Wednesday, March 12, 2014

bloggers w/ class.

Happy Wednesday!
I'm SO thankful for an off day! I've officially responded to all 104 emails from y'all, too! Make sure to email me back if I didn't answer your questions or comments with enough information. A lot of you asked about the Braves shirt I had on at Sam's Rome show and it was from (ta-da!) Old Navy. Haha.
Also, thank y'all for the encouraging words about my interview in Nashville in a few weeks. It wouldn't be a dream starting job but I need to take every opportunity when presented! Others are also asking about my upcoming show schedule and I'll be seeing Chase Rice tomorrow night in Tuscaloosa and then Billy Currington w/ Brett and Chase on Friday in Biloxi with my sister, Lauren, and good friend, Michelle.
I'm so excited for a weekend in Biloxi! Then, my Nashville trip is in two weeks. I'll be seeing Chase's Opry debut with some friends and then interviewing on Wednesday! It's been one extremely busy month of shows and I'm thankful for some downtime in April.
I've also been planning a brunch for the Southern Blog Society honoring Alabama members. Your invites will be in your inbox this weekend so please be on the lookout and RSVP as soon as you can. So excited!!

One of the sweetest girls I've met through Twitter and blogging is the beautiful lady behind Seersucker Sass. Make sure you follow along. She is the sweetest girl. I'm so thankful to know her. She always has my back as well. Thank you Dana!
She honored me with a very thoughtful award: Bloggers with Class Award. This is my 12th Blogger Award but it's definitely one of my favorites!

I'll be answering her questions! :)
 -Who is your role model?
I have to agree with Dana's answer for this one. My parents are my role models. I've written posts and tweets and FB statuses about them but I truly adore them. My father works from sun up to sun down all the time. He is a leader in the community, at our church and in our home. My mother is the most caring and understanding woman I've ever met! I hope to be as good as a wife and mother as she is one day!

-Who is your style icon?
I'm not a fashion blogger by any means but I DO love fashion. My favorites are Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon. I think that both of these woman just epitomize what a woman should look like. They are both extremely classy and southern-my favorite combination.
-Pearls or bows?
Pearls. All the way.

-Favorite color?
To wear-lots of neutrals (blacks, greys, browns, tans) To look at- pink!

-What makes someone classy?
I think the way someone tells you who they are without saying a word makes them classy. I want people to know that I respect myself and others when I walk in a room. I don't want a strand of pearls or my Marc Jacobs bag to be the reason someone associates me with class. To me, class is a lifestyle and not just a style.

-Why is it important to be classy?
Being a classy woman does exactly what I said above-it commands respect of others. You have to respect yourself to be classy. You have to carry yourself with a quiet confidence. Especially as Christians-we know who we are because of WHOSE we are.

-What is your favorite quote?
"God is within her. She will not fail." Psalm 46:5

-Who/what inspires you?
my parents, my sisters, my brother, life, Nashville, music, philosophy, the Bible

-What is your favorite piece(s) of clothing?
I adore my purity ring my parents gave me when I was 18. I love sweaters and sundresses. And every Free People piece of clothing I have. And my custom made Guatemala boots :)

Each person who receives the award must add a new question, so here's mine- Do you think that class is becoming a thing of the past?
When I look around, I do think that class is becoming a thing of the past. I don't want this to be the case, though. That's why I'm so honored to receive this award. I'm so thankful that there are still ladies out there that respect themselves and carry themselves with class. Being polite, being a lady, looking your best and BEING your best is what makes you classy. :)

Thank you again, Dana, for the amazing award and questions!



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  1. Your answers made my day! So thankful to have a kindred spirit like yourself :)

    XX, Dana || A Little Seersucker Sass