Sunday, October 4, 2015

stand your ground.

Happy Sunday friends :) 

I hope everyone has had a great week and that you were able to have a relaxing weekend. I started a new job this week and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm also so excited and thankful to the overwhelming response from so many of you about my decision and opportunity to move back to Hawaii. I never knew how many precious souls were rallying around me and for that, I could never say thank you enough!!

I've gotten out of a groove of writing. I use to enjoy it a lot more to be honest. I had a little bit more passion with a fire lit under me to want to just talk and talk. I went through a significant season of learning where the Lord taught me sometimes it's ok (and healthy!!) to just sit in his presence and soak him up and recharge. The past few months have definitely been that recharging season for me and I'm so thankful for all the Lord has taught me and all he is continuing to teach me. 

My heart is to go where the Lord calls me. It's always been a big part of me. I've always adored traveling and meeting new people. Another piece of my heart is significantly encased with telling girls how worthy and significant they are to Jesus. He's so in love with us and it's so hard to accept a lot of the times (for me, anyways!!). I've never been the super pretty model girl or had all the boys lining up to ask me on dates. I went through a great deal of just having crappy friends leave me and really hurt me in high school and in college because I stood up for loving Jesus. I've learned a lot about myself because I was alone a lot, too. Ive also had a great, GREAT deal of negative comments through social media and emailing in the past two years. I've never called it "bullying" or anything like that because I do try to take everything with a grain of salt and not take the comments to heart. 

I've been incredibly blessed with some amazing opportunities over the past few years to work with, interview and get to know some really neat people in country music and in other genres as well. I've also received a lot of black lash from cowards behind keyboards. It hurts, I'm not going to lie. Like I said, I was taught from a young age that I belong to Jesus and that I was worthy. But words are still words -- and they hurt. I had a season of no harsh emails and really just positive encouragement. Then, in the past two weeks I've received about 7 emails from young girls who are going through difficult situations at school or on social media in relation to bullying. And then, I received several really degrading and hateful emails myself. So, I figured Jesus wanted me to talk about this issue again. 

No, I don't get wasted at shows or in everyday life. I've actually never been drunk in my entire life-- and my life is super fun. I don't sleep around with guys because my identity and my value cannot be given to me by an earthly man. God is where I find my worth. My happiness and joy is not found in people because they let me down--everyday. I'm not the prettiest girl by the world's standards but my Jesus loves me. He looks past the frizzy hair and big ears and he wraps me in his love everyday. I believe whole heartedly that people are good or at least I want to believe that about people. I know that it seems crazy to non believers when they meet me because I honestly do not need the approval of man. I'm praying for the people like the man who sent me that email because he needs Jesus desperately.

Girls, if anyone is bullying you or being mean to you, I will always 100% of the time be glad to pray for you. I've read several verses that really encourage me to press on when I receive hateful emails. I wish every mean email came to me and to none of you because you are a worthy princess of God and he is so in love with you. There is nothing you could do to make him love you any less. Regardless of what people throw at you with words, you are WORTHY. WONDERFUL. CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. And, the creator of the universe is fighting for YOUR heart everyday. Please don't listen to the negativity. Please know you're worthy and that you are better than a string of letters on a piece of paper. :) 

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