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Since I've started Southern Samplings, I've received a lot of emails from locals and people all over the country that tell me I should listen to certain people for their music. And, the longer I've been writing, the more I understand how important it is to at least give everyone a shot. That's what I'd expect from people to do for me. I LOVE new music. And, it's even more fun when the artists are willingly to talk about their music. You learn SO much from a person when you just get to know them and I can say that Ray Fulcher is definitely someone y'all will want to know.

One of my friends, JD Groover, told me about Ray a few weeks ago and Ray was kind enough to answer a few questions I had for him.

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1. As a singer/songwriter do you write all of your own music--or do you listen to writers as well and record some other people's songs as well?
"I've written most of the songs you've already heard. There's just a couple of songs that I'll say I co-wrote but that's based off the fact that someone gave me an idea for a song that I just ran with. I wouldn't be opposed to listening to someone's songs but I think mainly it would have to be a song that I really connect with. That's the main thing about writing your own songs--it's words and stories that you connect with. Songs that you write yourself are like your baby. You know, you take the time to nurture the song and just get it right."

 2. Who is your biggest musical inspiration?
"Definitely George Strait. And Eric Church."

3. If you could sing a duet with anybody, who would you choose and why?
"Kacey Musgraves. I like her voice for the harmony. I like harmonizing a lot and I think her voice is perfect for that."

4. What influenced you to choose country as a genre that you wanted to pursue?
"I kind of never had a choice. Growing up, it was either the Temptations playing on my parents radio or it was Alan Jackson, George Strait or Travis Tritt. That was all I knew. From a young age, I connected well with those types of music and for me, it's the only genre that really fits. I'm the guy when after everyone has had a few drinks and are yelling to start playing rap music--I'm the guy who is still saying to put some country on. That's just who I am. I just don't relate to any other genre like I do country."

5. When did you first start singing and performing?
"It's kind of crazy of how it all happened. I didn't really pick up singing and playing until I was in college. It was my birthday several years ago and I went and got a guitar for my birthday. I just told myself I'm going to learn how to play and it just started to come naturally. I started singing and playing and it just came pretty quick. I developed a strong work ethic with it and picked it up. I took lessons for a few months to learn the basics but then mostly taught myself or picked up from my friends that played."

6. What is your favorite song that you've written? What's your favorite song to perform?
"I think my favorite song that I've written is 'That's Why Georgia.' It's just an accumulation for me of how I feel about Georgia. I've gotten a lot of feedback about it. Several people say that song is like their anthem at work which is cool to hear. Part of the lyrics talk about the tractor at 6 AM before the sun comes up and that's a scene that I've seen so many times growing up with my dad and granddad. My favorite song to perform is 'No, I Won't.' It's on an old EP that is more of a blues type song with electric guitar sound. We close every show with this song and every time we play it live, we can really let loose during it."

7. What is your favorite venue to perform at?
"Locally, in town, it would definitely be the Country Club. Everybody comes out when we play because it's a cool vibe. And Lady Antebellum Theater in town. We've opened up for Craig Morgan and the Marshall Tucker Band there. Every time we play there, it's just a really big deal. I really like going down to Valdosta to play at Blue Water. It's about a five hour drive but we enjoy playing that venue a lot."

8. If you could make an appearance in any music video recorded to date, which music video would you want to be in?
"George Strait. Definitely. He's only done a few videos in his whole career. And his reason for not doing them, he said in an interview before, is because he just hates doing them. So, being a part of one of his videos would be really neat."

9. What's one interesting fact about you that not a lot of people know?
 "I used to be a student assistant on the UGA football team for four years. Then, I was a graduate assistant and I worked with the quarterbacks while I was there. I got to work with Matt Stafford, David Greene and Aaron Murray."


Okay, so y'all can obviously see why I'm all about this guy, right? Southern, fun, smart AND a fan of George Strait. Make sure to check him out on ITunes and Sound Cloud to listen for yourself. And follow along with his social media which is linked below!

Website: Ray Fulcher


And, Ray also sent me some upcoming shows so if anyone is near Georgia, make sure you go see him LIVE:

May 1: Southern Ground (Atlanta)
May 2: Relay for Life Event (Evans, GA)
May 8: Country Club (Augusta, GA) --opening for Jerrod Niemann
May 23: The Gin (Tifton, GA)
May 24: Coyotes (Augusta, GA)

Thank you Ray for taking the time out of your busy day to let us know more about you!! Y'all make sure to check his site for upcoming dates for shows near you. He's moving to Nashville soon so be on the look out for tons of new stuff coming from him as well!


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