Sunday, April 20, 2014

cole swindell || tuscaloosa

What is it about college towns that make shows SO much more fun?
I still can't place my finger on what it is--but college towns definitely have an extra spark.
Sweet Cole Swindell played a show on Thursday night in Tuscaloosa that was amazing! It was at the Jupiter ((right on the strip in downtown Tuscaloosa)) and he did not disappoint. I joke about how he can't dance but he is fun. I love artists that interact with the crowd and make you feel like you're the only one in the whole bar.
Another quality about Cole that makes his shows fun is that as well as his own songs being fun to perform, Cole can boast SEVERAL other hits in country music as his own as a writer. He wrote Thomas Rhett's "Get Me Some of That" as well as Luke Bryan's "Beer in the Headlights."
Cole recently came out with his album in February and it's one of those albums where you do not skip a single song. The mixture of up tempo/heartbreak/country/tailgate songs prove to be a country album through and through. And, while some newer artists are blurring the country/alternative line a little more, Cole reminds us what being down home country is.
I love this about Cole. I also love seeing his rise in country music. The first time I saw Cole perform was Farm Tour two years ago. Then, farm tour last year and then him in a bar in Atlanta called Wild Bills. I also saw him preform for (probably) his biggest crowd to date in NYC in January with Luke Bryan. It's crazy how versatile Cole is with his performing roles. From Madison Square Garden to a college bar in Tuscaloosa, he captivates and holds the crowds attention like he is a seasoned country performer.
Every show I get to say hey to Cole, he always asks how I've been and thanks me for coming to shows. I know I say this a lot but country music has the best artists in the world. The genre just attracts nice people. Thank you to Cole for always being so welcoming!
Gotta love bar lighting for pictures. Your selfie game is on point, though, Cole.
If you haven't bought Cole's album on I-tunes, shimmy on over there and do so. And, check his website for dates. Cole is one of these new artists that is gaining momentum FAST. So, while he is still booking bars--you better book it to see him.
He's genuine and appreciative of the support and just a fun guy. Buy his music, buy a ticket to see him and go have a FUN night with Cole asap.
I didn't get a lot of pictures of Cole Thursday because, well, I have no good reason--but enjoy the ones I did get.
PS- Adam Craig opened for Cole Thursday and let me tell you this--not many opening acts make me want to turn around and buy a ticket to a show that they are headlining but that's exactly what Adam Craig did. He's like the next Cole Swindell and I LOVED seeing him perform. :) He had pretty teeth, too.

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