Sunday, January 3, 2016

jan 2016 playlist.

Happy Sunday, friends. Isn't it crazy that it's already three whole days into 2016? Yes, I did have to delete 2015 four times before I finally got the 2016 part right.

I'm sorry that I've been so absent from the blogging world for a while. Holidays and family and friends and traveling (oh and did I mention having to pack for a 6 month relocation to Hawaii) have pushed blogging to the bottom of the list.

I have been getting so many fun emails from readers asking me what's been on my playlists lately because y'all are so interactive on social media and have seen me posting about some newer artists like Jacob Davis and Luke Combs.

So, I decided to make a playlist of who I'm really digging right now. And, since I am moving to Hawaii on Thursday, I figured I would name the playlist "traveling tunes." It doesn't mean that you can only listen to it while traveling, of course. I will attach the playlist from Spotify as well below so y'all can follow along there BUT I also encourage you to purchase these artist's music on ITunes--that helps everyone!

 I've been able to connect with an AMAZING female artist, Kelleigh Bannen. Y'all, she needs another post dedicated to her because she is the epitome of what a darling friend and sister in Christ is. I've been SO encouraged by her and cannot wait to see what this year brings for her. I'm sure if you follow Luke Bryan or Cole Swindell that you may already be introduced to her. But, if not, take some time to check her out. She's got a voice of an angel. She also has the most darling blog that you can check out here, too.

There are some newer guys included on this playlist that I've been able to connect with and see play in the past month or so that I really enjoy their music. Luke Combs, Sam Grayson and Blaire Hanks are three of those guys. As much as I enjoy their music, I can also say that they have good souls--and that is even more of a reason that I want you guys to listen to them!

Of course, there are some staple tunes from our main guy, Sam Hunt. He released a killer acoustic version of "Break Up in a Small Town" that makes you fall in love with the tune all over again. "Cop Car" was recorded by Urban but Sam's acoustic live version of the song is amazing.

And, of course, any good playlist has a ballad or two, so make sure you give Lacy Cavalier's "Put You Down" a spin or two (or 1200). And since I'm really 16 years old on the inside and listen to Radio Disney, I'm pumped that a great role model like Lacy is on there for the next generation of music lovers.

Lastly, one guy on the playlist that only makes one appearance (because that's all Spotify has!!) is Jacob Davis. Jacob is an incredible artist with an amazing band that I'm happy to be able to call friends. They are really hitting the ground running this year and they are giving away Jacob's CD for free. It's an incredible group of songs and his fan group, the Squad, would LOVE to send you one. If you want a FREE copy, simply email me at

and I will send the Squad your info and get your CD to you as soon as possible.

As big of a year that country had in 2015, I am so excited to see all these amazing artists included in the playlist below continue to be front runners for the genre in 2016. Hope this helps several of you who have been asking. Like I mentioned above, make sure to pick up the singles that you can on ITunes and support these artists. Also, make sure to email me if you would like me to send your info to Jacob's people ASAP. Happy Sunday!!


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