Sunday, May 18, 2014

chase rice || birmingham

I think it's funny how at the end of 2013 I didn't think I'd be able to top my experiences this year. It's only May and I've already surpassed ANY expectation I had in my mind for this year. The friends I've met, the shows I've seen, the artists I've had a chance to connect with--all in the past five months--have already made this the year of my life.
It's funny to look back on it all today. At the end of 2013, I had met some incredible artists and seen phenomenal shows. And, if you would've told me that Chase Rice would be the one of the artists that I would see the most of (so far) in 2014, I probably wouldn't believed you. Not because I haven't been a Chase fan for awhile but just simply because I wouldn't ever think that. Well, so far this year, I've had the pleasure of seeing Chase 4 or 5 times already. I've seen him in a bar, in an acoustic set up on a TINY stage, in another bar, and another bar, making a debut at the OPRY and then a huge venue with Billy Currington and Brett Eldredge. And, I have the privilege of seeing him yet again this week in Birmingham at a radio event.
Those closest to me know about my "Top 5." I simply call it that because it's my top 5 artists that I love to follow and watch. It's kind of a secret thing to everyone else because I don't want to discriminate but Chase Rice has NEVER fallen below 3rd in the top 5. ;) He's one of the few artists that I've seen that improves his performance every time I see him.

He's a songwriter and a singer so he automatically gets double points. The feelings and mood that a songwriter singing their own songs can set is unlike any other. Yes, artists who sing other writer's songs are still fun to watch but people like Chase and Sam just connect with the audience like few other artists I've seen can.
Chase performed at the Tin Roof in Birmingham on Tuesday night. It was a free show set up by the absolutely BEST radio station--102.5 the Bull. And, it was PACKED. My friend Anne and my sister came along with me. We met my friend Katelyn there and had a blast! It was an acoustic show so only Brandon was with Chase.

We got to see John before the show started. Always so nice!

PS-Shoutout to Brandon Autry for his awesome guitar skills. :)
I didn't get a ton of pictures of Chase but I'll share some that I did get. As always, I have a few videos on Instagram and I'll get lots of pictures this week at his show.


Getting to say hey to Chase after his set is always fun because he's always so happy. I've seen some artists perhaps have an off day (and I'm sure Chase is bound to have them, too) BUT he's never been anything less than bubbly and excited every time I've seen him. His new album comes out in August and I'm SO proud and so excited to see how fast he continues to grow. From his first EP to now, he's been a favorite to watch. His lyrics sound like a guy I went to high school with or my brother could've written them because of the content. Back roads, riding around, trucks, and just rolling around small towns is what defined me growing up--and still does. I'm SO excited to continue to hear his new stuff and I hope to be able to see him lots more in 2014!!
Chase's songs are also probably some of the most fun to sing. "I Like Drinkin" was our new years eve anthem. We literally listened to it 100 times driving around Nashville that night-so fun. And all we drank was sprite. BONUS fact: the lyrics say "a couple OLIVES in my martini" and NOT "a couple lollies in my martini." Thanks for clearing that one up Chase. "Cruise" is fun because everybody in the history of the world knows every word to every song. Andddd finally "Ready Set Roll" was my FAVORITE this set because you literally couldn't hear Chase singing because everyone also knew the words to this song. Seriously, go look at the video of it on my Instagram. INSANE.
PS- If you have a Top 5, make SURE Chase is in it. :)

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  1. LOVE! Chase will forever be one of my favorites to see live! SO FUN!
    "I like drinkin’, ‘cause it’s fun
    I like drinkin’ in the evenin’ and drinkin’ in the sun
    You like drinkin’, grab you one
    I like drinkin’, ‘cause it’s fun
    Pour me one"