Sunday, March 9, 2014

rome: sam hunt


Passionate music is one of the things that makes my heart beat a little faster. I adore every aspect of life and a big part of mine includes music. The phenomenal quality of music is whether you're happy or sad or hurt or relieved, there's probably a song you can think of that relates to that time. And, the reason you're able to do so is because there are people in the world that can not only deliver the lyrics in a song in a powerful way, they can also write the lyrics themselves.
I've been to a lot of shows. I've seen a lot of artists. I've heard a lot of stories. One thing that I can testify to is that when an artist is also a songwriter, those are the songs that you sing along to with passion. Those are also the songs that leave you with goose bumps.
I'm so glad that I found out about Sam Hunt last summer. And, after posting about three shows, I'm not really sure how much MORE there is to tell you about him.
The show this weekend was in Rome, Georgia. It was an enchanting little town that reminded me a lot of Montevallo. The main street was SO alive and there was such a familiarity in the air. I'm so happy that I was able to last minute secure a ticket to the show because of it's "sold out" status.
I'm clearly not an artist but I can't imagine how excited Sam must've been to see this little beauty out front. Selling out shows seems to be a trend with Sam Hunt lately. And, it seems to be a trend that's only gaining-not losing- a lot of momentum.
Another favorite thing of mine is finding out about these artists before they are selling out arenas and stadiums. It's so fun to see people watching artists for the first time or the excitement of hearing their music for the first time. This is probably where I should direct you to the link to get Sam's mixtape for F R E E. You didn't misread that-Sam Hunt has a free mixtape right here.

My sister Lauren has been MIA from roadtrips lately because of this thing called a real world job so I was ecstatic to have my sister back on the road with me! We met my friend, Jenny, there! Michelle also joined!!

The show started off with Old Dominion. If you've never heard of them, excuse yourself from this post to learn more about them here. And, while you're there, make sure that you "like" their Facebook page. We were able to catch the end of their sound check and then talk to them for a few minutes. They were all so genuine and sweet! It was a pleasure to meet y'all. Make sure that you guys as readers follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Their single that is on XM radio right now is "Dirt on a Road." It's such a fun song with smooth lyrics and an eccentric beat.

Thanks for saying hey Old Dominion. Y'all have got to check their schedule and watch them live.
And, then, the icing on the cake- Sam Hunt time.
I know I keep saying this but I have to say it again. This was my favorite show that Sam and the guys put on. He sang two new songs that are not on the mix tape (Breakup in a Small Town and Take Your Time) which did nothing except up the anticipation factor for Sam's album to be released later this year. :)
The first time I saw Sam, most of the people were singing along with "Cop Car," "Come Over," and "We are Tonight." I think they associated Sam with songwriting more than a singing/writer combo. This show in Rome had such a hometown feel that was by far the most enjoyable atmosphere so far. His sweet grandmother even was there. Last night, people were singing every word to every song. As a fan and observer, that made my night! I'm so happy that more people are discovering Sam's incredible talent!
After the show was over, we got to say hey-and then a quick bye-to everyone. Tyrone and Josh are so gifted as guitar players and are pretty fun guys, too.
Thank you Sam (and Old Dominion) for yet another Saturday night filled with memories! I can't wait for the next one!
T0 learn more about Sam, check out his website here.
"Like" him on Facebook here.
Follow him on Twitter here.
And then share with all your friends so you can all go driving down an old back road blasting some of his music and enjoying the perfect weather we've been having. :)
Happy Sunday!!



  1. NO WAY!!! I was right behind you. Haha! This post made my day! My friend shared on Twitter and now I've read the last 10 posts on here. New favorite blog! You have such a gift of writing and Sam Hunt is our favorite!

  2. I saw your post shared on Twitter as well and had to come read along for myself. My friends and I were there Saturday night! We were toward the back of the room but we had a blast. Can't wait for Sam's album later this year! Amazing writing as well girl!!!! I see you're a Phi Mu, too? LIOB!

  3. I'm not sure if this makes me less of a man for commenting on a girly blog or not but that's okay. My girlfriend made me go to this concert Saturday night. I'd never heard of Sam before but we are both big fans of Sam as well. Cool blog.

  4. Where can I download the June-August mix tape of Sam Hunt? When I go to his webpage its not there and I cant seem to find it anywhere! Love the songs/albums and want to download them! Thanks for the help!

  5. Where can I download or buy the June-August Mix tapes of Sam Hunt? I cant find them anywhere and ive even been to his main website! I love the songs and want to purchase them but I could use some help on where to find them.. Help please!!!!