Thursday, February 28, 2013

All the single ladies.

I shared this picture on Facebook last year and it got over 8,000 shares so I think it's safe to say the words of this picture are true.

I teach small group on Wednesday nights and we just got finished doing a Bible Study called "True Princess." It was SO eye-opening and had so many truths in it that as women and girls of God we need to know. It talks about how today's generation is totally obsessed with being "princesses" of God but not in the way God intended. Too many girls KNOW that they are valuable but they use it as "bait."

As a princess of God, our position is to be SERVANT LEADERS. We are a princess in the respect that our Father is the KING of KINGS but we should NOT be parading around expecting everyone to like us and be like us. We are not suppose to act like we are better than others or that we are above anyone. Being last is better than being first. :)

As a single girl or woman, we are to be in constant prayer. For everyone and about everything. If there is a desire in your heart to be married, I TOTALLY believe that the Lord will bless you with a marriage.
I'm not a marriage expert or relationship expert (Obvs.) but I do love the Lord and when we are in a relationship with him, I believe he teaches and prepares our hearts to be in a relationship. I tell people all the time I think it's better to be single and constantly improving yourself than being in a relationship with the wrong person. You can have the right feelings at the wrong time if you are not seeking the Lord and his will for your life.

I've also known people who stay in relationships because they "can't" be single. You totally can. And if you think you can't, you probably should be. Don't settle for any less than God's best for you.

Have standards. You can't have "too high" standards. There are PLENTY of GOOD and HONORABLE and RESPECTFUL men out there who are praying for you. The good men need more credit, too. There are plenty of tools, of course, but there are plenty of girls who are just the same.

A lady is to be graceful, respectful, kind, patient, and helpful. All of these qualities are attractive as a single lady and more attractive as a married lady. The season of singleness is a season that you can serve and love God like you can't once you're married. Not that you don't love God once you're married, but you have way more obligations and responsibilites. Don't regret not being married while you are single. Serve and serve and serve. I don't want to search for a man.

I'm not looking. I'm following God to the person he has for me. And the more I protect my heart and purity, the better marriage I will have. I can't wait to be blessed with a man (and hopefully a blessing to him as well) and love like I never have before. It will be awesome and it will be worth the wait. And you are worth it.

Can't wait to meet my husband! In the meantime, I'm going to pray like I'm going to meet him tomorrow. And when the time comes, y'all can all come to my wedding. It will be totes presh. And it will be worth it!! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

God HAS to be a country music fan.

Catchy title, huh? :)

Well, on my way home tonight the new Thompson Square song and the chorus goes like the following:

This life would kill me if I didn't have you
Couldn't live without you, baby, I wouldn't want to
If you didn't love me so much, I'd never make it through
'Cause this life would kill me, this life would kill me if I didn't have you

Pretty powerful lyrics, right? I had just left my anatomy class after a VERY hard practicum and was so upset. I studied for a good 5 hours and left feeling so unaccomplished. That's normally my story. I OVERSTUDY and then can't remember the simple stuff like ribs protect your heart. Ugh.

I have been in nursing school for approximately 7 weeks. And at least twice a week, I want to quit. Not because I don't like the material, because I do. And not because I want to be rich, etc. I feel like my entire life is suppose to be helping others and I think God placed being a nurse on my life! :) Anyways, test after test (even when I KNOW I did good), I still doubt. I'll still go sit and my car and talk to God the whole way to work about it. I have a back up plan, ya know, in case being a nurse doesn't work out. I want to be an ice cream truck driver. Nice, huh?

And then, as I sit there and whine and COMPLAIN, I KNOW Jesus is just sitting there waiting to get a word in. Then, when I decide to listen, it all gets SO CLEAR.

I don't trust enough. Oh yeah, I can PREACH the WORDS to everyone else but hardly ever do it myself. Really. Someone is sick and I'll say "Oh, I believe in Jesus name that they are healed, etc. etc." And I DO BELIEVE. I do. But in some sort of twisted thinking, I feel like I can only trust Jesus with everybody's elses life but NOT with my own. Not when I have it all "figured" out, right??

Ha! This is why I have weekly melt downs and cry fests, I DON'T BELIEVE. I mean, I do, but not near to the extent that the Lord calls us to.

Back to the lyrics. I think that is this is totally my new prayer to the Lord. Right? I recognized (through a country music song) that this LIFE would LITERALLY KILL me without Jesus. I have Jesus in my heart, so anatomy and pharm and health assessment won't and can't kill me. I HAVE JESUS. And, if I didn't know deep down the Jesus loved me as much as he does, I would've thrown in the towel a LONG. TIME. AGO.

Isn't it funny how a song that is talking about earthly relationships describes our relationship with CHRIST? I couldn't live without Jesus. I don't want to live without Jesus. So, through speaking these lyrics to Jesus, I'm learning to trust him. And I think others need to as well.

You're sick? You're depressed? Someone hurt you? Someone doesn't notice you? Trust God. Give it to him. It's so freeing to realize that we serve a God who is always holding us. We can't and won't fall with him holding us. So, TRUST. GOD.



Happy Tuesday! :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ava's Birthday Bash

I've wanted to post about my niece's birthday way before I've had a blog. My sister and I sometimes refer to ourselves as the clean version of the Kardashians just because of the dynamic of our relationship. We really should be famous. I'm still working on that.

Anyways, I think we probably started planning her party the day Ava Claire was born. I wanted mermaids because I found the CUTEST mermaid decorations in a cute boutique in Destin the last summer but I was vetoed. (I'm still pushing for a cute mermaid theme this year!) :)

We (Adrian) decided on a pink elephant theme. We searched HIGH and LOW on Pinterest and got a TON of ideas and then got to planning. I don't even know what the total cost was, but we did ALOT from Dollar Tree and Target. I work for a vet and the sweetest woman brings her dog there and through conversation I found out she was an artist and made custom made paper goods. I wanted her to do custom invitations but Adrian got to those before I could. :) Anyways, Sara Beth from Nimblee made custom made food cards and labels for the candy bar. I was IN LOVE with her work. Check her out! Comment for more information. Pink Ink Creations also made the banner and some other goodies! They are on ETSY!! Check them out at They did a FANTASTIC job! Here are a few pictures from Ava Claire's first birthday, hope y'all enjoy!

Water bottles! Just cheap brand of water, remove labels, and add your own. I just googled "water bottle labels" and this template came up. I printed them out and then laminated them so that the sweat from the bottles wouldn't ruin the labels. So easy and SO cheap!

Tablescape View

We ordered paper straw from a groupon type website but TONS of people sell them on ETSY. This is a regular mason jar and we tied ribbon and printed off a ton of pictures and one went in the mason jars.

PHOTO WALL. We had three prints blown up (newborn, 6 months and 1 year) at Staples for 2.99 a print. Then, 7-10 pictures from each month and made a chronological wall. I think it turned out cute!

Sugar cookies


Fruit Kabobs, cute and easy

Present table and balloon wall (helium balloons taped to the wall and a custom banner from ETSY)
She had a lot of gifts, we really like Ava. :)

Another view

Part of the candy bar

I made these pom poms with tissue paper from the dollar tree. Each pom pom cost $1.

CUTE Ombre Cake

Cotton Candy in cupcake holders

The princess, Ava

Another view of the cake


Anthro/Shabby Chic Inspired Bedding

I've grown up with a dad who is a builder. Our house has ALWAYS been what he takes the most pride in. And rightfully so, he built it from the ground up. We were NEVER allowed to paint our bedrooms a crazy color growing up because we moved too often and dad likes CRISP and CLEAN colors.

I guess I got that from him.

When I decide to be a for real grown up and move out, I want EVERYTHING in my house to be white. Everything. The walls, the furniture, the bedding, the pictures on the wall, the towels, etc. etc. I just think white is an easy, clean, fun color. I also like greys and MAYBE pale yellows to throw in that mix. I also want DARK floors and cabinets. I don't know why, just my style!

Anyways, I first saw this Antrho bedding last September and fell in LOVE with it.

I already had a shabby chic comforter much like this one but saw several other posts like the one below on Pinterest with a quilt added.

So, around Christmas time I became obsessed with finding a white quilt to put on my bed with some more white pillows.
I LOVE PILLOWS. I seriously sleep with like 9 (you can do that when you're not snuggling up next to a hot husband, I'll be MORE than happy to reduce my pillow quantity for a husband). :)
Anyways, I looked around and found the PERFECT Ralph Lauren quilt at TJ MAXX.
Retail Sticker: $279.99
TJ MAXX Sticker: $56.99
I'll let you do the math. I bought it that day.
Then, I went to Belk and found some fluffy pillowcases on CLEARANCE for $2.99 a piece that are I swear the exact replicas of Shabby Chic.
Here is my bedding so far.
I'm still looking for maybe a white and 2 gray accent pillows to fluff it up a little more.
What do you think?

Happy Monday!!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

She's a good girl.

...loves her Momma, loves Jesus and America, too.

This is a familiar song, right? It plays about every 49 minutes on 106.9 The Eagle which means I hear it approximately 12 times a day when I am at work because that is what the vet I work for likes to listen to. :)

I never really listened to the lyrics before until a few weeks ago and that one line stood out.

"She's a good girl, loves her momma, loves Jesus and America too."

This describes me to a TEE! I LOVE my momma (and daddy), I LOVE JESUS, and I am about as Republican as you can get. Sorry if that offends you but I'm pretty sure Jesus would be a Republican. And being American is just Republican to me (again, sorry!) :)

Anyways, I'm a "good girl," too.

I'm the one "lame" girl in highschool who didn't drink at prom and that resulted in NO ONE sitting with me or talking to me the last month and a half of school. Whatevs. I was too lame to care! Ha!
Anyways, I've been OBSESSED with Facebook since Ciara Caffee posted on my wall in April 2008 telling me Happy Easter. When I went off to college my statuses were ALL about Huntingdon football, dorm life, PHI MU (LIOB!) and the cute guy that I was in love with. Ha!

Well, over the next few years as my relationship with Christ grew into something more than being a "good girl," people would message literally everyday saying thank you for posting a status, song lyric, etc. It was then that I realized, I'm not the prettiest, the smartest or the coolest BUT I am good at listening to God and realizing people's worth (especially girls, because, duh, I am one!)

I would and still do post anything and everything God laid on my heart about singleness, any cute quote or lyric I heard and Bible verses. People would be shocked that I'm 23 and still single. Not because I'm drop dead gorgeous (because I'm not, I'm pretty plain!) but because I wasn't afraid of telling people it was okay to break up with someone for only wanting sex.

Hey, someone has to do it. And if every other "good girl" out there would encourage all her single friends a little more, we'd probably have a lot more proposals and a lot less divorce.

I know that I am single for a purpose. I don't want to sit around and waste my single years wishing I was married and then get married and wish I was single. And I don't want you to either. Being single is more than "looking" for a soulmate. As girl, we aren't suppose to look. We are suppose to wait. Wait and FOLLOW.

I KNOW that the Lord will bless me with a relationship when he is at a place where he can trust me with someone else's heart forever. I don't intend on divorcing so I am FINE with waiting until the Lord is through working on my heart. Just think, everyday you are single, God is working on your super hot husband to be as well.

BE ENCOURAGED! The Lord has plenty of single men he is ready to send your way when YOU ARE READY.

Happy Sunday Single Ladies! :)

Blogging Round Two!

This is my second and final attempt at blogging. I am so excited to start this blog! I am still figuring out how to make it all cute and stuff, so bear with me! Hope y'all will follow along!! And a big thank you to Haley Morgan for helping me get started.

I would totes tag her.
But I don't know how.
Happy Sunday!