Tuesday, April 22, 2014

be about bettering you.

How do you know God is talking to you? How do you know what's going on in your life is placed there by God vs circumstance? Or is anything in life really circumstance? Or is it all divinely directed by God?

For me, God knows it all. He always has and He always will. I honestly believe that God has different approaches to talking to us. I've never audibly heard God speak to me. The way I "hear" God is through different seasons of my life. It's like I'll have "theme" weeks--if you will. Like, when really amazing things happen for me, they always happen in blocks. Then, it's like I hit of wall of disappointment or discouragement.
I started this blog as an online journal or diary to chronicle my adventure through nursing school and life. One of my main passions is to let girls know their worth. From Bible studies in high school to even attempting to lead one as the VP of my sorority in college--it's always been important for me to let girls know how precious and valuable they are to God.
I was saved when I was 5. I was extremely young and knew from the day I was born that God loved me and that my family loved me. I'll never be able to thank my incredible family for all the love they show me everyday. And I'll definitely never be able to tell God how thankful I am that I learned to trust him at a very young age. But, just because I trust Him doesn't mean that I've never doubted Him.
I don't want this to come off as a sad post or a post of discouragement because if anything--I'm more encouraged than ever. By family, friends and even complete strangers that read Southern Samplings. I read EVERY email from y'all and it makes me SO happy that I have so many supporters in life in general.
Yesterday was a discouraging day. I just read some things online that I shouldn't have even read from girls that call themselves Christians but tear other girls apart--and with no merit. I never, EVER want to tear apart another girl. It's hard enough to be a girl to begin with. Then, add the stress we put on ourselves and the LAST thing we need is being torn down even more by other girls.
Do you have one of those friends that is ALWAYS happy? They are always full of joy? That's because they get filled up with Jesus so that they can love others the way Jesus loves us. And that is exactly what I strive for in my life.
One time when I was getting in trouble for tattling on one of my sisters when I was younger, my dad said something that's always been in the back of my mind. He said, "Katelyn, you can't control them. Be about you." BE ABOUT YOU.
I mean, my dad is like a genius, right? I've written before about how amazing he is and rightfully so. I sometimes let others get to me. I'll read negativity and dwell on it. But, you know what? I know who I am because of WHOSE I am and I refuse to be about any other business. And, as a woman, it's my prayer for y'all to do the same.
I receive SO many emails from girls who are just happy go lucky girls that get in funks from time to time looking for encouragement and I pray that this is it. When you worry, it means that you are lacking faith. So, I won't even say "worry about you." I'll say "be about you." Do what makes you happy. Don't give up on your dreams because someone else doesn't believe in you. Leave relationships and friendships that don't better you in the past. Take time to get full of Jesus so you can help others. Do not listen to the negativity people say about you. Apologize when you should. Always give 100%. Be a lady. And always CHASE your dreams.
You are amazing. You are awesome. And God chose you to be YOU. Embrace it. And be about you.

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