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Happy Monday, y'all!! I'm so excited to be introducing y'all to one of my newest favorite music artists today. His name is Brandon Chase and you may have heard of him from The Voice (Team Blake) or you may have heard his new single, "One" on your radio. Brandon is an amazingly talented artist with an even more amazing story!
I found out about Brandon through a friend on Facebook and recently connected with his publicist (thank you Amanda and Tiffany). I LOVE country music as we all know and JUMPED at the opportunity to get to know a little more about Brandon. When Tiffany was telling me a little about Brandon, it seriously left me with chill bumps! He shouldn't even be able to sing or walk or talk at all. But, that's the cool thing about God--he always has a better plan!! I'll tell y'all a little more about his story and then share his answers from our interview this morning.

Country music artist Brandon Chase is nothing shy of a miracle. Only a few days old, Brandon quit breathing 64 times in 12 hours and was told by doctors he could be deaf, blind, mentally impaired, or possibly all three. Not only did the Arlington, TX native not suffer any complications from his childhood, he instead went on to graduate high school at the age of 15. He then completed his masters certificate in songwriting from Berklee College of Music at the age of 17. Brandon taught himself how to play the piano and guitar and has been writing his own original music since the age of 14. Brandon was featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" and also "Rising Stars of Country", following the release of his latest EP “Country Enough." His most recent achievement was appearing multiple times on season 5 of NBC's The Voice as a member of Blake Shelton's team. His debut single "One" hit country radio and all digital outlets on March 4th. It was included in iTunes' "New and Noteworthy" the day it was released. Brandon is currently recording new music set to release in summer 2014.
1. When did you decide that music was your passion?
"As soon as I started playing music and that was when I was 13, going on 14. I started in my church youth group. They had auditions for the youth band and up until that point I literally had no background in music whatsoever. I didn't play an instrument and I didn't sing. When I sang in school choir, I was always in the back aisle as far away from the microphone as possible. But, when my church announced that they were having auditions, I just heard a voice and I just felt like I was called to do it. I felt like the Lord was saying, "this is designed for you." I took a step of faith and decided to do it and instantly I fell in love with it. At that time, I was pursuing baseball. I thought baseball was what I would be doing for the rest of my life and as soon as this opportunity came--I instantly fell in love with music."
2. You were on Team Blake for the Voice. What was the best piece of advice that you took away from him?
"The biggest thing that I took away from it-and it's not really something that was new- but it was set in a different way. It kind of sparked something new in me when I heard it from Blake and that was to basically live the song you are singing. Put yourself in the shoes of the song. If the song is about hurt, then you should feel that hurt. It's not just about connecting with the song in general but it's about connecting with every line of the song. As soon as you lose connection with the song, you lose connection with the audience. You can sound incredible but if there is no connection, people will notice that. You have to engage with the audience. You have to connect with them.
3. You are a songwriter as well. There are several extremely talented songwriters in Nashville right now that are crossing that line of songwriters/singers such as Chase Rice and Sam Hunt. Do you think that you have a better connection with your own music that you've written yourself?
"Obviously you have a special connection with any song that you write but I think you can have that connection with any song. To me, that's an important part of the process of picking songs out for your album. I've written half of the songs on my album and the other half I'm working with some other writers in Nashville. Sam Hunt is actually a writer on a couple of the songs I'm recording. I believe that when you are listening through the catalogs of songs you should pay attention to the songs you have a connection with. You shouldn't record songs that you don't have a connection with. If you don't have a connection with the song, it'll probably sound like you don't have a connection to it. When you hear a song that that tells a story that you can relate to I think you can connect with that song as if you wrote it."
4. Who inspires you the most?
"I draw my inspiration from a lot of things. But, if we are talking about a person--my grandfather. I was extremely close to him (mom's dad) and he passed away when I was pretty young but I still always think about him. I have a picture of him in my house that I always look at and just think about him. He was such a huge inspiration in my life. The way he treated my mom and my grandma inspires me. He had such a love for people and he was so infectious. I still remember every interaction with him even though he passed away when I was young because he made that big of an impact on my life. I always think about the mark he left in this world and try to follow his example. I always think about the splash he made."
5. What is one piece of advice that you would tell young girls and boys that have a dream that they are trying to reach?
"I think that, in any dream, it's important to have patience. You have to have dedication and drive as well. You have to want that dream more than anything else. Never stop believing in or chasing your dream. When it's suppose to happen, it will. There have been many times in my life where I felt like I wasn't moving  at all. I felt like I was stuck in the same place, singing the same songs and singing at the same places. Looking back now, I see that those times when I felt like I wasn't moving was the times that I was growing the most.  Just because I wasn't moving didn't mean I wasn't growing. There were plenty of times when I thought that maybe I shouldn't be doing this anymore  but I still kept chasing at my dream. And, at just the right moment--I believe the Lord created that moment--doors began to open. When you are learning patience, you are still moving. You have to go through some hard times and experience all the bad parts to get to the good parts.
6. Where can we hear more of your music? You are starting a radio tour soon, how can we get you to our cities?
"I have two EP's that I've released. One was in 2012 and one was in 2011. There are four songs each and they are on ITunes. There is also a single that I released last year that is going to be a part of the film, 8 Days, later this year. A part of the proceeds of that song goes towards fighting human trafficking. It's a film that is about human trafficking that talks about protecting the girls and restoring them. So, there's several other options to listen to other than the Voice performances and the new single, "One." My album is hopefully going to be out by the end of the summer."
So, now that you've fallen in love with this guy and his story and his talent, let's talk about where to find him. Check out his website here. He has several tour dates listed on there. And, since he is starting a radio tour, start calling your local stations and venues and requesting him for shows in your area!! Follow him on Facebook here. Find him on twitter here. And search him on ITunes and buy his music!! I'm SO glad that I had this amazing opportunity to interview Brandon and I look forward to working with him in the future! Thank you Brandon Chase!

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