Saturday, April 12, 2014

life -- lately

Is it literally the middle of April already? That's insane! I hope everyone is enjoying all of this perfect Alabama weather! 

I need to apologize to the sweet readers here at Southern Samplings for not updating in SO long. I've been so busy and working 40 hour weeks on top of going to as many shows as possible to report back to y'all--and I've honestly been SO exhausted lately this little blog has been the last thing on my mind BUT not anymore. If ever there was a "concert or show" season, we are in the middle of it, y'all. 

So....since a lot has happened in the past month, I'm going to do a "lately" post and then will promise y'all to update after each show. I want to first say how excited I am about all the people on twitter and facebook who are listening to Sam Hunt for the first time. Y'all, he is at the very top of my list of artists lately and one listen to his FREE mixtape and you'll understand why. So, not to tell y'all for the 999th time but if you don't have it, download his mixtape for free. You won't be sorry. You can do that right here

I suppose to do this chronologically, I'll take you back to March 13. Chase Rice paid a visit to the GREATEST college town on planet earth (aka Tuscaloosa). My BFF Michelle came down from Nashville for the weekend and we went to see our buddy play in T-Town. We got to the venue a little early and ran into Aaron, Chase's drummer, at one of the bars and hung out for a while. Aaron is an AMAZING drummer who even has his own website. Cool, right? So, since I love sending y'all to other websites, make sure you go check Aaron out here. 


All together, now, --hey arron--




Chase is consistently putting on shows that are not only a good time, he can genuinely tell he loves what he does. He also like flipping the camera off, obviously.

The next night we traveled down to Biloxi to see Chase open with Brett Eldredge for Billy Currington. Biloxi is beautiful and we had perfect weather! We also scored an upgraded room thanks to all my readers here at Southern Samplings!

We got to hang out with Brett for a few minutes before the show. He is hilarious. He was singing walking into the room and walking out. I'm SO happy for everything he's accomplishing and can't wait to see what all he does this year!


Thank you to Hard Rock and Brett for the amazing backstage experience!


Sorry this one is so blurry. He won't stand still for long. Haha.


All three of these guys are amazing at what they do!! We had so much fun and got to see Aaron again. Whether or not we gambled is left to the imagination. ;)


After this fun weekend, it was back to Birmingham for a few days! Then, on March 25, Chase had his Opry debut so of course we wanted to go support him. It was such a quick but fun trip to Nashville and I'm so happy we were able to see it LIVE. Thank you to Opry for the front row seats for Chase's set.

My local radio stations in Birmingham (102.5 The Bull and 104.7 WZZK) are the best radio stations in the world--I am sure of it!!! 102.5 The Bull is putting on an 8 week concert series at the Tin Roof in Birmingham and the line up is INSANE!! It's every Tuesday night for 8 weeks and we've already seen Swon Brothers and Josh Turner. 


This week I will be covering Parmalee, Cole Swindell, Dylan Scott (remember him?!? ;) ) and Frankie Ballard!! Happy Weekend!! :)

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