed my siblings and mother to have the best life. I've never been without. I've never known what it's like to go to bed at night wondering if I'm loved or not. My mother's compassion and steadiness through all the craziness that is a girl's life has made me the girl I am today. And, while I'm not perfect, I am proud of the person I am. And that's all thanks to my parents. They pray for me and they believe in me. It was an HONOR to try to represent their marriage with an afternoon of fun!! :)
I LOVE decorating for parties and if this whole Nashville writing thing never makes it--maybe I'll just plan parties. Haha.

Here a few pictures from today!! Hope you enjoy!! You can email me about any of the ideas or supplies.

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