Saturday, March 1, 2014

heartstrings for hope.

I need to start off this post with a thank you. I honestly believe Birmingham, Alabama has some of, if not, the best country radio stations. I LOVE the xm radio as much as the next girl but I'm still a hometown, homegrown kind of girl at the end of the day and that is exactly why I love our radio stations. There are two fabulous stations in the area- 102.5 The Bull and 104.7 WZZK. Both of these radio stations have presented amazing opportunities to me and allowed me to meet some amazing artists. So thankful!!

Moving along, though. Tuesday night was an event that 102.5 The Bull put on called "Heartstrings for Hope." It was a benefit concert for St. Jude and it was incredible! It featured Joe Nichols, Jerrod Niemann and (my faves) Dan and Shay. St. Jude is an amazing organization by itself so to be able to support St. Jude AND hear amazing artists was an all around win win. You can become a "Partner of Hope" through St. Jude where you donate 20 dollars a month to help families with sweet babies and children battling diseases. It's an amazing feeling to partner with them and I've been a Partner of Hope for 2 years now. It's the best feeling ever. You can become a partner, too. For more info, look here.

I worked at Children's Hospital last year on the oncology floor so I've always had a soft spot for these precious children. We take way too much for granted in life. Make sure you thank God for your health- and your children's health everyday. Cancer doesn't discriminate and it's a truly horrific diagnosis. I'm praying every day for a cure!!

It was a great concert! Joe Nichols has a new album out and one of my favorites is "Yeah." The album is called Crickets, make sure you pick up a copy of his album. Jerrod Niemann was also a pleasant surprise. I've never seen him in concert and he was great as well.

Dan and Shay, though, won my heart. I mean, they already had it but they like, took the key from me and locked it up. Ha! I am SO excited for their new album to come out next month. Of course, you've heard "19 You and Me," but that is just the cupcake of the album. The icing that's coming in April will rock your world. I love that they are a duo and that they are so different. They are so fresh and just vibe well together. They were extremely nice as well. You can pre order their album on Monday, March 3 here. I've already set my reminder to do so myself! They played a couple of songs off the new album and all I can tell y'all is WOW. Also, we should probably discuss how amazingly perfect their album title is- "Where it all Began." That's genius. SO happy for them!

Throughout the past year, I've been SO blessed to run into so many of these artists in Nashville and meet them at shows. My sister and I were gifted with M&G's after the show and everyone of these guys were just as sweet as they were nice. Country music genuinely has the most amazing group of artists.

I'll just leave y'all with some pictures. If you have a chance to see any of these gentlemen, please go check them out! :)



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