hello there. thank you for stopping by.

a little about me--

i am 27 years old. i live in Nashville, Tennessee. i am from a tiny town just south of Birmingham, Alabama called Montevallo. i grew up in Alabama and after college, i lived in Hawaii for a year attending a missionary program and then lived in Egypt for several months as an outreach program. i settled into my cozy home in the 12 south neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee this past January.

i love all things farmhouse related--white walls, dark hardwoods and anything old, i adore. i am also a big believer in music--specifically country music.

i like a good diy project, an exciting road trip, a weekend getaway to the beach and a playlist packed full of artists that you've hopefully never heard of but once you do--you can't get enough.

i love Jesus. he is the purpose behind this entire little blog space. i want everything i do to be a light that points readers straight back to the One who made us all.

i am passionate about what i believe in yet i try my absolute best to not belittle others for not being passionate about the same convictions that i have.

i love people. i hope that this little space can make you laugh way more than it makes you cry and i hope the adventures inspire you to hop in your car for a fun weekend and that the music makes you want to crank up the radio on the way to your getaway.

my name is katelyn joyce and this is southern samplings.