Sunday, July 20, 2014

musical musings

Happy Sunday!! If there is one day I love more than Saturdays, it's Sundays. There is absolutely nothing better than spending all day with family, friends and most importantly, God. I am loving life in this season right now and I'm so thankful that I've been able to experience life like I have recently.
I apologize for not being a committed blogger lately but quite frankly, I've just been happy living life without having the pressure of sitting down and writing about it all. I think every writer or blogger hits a wall every now and then and I think for the last month, I definitely hit mine.
I was able to spend the first week of July in one of my favorite places in the world. My grandparents have a place in Calabash, NC and my sister and I get a week long vacation with them every year. It is always at the right moment to recharge for the second half of the year and I adore all the family time we get during that vacation. I also have gotten a lot of questions about where we stay, where we eat, etc. so I'll be doing a vacation haul on here soon!
But, back to my first love--MUSIC. There is so much happening in the music world that I'm more than ecstatic to share with y'all. I've really been connecting with some artists lately and I can't wait to introduce them on Southern Samplings when the moment comes. Lately, I've noticed a surge in country music blogs. I don't want to be just another country music blog. My goal is to not go to every show I can just for the heck of it. I'm really looking forward to connecting with a core of 10 or less musicians to really promote and try to introduce y'all to new music. I hope that all the posts I do put up will inspire you to check the artists out.
Over the past month, I've also not been to a lot of shows. I been beaching, working, planning and saving but I haven't been "going" as much. I'm really buckling down and planning this Nashville move and I want to connect with just the right person to arrive in Nashville on time. I'm so grateful for the people I've met along the way and so grateful to each of you for reading along and always being so supportive and sweet!! I know it doesn't seem like much but just by clicking the link to catch up with me, you're helping fuel my dream. So, thank you!!
Like I mentioned above, I've really been into a few artists lately that I want y'all to check out. I'm going to link their names below to their website and/or social media site and encourage you to check them out and get behind these girls and guys before the rest of the world really takes notice of.
Keslea is an extremely talented and sweet girl!! I am so glad that I can call her a friend. We are looking and working together to get a feature about her soon on Southern Samplings but she has a single on ITunes, "Love Me Like You Mean It" that you should definitely buy. Call your radio stations and request it and find her on Twitter. She's definitely one of my favorite female artists that is well on the way to super star status.
Faren is another SWEET girl that is getting her EP ready to be released soon. She let me hear some of her tunes and I was so excited to add another female to my "watch" list. I'm really good at supporting and finding all these cool guys and I never had a long list of females that just got us girls. Faren is DEFINITELY one to watch and I love her music and her voice!

TJ also let me hear a few of the songs that he is working on for his upcoming album and he is definitely changing the way we will view country music. Think Sam Hunt in terms of beats w/ his own style of lyrics. I've had the tunes I've had a chance to preview on repeat since yesterday and am so excited to hear the full project! He's living in Nashville but been in Texas working on the album. Hurry back to the 615 with some music for us soon!

These two guys are definitely some people who you want to know who they are now rather than later. They've recently put up a FREE mixtape on their website and I cannot stress to you enough how amazing it is. I adore artists who are taking a mixtape approach to introduce themselves to the world and these two are definitely making a splash in Nashville. Give them a listen, download their mixtape, find them on social media--do whatever you need to but definitely connect with them.
Okay, so mentioned above are four amazing new/upcoming artists that you'll be thankful you check out. I did recently take a day trip to Nashville to see my very favorite people for a free show at Dave and Busters. And by that, I mean it turned out to be the biggest show Dave and Busters has ever seen. This was made apparent by the 3 bartenders they had for the incredible mass of people that gathered to see the one and only, Sam Hunt and band.
I've talked and wrote and drove and seen this guy more than anyone in the past year and I definitely believe in everything he is doing. Funny when I met him after a UAB football game 7 years ago that I'd go from cheering his team in the stands to cheering for him and his band in the middle of a free Nashville concert. I could never say enough good things about Sam. The integrity he has as a person and writer very obviously draws people to him. He's busy playing side stages at festivals this summer and all everyone can talk about it how he needs to be on the main stage. It's so fun to be able to say this time last year I downloaded his FREE mixtape and now his single, "Leave the Night On" is at number 24 on country radio charts.
He's the most genuine artist I've ever had the chance to connect with. If you don't have his mixtape--first off, shame on you. Secondly, please comment or email me so I can send you one. His music never fails to turn a bad day into a good one and I promise no matter how hard you try, you CANNOT outplay Sam Hunt music. It's like a law or something. You just can't.
The first time I saw Sam, the crowd was singing along to his hit's that other artists have cut and they just soaked up all the other songs he was playing. Thursday night, however, every single person there was singing along to "ex to see" as loudly as they were singing along to "cop car." It was SUCH a neat feeling. I'm so happy for Sam and his band and his whole team. I've never been treated better by a group of people and I'm so thankful to know them!

 Photo credit above: Sam Hunt Facebook
And this was taken before he even got on stage. By the end of his performance, the street was blocked!
Just in case you've been out of the loop and don't know, this is Sam.
Thank you so much for taking time to always making every person at your show thankful that they made the trip from wherever they came from.

Tyrone and Josh make Sam shows complete. They are the best guitarists in Nashville and give the best hugs. So happy for all these guys (and I missed you Josh L).

Also, shout out to my Nashvillian bestie Michelle for letting me stay with you, yet again. I adore your face and your air mattress bed. You're my bestie for life. And thank you Jordan, too! :)
This is a scattered post--much like my mind for the past month but I've been getting comments and emails from antsy readers about where I've been and what all I've been doing so I hope this catches everyone up to speed. The shows start coming up near each other for the next couple of months so I'll have lots to report on. So, check out all the newbies mentioned here and let me know if you or anyone you know still needs a Sam CD. Getting behind these guys has made 2014 the funnest year of my life so far. Thankful for the shows and the memories. And thankful for y'all reading along. :)


  1. Can you send me Sam's mixtape please?

  2. I'm loving Sam and his music!! How do I get a copy??