Monday, May 19, 2014

smile || let it go

Happy Monday :)
Last week was SO busy but I'm so thankful for every day of life. It's so fun to wake up every day and get to do what you LOVE to do. Even though I'm not exactly where I want to end up, I'm still enjoying the ride. I have the best family, amazing friends, cool opportunities and just a fun life. What isn't fun, though, is when I hit a wall of discontentment. A wall of discouragement. A wall that was put up by the devil himself to deter or to rob the joy for life and for Christ that I have.
Living in the world today is hard. Even though I feel like I have a really fun and relatively simple life compared to others, life can still be hard. No, I'm not facing a life threatening illness and I don't wonder where my next meal will come from but sometimes life just gets hard.
Maybe you have a bad hair day. Maybe somebody broke their plans with you that you were looking forward to. Maybe you just woke up on the "wrong side" of the bed.
And maybe life is just hard.
Well, I don't know about you or your circumstances but I want to have more joy for life. I feel like I'm the happiest person in the world but I feel like I can be better. I don't want to give into the world's attempts at discouraging me from having joy.
I let people's thoughts and opinions of me affect me too much at times. I pray that my words don't negatively affect others and if they have, please tell me so I fix it. I cannot stand how awful some women in life can be. It was hard enough for me when I was in high school 5 years ago and it's even harder for girls in high school today. I want to be someone who young girls can come to with problems. I don't want young girls to be robbed of happiness and joy. It's SUCH a blessing to me to get to teach on Sunday and Wednesday nights at church. The girls that I teach are so open and so receptive to the Bible that it challenges me to be a better example.
Jesus has done SO much for me in my life. My dad and pastor helped introduce me to Christ when I was 5. I've known Jesus since I could read and write. He's never disappointed me. He's never left me. From awkward elementary school to eating alone in high school for being a "virgin" and not drinking, Jesus has ALWAYS been there. I've never had to turn to alcohol or drugs or sex to find fulfillment because Jesus has always been my fulfillment. Jesus has done and still does SO much in my life and I want to be overflowing with joy so that others see Jesus in me. I want that to be the impression that people walk away from meeting me with--that I know and am like Christ.
I'm just tired of the world stealing people's happiness and joy.
If you don't agree with someone, instead of talking about them behind their back, address them. If you feel victimized by someone, work it out. Life is way too short to be judgmental and rude. There's plenty of people who don't like me and never will and that's okay. But I refuse to let their negativity bring me down anymore. Cut ties with the negative people in your life. Forgive the people who need forgiveness. Take your issues to God. He listens and he cares and he will comfort you.
BE with those who help your BEING.
Oh wow! How true
I saw this quote on Pinterest today and it just stuck with me. I've tried to be the girl who is friends with every single person I meet. That will never work. There are too many people in the world that I'll meet to ever be besties with them all. But, I can still be kind to them and I can choose who to form bonds with that will help me. And you can too. Choose the people who have joy and help push you closer to Christ.
I've found several quotes today on Pinterest that don't really form a theme other than just smile, be happy, enjoy life and let go of the negativity. So, I know this is random and over all the place content wise but I just felt like I needed to remind myself to be happy and to have joy and maybe someone else needed to be reminded to.
Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.
Pray more.  Worry less.
It's my prayer that we all will be more gentle, kind, compassionate, helpful, tender, refined and pure. I'm thankful for each and every girl that reads this blog and emails me for prayer or just for encouragement! And, that's what I want this blog to be along with some fun entertaining posts. If YOU decide joy and Jesus is the answer I promise more people around you will choose the same thing.
Remember that you were created by God and that you're his masterpiece. God loves you more than anyone in the world ever could. That's the happiest and most joyful news I've been reminded of today and I hope it reminded you, too.

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  1. Katelyn, you are amazing and so well spoken. Thank you for always writing posts that speak to my heart and for being there for me. You are the best, and I am so blessed to "know" you.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass