Sunday, November 1, 2015

she said yes.

the most common phrase that is associated with marriage proposals. or prom proposals. or proposals from a male to a female for any significant occasion. the one question everyone wants to know the answer to--did she say yes? but, no, this isn't a recap of a marriage proposal today. ;)
this is a response. a response to every question I feel like Jesus is asking of me. this is a response to every teacher and preacher and leader in my life that's asking something of me. this is a response to every crippling fear and every worry inside of me. in spite of it all, I'm saying yes.
I don't want to live a life where I look back in 20 years or 2 weeks or 2 hours from now and ever regret not saying "yes" to the Lord. will it be scary? absolutely. am I terrified? you've got it. but, is it worth it? yes. a resounding yes. a million times over again and again, the answer is yes.
we live in a world that needs Jesus. this world and the people in it need Jesus so bad. have you ever thought about the fact that in 100 years we will all be gone? and what car we drove or what color our hair was or what our dog's name was won't matter? a lot of things won't matter in 100 years. BUT, our souls will matter. where will our soul be in 100 years? I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that mine will be in the presence of an almighty, perfect and loving God--and that realization is reason enough for me to say yes.
God asks a lot of us. Yes, that's true. He commands our respect and he's set guidelines for us because he loves us. The number one lie I hear from people is that you cannot love God and have fun. I hope that anyone who has ever heard that lie just chuckles on the inside and discredits the person who said that. I try my best to love Jesus 100% and I don't think anyone could look at my life and describe it by any other word than fun.
Loving Jesus is SO fun. it's the most fun thing you could do. to wholly surrender your entire life to the very one that created it seems like a smart thing to do to me. putting my heart and my dreams and my desires in the hands of my Creator makes the most sense to me.
Sin is fun. Sure, it is. The Bible never says that sin isn't fun. BUT, sin leads you down a path that is so NOT fun. there are rules to help keep you safe and happy. we live in a world where commitment in relationships is non existent sometimes. You have people in "committed relationships" who are running around on each other because it's "fun" and "makes them feel good" and way too many other reasons that aren't even valid reasons. If you are in a relationship and you are a Christian guy or girl, be committed and set a good example. We have too many Christians half way living for Jesus and it's killing our testimony. Be different. Be better. Say yes to what Jesus is asking of you.
I haven't always said yes to Jesus. There have been times I know He has told me to love someone better or pray for someone or be a kind human to someone and I've ignored it. And that is on me. I'll have to answer for the times I've ignored God. But, I promise you so much joy and fulfillness will be found when you learn to say yes to Him.
I've posted a few reaps from what I've learned this summer in Hawaii and I've got 2 journals full of more things I've learned this past summer. scanning back over them, the major thing that stands out is me realizing what God is asking of me. He's asking me to go. Wherever He leads me to, He wants me to go. I was accepted into a 6 month missionary training school in Hawaii and I will be leaving at the beginning of January to complete the next thing I feel like Jesus asked me to say yes to. It's terrifying me to be honest. My hands get clammy just typing about it. I've never been gone as long as I was this summer and this program is twice as long. It's intense. It's training you how to introduce Jesus to people who have never even heard of Him. The second phase is a three month outreach to a very far away location and it's going to be hard. Going somewhere that I could have to give my life is terrifying. But, answering yes has taken the biggest weight off my shoulders and I know that is where I'm called to. Do I know what I'll do at the end of those six months? Not exactly. But, I do know that I'll be conditioned to say yes to whatever it is the Lord asks of me.
I'm not completely there yet. I'm still saying no a lot more than I know I'm suppose to. But, I'm praying through the no's and trying to say yes a lot more. Will you join with me in praying for that? That I'll have the wisdom and courage to say yes to the things that God is asking of me. I know that the same power that raised Jesus from the tomb is inside each of us as Christians. And I'm beyond exhausted watching myself and others not live in that victory. Hold your head high, high, high up if you are a child of God. He delights in you. He has SO much in store for you. Whether you are in Montevallo or New York or Kona or Nashville, God is right there with you. He loves you and He's asking you to say yes. He's asking me to say yes. Let's say yes to whatever He's asking of us together. I will always pray for any one of you that may have any requests. You can always email me. I know that I'm far from the Christian I want to be but I don't want to live in fear. I don't want to pretend I have it all together when fear and doubt and "you're not good enough" feelings bubble in me every day. I want to be able to say that I'm overcoming those fears and doubts and I'm learning to say yes. But, I think it's so much more important to not pretend we're the perfect Christian when so many of us are hurting and battling things that can be overcome with saying YES to the Lord. 
I'm praying for you, friend. However you happened to stumble across this post, please know that I'm praying for every heart that is hear reading this babbling of mine. :)
Happy Sunday! 

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