Sunday, April 20, 2014

dylan scott || pelham

Okay, this is obviously catch up Sunday for Southern Samplings but I had such a fun weekend of shows I wanted to make sure to share with y'all. Thursday was Cole Swindell in Tuscaloosa and Friday was DYLAN SCOTT in Pelham at the Oak Mountain State Fair.
You may recall this Dylan character from last October when we saw him perform at a bar in Birmingham for a local radio station, right? Well, hats off to Dylan Scott and his amazing band for putting on such an incredible show that night that we saw him two weeks later at another bar in Birmingham and then made a 5 hour road trip to see him play in Louisiana a few weeks later. So, we can see how waiting almost 5 months to see him again was not only hard, it was a little heart breaking. :)
The first night my friend Hannah and I saw Dylan perform, we quite literally ran into him on the street outside the bar and got to chat with him for a few minutes. We also met Jacob, Dylan's drummer, that night as well! They were literally the nicest guys in the world and told us they were coming back in a few weeks. We made plans that night to go see them again! They were AWESOME the second time we saw them perform.
I also got to see them at the Luke Bryan concert last October in Nashville. Talk about being genuine--it's Dylan and his band. They literally left their suite in the Bridgestone just to say hey to little fan girl me. Haha.
My friends and I were all off the weekend that Dylan was performing in Louisiana so what better way to spend a weekend than road trip, right? That show was the best he's ever performed!
When 102.5 announced Dylan was opening for Frankie Ballard, it was once again, a no brainer to go see our favorites!
I met my sweet friend Natalie there but before I could find her I ran into someone I was not expecting. And that sweet surprise is named Kelsea Ballerini. If you don't know who this girl is, stopppp right now and go find her on Twitter and Sound Cloud and thank me later. This girl not only can write some killer songs, she's the best girl singer in country music in my opinion. Kelsea is a writer for Black River Publishing (as well as Josh Kerr, Dylan's guitar player--he's also got some good pipes) and recently scored a record deal. I'm SO excited for her and such a fan. It was so fun to watch Dylan's show together and get to know each other. Can't wait to catch up with her next time I'm in Nashville.
Dylan has an EP on ITunes that you should be ashamed of yourself if you don't already have. Dylan also did a KILLER cover of Sam Hunt's Cop Car that I just feel really compelled to share with you here:

Okay, so after you watch that 193737 times, you can enjoy a couple of pictures of Dylan and his crew.
This is Jacob. Jacob is the best drummer in the whole wide world. Jacob LOVES bears and American flag jackets. (He was wearing a bear shirt under this jacket, too). Alabama decided to go bizerk Friday and be like 40 degrees. Cool, bama, cool. Anyways, Jacob is also funny and is going to be a dad soon!! YAY for Jacob and Caty!!
This is Josh. Josh plays guitar. Josh sings. And Josh writes music. So, he's like a triple threat, you know? :)
Since January 25 of this year, I've been to over 30 shows. Every artist and show has been well worth the money and they've all been entertaining. I've met every artist after their show and they are all super polite and appreciative of their fans. I'm thankful that they are so thankful to have fans that support them all.
But, in my opinion, something that sets Dylan on a level a little above the rest is his genuine interest in making his shows better every time. I've never seen a show of his where I didn't enjoy it a little bit more than the time before. I'm SO ready for him to release a new single and an album later this year. And, while I talk about different aspects of each artists--absolutely none of them compare vocally to Dylan. His voice is the best. Hands down.
As much as he is one of those artists I want to keep a secret because I enjoy seeing him in local bars and such, the popularity and fan base he's gained since October of last year is second to no other artist I'm following. He's genuine proof that a killer voice and amazing personality really speaks loudly in country music. He's coming back to Birmingham at the end of May, too. So, all you locals better come out. :)

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