Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend.

Up from the grave He arose!!!!
That's my favorite Easter lyric. Like, ever.
Too bad I didn't get to sing it today because I was in the nursery. That's okay.
Well, since this is a weekend recap, I'm also putting extra focus on today because of all the Easter festivities.
Let's recap, shall we?
FRIDAY:I had clinicals from 8-3 on Friday. I was, fortunately, stuck in an elevator with a hot doctor on Thursday and lo and behold I was paired with a hot murse on Friday. So, naturally, the day flew by. Ha.
I don't know what it is about Alabama drivers, but we all suck. I include myself in this because I'm either going too fast or too slow myself. As a state, we are probably the suckiest drivers in the world. Which led to this lovely drive home. What was suppose to take 25 mins MAX took 1 hr 45 mins.

But, it all got better when I got to see not only one but (a surprise) two of my besties!!!! We went to where every smart girl goes, CHUYS!! Holla.
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure I was suppose to be Mexican.

Delish, right? Right. I loved the food but I LOVED the company better. For real, I think I have the best friends.
(No friend pics because none of the friends wanted one. Ha. It was a long day for us all! Maybe next time! :] )
Anywayssss, Saturday was Easter Egg Hunt!!! Whoop whoop.
Perfect Child Ava Claire had a blast. She was so nice, she even stole an egg from an older child. So sweet. ;)


It was so much fun. Jessica did a fabulous job getting everything together. I cut up the fruit for fruit pizzas so that counts for something, right. The above picture is my attempt at a bunny fruit pizza. I'm not an artist. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Yay for Easter! I love Easter. I love Jesus. I love the story of Easter. I love everything about it. We talked about, of course, Jesus arising today in Sunday School. For my students to only be 9-11, they sure are smart! I love that they love Jesus so much! Makes my heart SO happy!!
I'm still trying to figure out why momma dearest ALWAYS volunteers our house for gatherings as such. I love being at my own house but I HATE CLEANING every nook and cranny because it has to be spotless. I mean, I'm a clean freak, but they're family. If they don't accept our messiness, what is the world coming to, right? Ha. We ate and ate and then ate some more.
I loved seeing my grandparents and aunt and uncle. I have the best family, hands down. I aslo have a super cute cousin, Tarayn and her husband, Paul and sweet daughter, Evia Gray came! Woo hoo.
Tarayn blogs here but she hasn't in a while. Y'all should go over to her blog and tell her to blog more. She's fun and cool like me. Except she's always super cute. And we didn't take a picture.
The rest of us, however, did take pictures and a lot of them. If you follow me on Insta, you've already seen a TON so I'll just post a few here.
My cute momma!

Perfect Child, no caption necessary!

 My little younger brother
My Biffle Lauren

The whole gangggg minus pops and mother, I took a pic of them but can't find it now.
So is life.
The most important thing about today is that JESUS is ALIVE!! A lot of Christians, myself included, seem to get caught up in discussions and arguments that are ultimately a waste of time. I know I love God. And I know I believe in the Bible. I'll leave you with the following quote that describes my feelings towards that. HAPPY EASTER LOVELIES!!
"I am a Christian and I don't want to force it down your throat, but MAN, are you missing out without Jesus in your life!"

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tidbits of Thursday.

I feel like I say this everyday (regardless of me hating failing my classes in nursing school) BUT I LOVE THURSDAYS!
For real, Thursdays are basically like Fridays and then it's the weekend's basically a win-win!
Which brings me to TIDBITS THURSDAYYYYY!!!
I seem to be making a lot of list form posts recently BUT it's because I like order. And lists seem to work.
First: I LOVE CLINICALS!! (I still hate the classroom part, not because of instructors, because I'm faling a class) BUT I LOVE CLINICALS!!! Today was my third day there. I have the BEST group of clinical girls!! They are all so sweet and so fun! I love getting to make new friends while helping others. I did A TON of new stuff today, too!! Whoop whoop!! Remove an IV, NG tubes, the whole SHE-BANG.
bang. bang.
Second: It has come to my attention, through others and through personal observation, that anesthesiologists are hands down the hottest doctors. Behind my urologist, of course. He takes the cupcake of hottness any day of the week.
Third: GIRLS TODAY SUCK. There, I said it,
For real, a lot of girls that I'm friends with on social network media sites do a for real hideous job of being a woman. If you're trying to go for the "I don't give a crap about life or about what others think of me," you win.
Is that really what you want to portray?!? The language is ABSURD. For real, I know everyone slips when they're angry or on accident, but is it really necessary to put the F word in your status, like every day?
No, it is not.
It's not okay to be talking about "F boys who treat girls like S" WHEN YOU ARE TALKING THIS WAY!!!!! Hello, give men something to respect. It's really absurd to me. Really.
All of this makes me believe that these girls who are acting this way have no role model at home. Where are these girls mommas?
When I was 14 and up, I NEVER went anywhere without my parent's permission and/or without them there. It just wasn't acceptable to them to let me parade around with no supervision.
I have a 14 year old brother and it terrifies me of the girls who he is growing up with (for the most part. I see you Katie Cain, you're the exception!!) :)
And I pity both my brother and his girlfriend if he brings ANYONE that doesn't love God home. Like, duh. His girlfriend has to go through all his sisters. Okay, moving on.
Back to the bad girls.
You realize that being BAD is DANGEROUS, right??
Drink alcohol and you'll black out and risk being suspended/expelled from school.
Have unprotected sex (or sex at all) and risk end up being preggers or have a nasty disease you'll ever get rid of.
Do drugs and make one stupid choice and you can RUIN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!

Being bad isn't worth it. Who are you trying to impress?
A bad boy? That is going to make a crappy husband???

Hello, wake up and smell the roses.
Be classy. Respect yourself and men will respect you. Focus on your school work and sports and fun while you're in highschool.
I really think dating in high school is stupid. (Unless you're one of those high school couples, then good for you!)

BUT, normally, most of high school relationships are based off of lust and attraction but guess what? Looks fade.
Personalities don't.
Focus on God. He will make you into the AMAZING woman you are suppose to be.
It's okay to not drink, do drugs or have sex in highschool.
Trust me, I know it can be hard. I literally lost all my friends in highschool to one of the above. BUT, I didn't have any godly girl friends besides my sisters! :)
Get involved in a youth group or church and get you some Christian friends you will SUPPORT your good decisions!! :)
If you need me to pray for you, just tell me! That's why I am here! :)
Love y'all, lovelies!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey lovelies heyyyy!!

I know, I know. Y'all missed me SO much yesterday.

Sorry, I was busy telling people what I believe and they were busy being complete idiots back to me.

So is life.

Well, I feel like my life is currently super boring but when I saw Randalin's new link up called "Currently," I realized that I'm currently doing a lot. And  I figured you all wanted to know, so there's that.

Linking up here:


So, currently, I am:

1. Currently (like, as of 5 minutes ago currently) switching from left alignment to center. I lerve center alignment. So, everyone, please, welcome center alignment to le blog.

2. Currently, I am writing this blog spot instead of studying exactly 117 muscles in the human body that I have to know by 5:00 PM tomorrow night AFTER attending clinicals from 8-3 PM.

3. This is currently making me stressed out.

4. I am also currently being impatient waiting on the new Duck Dynasty episode to start in 9 whole minutes.

I see ya Willie and Jase. Presh boys.

5. I am also currently SO HAPPY about said clinicals (as mentioned earlier). Beside the HIDS white shoes we get to sport, I'll be at THE HOSPITAL. Ya know, where the hotties I call future husband doctors are. Just another day in the life, y'all.

6. I am currently super excited about seeing my besties Friday night. I figured I needed to see them one more time before summer (bc that is how pathetic I've become. Thanks nursing school!) Anyways, I really am so excited and cannot wait. Just wait for Saturday, you'll get to see their hot faces. My friends are all supermodels. (Still not sure why they will be seen in public with me?) Ha!

7. I am also currently excited about EASTER on Sunday!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Jesus living is the best ever. Cute family portraits are fun, too. I'm looking at you, pops.

8. I am currently OBSESSED with the Florida-Georgia Line/Nelly Remix of Cruise.

I would link y'all up, but it's not available ANYWHERE yet except the radioooo.
9. I'm currently smelling the wonderful smell of pancakes and bacon because mommy dearest fixed breakfast for dinner. I promise one day when I'm grown and living not under their roof, I'll still make her come over and fix her breakfast. YUM.
10. And lastly, I'm currently wishing my older sister, Adrian, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! She's 25, an old lady!!! ;)
She's in the back. Cute, huh? Easy to see how she created perfect child!! :)
What's everybody else currently doing?


Monday, March 25, 2013

Why I Want to Be a Nurse. {and 5,000 views}

noun: a day of the week that it is perfectly acceptable to question your existence, your motivation, and your entire life

AKA: Katelyn's favorite day of the week

For reals. I LOVE Mondays! I decided when I was a sophomore in college and had the most rocking schedule in the world, no class until 4, that Monday's were my favorite day. Everybody else thinks that Monday's are ishy anyways, so why not be the one annoying girl that loves Mondays?

Right? Of course, sign me up.

I've carried this tradition of loving Mondays with me since then. They are fun! A new start to the week, a new chance to meet Dr. Future Husband, etc. etc.

Mondays are also fun because I get out of class at noon versus 6 pm like the other days in the week.

Boo, you, nursing school!!

Which brings me to today's title of why I want to be a nurse.

I feel like, since day one of both le blog and le nursing school days, I have both said and felt this:

I hate nursing school.

Whewwww. There, I  said it. I hate it.

And, it's not because I don't love my instructors, because every single one of my instructers DO love teaching. They are the reason I've stayed with it this long. They have all been nurses for several years and they are super encouraging and responsive and helpful. And it's not their fault I hate nursing school.

It's all mine.

I was salutatorian of my high school, voted Miss KCS, graduated with straight A's in undergrad (except for that C in yoga...another post for another day). See, school was what we will call a breeze for me. I never struggled with projects, papers and calculus. I was GOOD at school. Now, I suck at it.

The problem came to me a few weeks ago and I know what the problem is but I still don't act on the solution I know that I need. I don't know how to study. I never had to study. But, now, I do.

Nursing School is super, super hard. Like, it's not x+y=?

No, more like "If ___________ medication is available from a 25 mg/5 ml bottle and your client is a 24 year old male and he likes Auburn football but what is ordered is 15 ml of ____________, then how much medicine are you going to administer to said patient?

Okay, so you don't need to know that your patient is a male or how old he is or that he favorite team ia Auburn (that's probably his problem, ha!), you only need to know the dosage calculations, etc.

The program I am in ecnourages the NCLEX questions from day 1 where larger universities don't focus on those type questions until much later in nursing school.

For this, I am both grateful and ungrateful! I love the way my instructors present the material and make us think like nurses, but most days, I can't think like a nurse.

I have a test everyday this week and two of my instructors ALWAYS say, "Take it one day, one test at a time." That, surprisingly, has helped me. I can't worry about memorizing 9235986753 drugs by Wednesday, if I don't figure out what chapters I need to read for tomorrow's test. Ekk. Most nights I go to sleep so stressed because I'm terrified of failing the classroom portion of nursing school.

And, that is why I hate it. I'm not really good at it. I'm trying and I do feel like I've made HUGE strides since Day 1, but if I don't pass this semester, then what? I get a little better at studying every test but I'm still not passing two of my classes now. Prayers please!!! I'm not like hugely failing, either, but with a 75 as passing and with me sucking at taking tests, it's hard.

I LOVE the clinical setting. I love  ineracting with and helping people.

Helping people is fun!

Hey, the attractive doctors aren't so bad themselves.

Anyways, back to the point.

I know that I'm a suppose to be a nurse. Obvs. I tried undergrad for four years and already have a bachelor's degree. But, that wasn't what I really believe the Lord wanted for me. I mean, yes, an education and a bachelor's degree is AWESOME but I feel like becoming a nurse would be like winning the lottery for me.

At the hospital, I really FEEL like that is where I am suppose to be. It wouldn't bother me to work a 12 hour shift overnight, actually, I think that would be fun. I love talking to people. I love meeting people and I really love just loving on people. There are so many times I've been in the hospital (for said kidney stones or gallbladder surgery, curse you organs!!) and had both really nice and really unattentive nurses.

I want someone that is my patient in the hospital to sense a peace and understanding when I'm there. I want to be the best nurse I can be and be able to show people the love of God I have, even if I don't ever mention God to them. I know that I cannot just barge into peoples rooms preaching, but I can preach without ever saying a word.

I know I am suppose to be a nurse. I don't exactly know if I'll be able to tell you every vertebrae space and cranial nerve exercises everyday after I graduate (this is where said hot doctor husband will come in handy, he'll keep me educated :] ) but I do know that I'll love and care for every patient like it was my own mother, brother, father, sister, etc. I want people to be able to recover from an illness in a pleasant environment with supporting nurses that can help them improve. I want people to feel safe when I'm their nurse and if something is wrong, that they'll tell me.

I have a personality trait where I want to "fix" or "save" everything (thank you father for this horrible characteristic, haha). My dad ALWAYS fixes everything. He's never once, in my entire life, let me down. I sort of assume that role with my siblings or friends, I don't want them to go through anything hard. I want life to be easy for everybody. I know that isn't possible, but I want my patients to feel like maybe I can help "fix" them.

This is probably a long and useless post to most of you reading BUT I had to write it all down why I want to be a nurse to remind me when the study hours get long and when I continually get a 71 when I need a 75 to pass. The days of nursing school will get easier (in Jesus name!! AMEN) and who knows, maybe one day I'll see you in the hospital (but hopefully not).


Part 2

This is a random spot to put this but I don't really think it is acceptable to post two posts in one day, so.... a blogger in a group of bloggers that I am in just recently celebrated her 10,000th page view! That is AMAZING! And I know I've had this blog for a month, but I recently hit 5,000 views and about peed my pants. Ok, ok, maybe I DID. But, anyways, if you were one of those 5,000 views, THANK YOU!! :)

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Matter With Boys Today.

Yesterday's post about my ranting about being a virgin sparked several responses whether through comments, facebook or twitter messages. Most of them were positive, one of them was rude.
Whatevs. Can't win them all.
Anyways, after re-reading what I wrote, I 100% stand behind everything I said. I think that it's a GREAT thing to be a virgin until marriage.
If you don't want to announce it on a billboard downtown, then you don't have to.
I mean, that's not my plan. But I do want girls to know they are worthy of
truth &

And again, before you get all bent out of shape, I KNOW that there are a ton of girls that you may think are unworthy of these things because of the way they act. Regardless of a woman's (or man's) character or reputation, as a Christian, we are COMMANDED to love people. If you feel like you cannot do this, you and Jesus may need a little talk.
I also know that there are a lot of girls that are worthy of the things mentioned above. I know that there are men that are both worthy and unworthy of the same respect.
For those who aren't worthy (in your eyes) of your respect, they probably lost your respect for some reason. Contrary to popular belief, girls don't wake up and think of ways to ruin their man's day.
At least, not the girls that I know.
So, to the boys (who don't read this blog, I'm totes sure of it) this is what I would say to the dirty, manipultive, and scandelous ways they present to the women population:
First. God created man before woman. This means that you are, in theory, superior. You were made to protect, provide, and bless the people in your life. If you don't try to protect the integrity of a woman (ie:force her into a relationship, force her into having sex, etc.), you are, by the Biblical definition, not a man. God created Adam to protect, provide for and bless Eve. And he did. He stumbled, yes, but so did Eve. And so do we all today.
Second. Demanding and earning respect are TWO different things. There are a TON of men in my life that I respect. There are also a lot of men that have been in my life that I've lost respect for. The way they expected women to give them everything they wanted and the way they treated the women around them as slaves are the two main reasons I've lost respect for them. You earn respect when women trust you. If you are constantly flying off the handle and being hateful and disrespectful everytime life doesn't go your way, you don't deserve respect.
Third. This one totes goes with yesterday's post. Having sex doesn't make you a man. Hello, remember Jesus? The ultimate example of a man, never had sex. So there's that. I'm just saying. There are some men that I've known or known through friends that feel like sex is a game. Once a girl commits and gives herself away, he won. And, then, most of the time, he's not interested in you anymore because he's gotten the prize. A true man doesn't fight for your virginity, he fights to protect it. He prays daily and He seeks the Lord's wisdom and guidance to help him stay pure. A relationship WILL last so much longer with no sex before marriage, most of the time, it will probably last until marriage and then forever! Being a virgin, even as a man, doesn't make you a wuss, it makes you a shining example of what a Godly man is.
Fourth. A man is suppose to be the leader of the relationship, household, etc. but not the dictator. Agian, this is all from observation, BUT, there have been so many of my friends who lose their identities for their boyfriends. Men, support your lady and allow her to grow as a woman with her friends. I'm not saying let her party it up every weekend and come home drunk, but what's wrong with dinner with friends every once in a while or hey, what about a Bible study. I've seen, first hand, one of my BEST friends lose all her friends and basically lose her life for her boyfriend. Then, she gave in, gave him everything and he left.
Fifth. I strongly support the theory of "the way he treats his mom is how he'll treat you." I know, as always, there is probably an exception to every rule, but if a man honors and respects his mother, he will respect you, too. Don't ignore the warning signs.
These five things mostly will apply to those who are not walking daily with the Lord. I've seen a ton of wonderful, Godly men come into the lives of my friends and family and make those women stronger, lovelier, and passionate about the Lord. The men in this world who are seeking what the Bible says and not what Playgirl says,
That is what the Lord calls of you. It's hard for men to lead the relationship in the right way if their heart isn't right with God.

Girls, if you are single, make a list of qualities you want in a man and ask the Lord to direct your paths to cross with the man he has for you. I do this every night! I have a journal that I write in probably once a month that on my wedding night, I'll give to my husband. It's nothing super intimate or cute, but just little notes telling him that I prayed for him, even before I met him.
I want to tell every boy that is seeking God and following the will of God for their life,
It doesn't go unnoticed. This girl notices. And yes, you can apply and pray to God to date me starting now. I'm waiting. :)

Happy Sunday lovelies!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Matter With Girls Today.

Happy Saturday Lovelies! I love me some Saturdays! Popsicles and Momma are in gburg on their anniversary trip and sibs and I are afraid of the terrific thunderstorm heading our way tonight so...

to granny's we went.

Ha. Don't laugh. There's something comforting about being at home with for real adults.

Anyways, I'm pretty vocal about some things. And two of those categories are: being a lady and virginity.

GASP. I know.

{Deep breath.} I took a pledge to my pastor, my family and my church family to remain pure until I'm married. I don't know why it's never seemed like sex would ever be a struggle for me, and I'm glad it never has been.

Don't jump up and down or yell at me or get bothered, yet. I'm not here to condemn you if you are not a virgin or if you are. I'm just here to state my opinion and my beliefs. That's one of the best things about having a blog. Being able to say what I want to say.

I feel like I need to post this for two reasons:
1. I see SO many girls and women on a daily basis who put too much attention and time into relationships and sex before they get their relationship with Christ right first and;
2. I have also gotten a few rude messages on facebook before about how I'll forever be a virgin because my "standards are too high." If you follow me on facebook, feel free to click away because I'll probably beat the same dead horse I do on there everyday.

I guess I just feel so strongly about this subject because I've seen so many girls give themselves away to the wrong guy {or even the right guy but at the wrong time}. I feel like if ONE girl sees this and realizes her worth or value, my harping is worth it.

I  realize that maybe you are not necessarily a "christian" but you haven't had sex. That's awesome. I realize that there are good people in the world who are virgins without a relationship with Jesus Christ. And this post probs isn't for those people, either, because my belief in Christ is why I am a virgin.

Being a virgin is not having sex. In any form or at any time before marriage. It's really that simple. Girls today have SUCH a twisted view of what being a virgin is. Sex was made by God for marriage.

DUH. Ever realized how much baggage is associated with sex before marriage?

Seriously. We live in a world where it is more of a tragedy to lose our Iphones than it is to lose our virginity. Being a virgin should be something that more girls treasure and that more girls are proud of. If you are a virgin and you are ashamed of being one, than you are being a virgin for the wrong reasons. Some people have said to me that I shouldn't talk about being a virgin so much because it's a private issue. I mean, I guess it is. But when I look around at EVERY magazine, movie and song selling sex, why can't I try to announce and sell purity?

{Take that Satan.}

There is nothing more precious to me than to be able to give my husband my entire heart when I get into a relationship. I've saved my entire heart and being for one man. People also say you shouldn't live for the future or for a man. And I don't. I live for Jesus and my husband gets the bonus of my heart. That's how it works.
In one facebook message, a rather snippy woman said something along the lines of  ...if you were more attractive you wouldn't be preaching the same message...

True. I'm no Adrian Lima BUT has it occured to this woman that ANYONE can have sex? You don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to have sex. All it takes is a woman and a man, regardless of looks. So, yeah, that comment about me being ugly hurt but it doesn't have any truth to it.

Girls who give themselves away before marriage give away a piece of themselves that CAN never be put back. Yes, you can ask for forgiveness and God cleans you a clean start. This is awesome and if you want a clean start, ALL you have to do is PRAY! But even if God forgets, I've never met a woman who was a born again virgin who "didn't remember having sex with him." So, it's so much easier to just not have sex before marriage.

Especially if you are a Christian, I hold you to a higher standard. You have the ULTIMATE power source at a tap and you can tap into the power source and ask for strength. You can't be tempted if you don't put yourself in situations to be tempted.

I don't care if you're 33. If you cannot have self control and not being tempted, don't be alone with your boyfriend, go on group dates, etc.

It's hard but it's worth it to be a virgin. So many girls today, I feel like, don't have enough encouragement from their Christian sisters to remain pure! It's such an incredible feeling to lay down at night and not have to worry about having an unplanned baby or an unplanned disease. For real, if you need prayer or encourgement, THIS big sister in Christ is your girl! I know that this isn't a popular topic but it's something that I'm passionate about. The right man for you will respect your decision to remain pure until marriage. It will be his desire, too.

It's my prayer for every girl that they realize that they ARE worth respect. They are worth the wait. Any boy can have sex. It takes a man to make a promise to you to remain pure until marriage. But, there are men out there.

And while you are single, use that alone time with God to build your strength on him. That why, when he blesses you with a relationship you'll be ready for it and you'll have the strength to withstand the temptation. I believe God puts the desire in us to have a husband, so there is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship as long as it is one that glorifies God!

Happy Saturday! :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Perfect. Precious. Pinterest.

HEYYYYY lovelies.

Guess what today is?

Friiiiiday. (sound it out, it's more fun to say it this way)

First off, I worked with Angie today and got a blog make over. I don't think the old blog was bad, but Angie helped pull together a sleeker, more pulled together appearance. Do y'all like it?

Since this is Friday, that means that it is part of Show Us Your Life: Favorite Pinterest Ideas over at Kelly's. I love Pinterest a lot. Like, my perfect wedding is planned, my perfect house is planned, yada yada yada. So, when I saw this week's link up, I about died and went to Pinterest heaven.

Let me disclaim this post by saying that there is no way on earth to put "just a few" ideas on a post about favorite Pinterest Ideas. I literally have 50 ideas saved to my computer right now. Here goes, though:

1. First off, I like the idea of this life motto. As a Christian, I live to please God. And sometimes I forget that we aren't called to be perfect. But we are called to be compassionate, patient, kind and  graceful.

2. I like the idea of this bracelet holder. This is a $3 paper towel holder from Tarjayyy and it's amaze.

3. I like the idea of making heart shaped anything. So, in order to make heart shaped cupcakes, you simply add a marble. This works. I've tried. Although I did have to spend $8 bucks on marbles. Those little suckers are expensive. But, the cupcakes were cute.

4. I really like summer a whole lot. And I like the pool a whole lot. I always bring a bring glass of water in the pool with me on a float because it doesn't really matter if it spills. Water can't stain water. However, I do like lemons in my water. And I like cold water. So, whoever though to freeze lemon slices in pieces of ice, you go glenn coco, you go.

5. I like the idea of getting married. And I think that I defintiely like the idea of getting this ring.

6. I also like the idea of this wedding dress. It's super cute. 


7. I also like the idea of this grilled cheese because EVERYTHING is better with avacados. Yum. You can see it here.

8. I LOVE finding websites that allow free printables like these for planning binders.

9. And, finally, I love the idea that maybe, hopefully, prayerfully, one day, I'll wake up and look like this. Carrie, please stop with being perfect.

So, there's all that. What's your fave Pinterest ideas?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Randomness w/ a side of friends.

Hello lovelies. Today is Thursday. Not Friday. I know this because I casually idiotically told numerous people today Happy Friday. Almost as bad as posting "I love Mondays" as my FB status on TUESDAY. Some days you win. Most days I lose.


Today was my Friday. Super fun.

My parents 29th Anniversary is on Sunday. This means that they basically are awesome. I mean, 29 years in celebrityville is a literal eternity. I mean, this is probably why we aren't celebrity material. Thanks mama and popsicles. JK. Maybe just a little. I'm SO happy and blessed to have the parents that I have. They aren't perfect, but I think they're pretty close. They love and give and work and sacerfice unlike anyone else I've ever known. So happy anniversary libs and ken. Y'all are presh. I mean, look at them.

Yes, my mom is a supermodel. No, my dad is not half deer. (You know, the whole deer in the headlights look. Totes the photographers fault. Maybe.)
This also means that they are going to be MIA this weekend and I've been recruited (as well as my biffle sister, Lauren) to babysit this weekend.
And, since I'm basically awesome I'm taking them to the McWayne Science Center. Because that is what cool nerdy sisters do. Cool sisters who won said tickets from an oldies radio station.
We shall see how this goes.
In other Thursday Thoughts, have you ever thought about who would be your best friend if you were a real life celebrity? I do. Most days I do this, actually. My list isn't super long or filled with complicated people. I'd totes be besties with these ladies:

Emily Maynard because she is basically perfect. And she has a blog. And I could babysit for her. And have her seconds of Jef Holm.
Taylor Swift because she's fun. Hate her if you want. More bff room for me.
Khloe Kardashian because we are both loud and obnoxious (most of the time). But I'll probably end up with the most normal husband of my siblings (jk, jonathan) and then we could totes be bff's.
So, there's that.
Another thought, I know a lot of cool girls in real life. Like, real cool girls. Like these:
From L to R: Oldest sister Adrian (holding perfect child, circa 2012), Muah, younger sister Lauren (aka Lars) and front and center smallest sister Kendall
Or this lady named Haley Morgan. You can find her here. She's super fun and has the most pretty face. And pretty kids. A pretty husband, a pretty dog, AND a pretty house. And a comfy bed. (Totes not creeping. I've house sat. And that egg crate foam matress topper literally equals HEAVEN.)
Or this other lady named Holly Stefaniak who I get to work for and with! She's the sweetest person I've probably ever met! She runs a business, a family AND a super popular ETSY shop here. She sells the most beautiful personalized items! CHECK HER OUT!!! Take a look at this:
PRECIOUS. I know. You need one. Or two. Or fifty.
And, my real life besties. Who are like, perfect and pretty. Not sure how I ended up in the middle of all them! :) I like them though. And we do super fun things like go to Cheesecake factory and have lots of parties at Gabby's house because Gabby is super awesome. That's all.
Excuse the crapiness quality of this photo. Thanks Iphone. Anyways, they're all still beautiful anyways. L to R: Amanda, Muah, Sarah, Katie, Gabby, and Stephanie!

And again. Crappy quality. Pretty friends.
Happy Thursday. Who would be your celeb besties and who are your real life besties?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nine Things I Won't Change My Mind On.

Hey lovelies. Well, our empowering women Wednesday will be posted later on but today I'm linking up here to dicuss nine things I won't change my mind on. So, here goes nothing.

1. Onions. Need I say more. I think I've beaten this one in the ground. They're gross.

2. Dreams. I'll never train my brain to unremember my dreams. Thanks to C.Spurg in high school for training us to remember our dreams, I CANNOT forget my dreams. It's a curse really. I remember that Sean Lowe was wearing grey slacks on our first date in real life in my dream. I vividly remember the re-occuring hell dream, too. Dreams can be scary, kids.

3. Jesus. I need Jesus. I know I'm not perfect. But, I'm close. JK. No where near it. But instead of getting caught up in all the little details of life of what we NEED, we really only need Him.

4. Iphone. I was team blackberry FOR.EV.ER. I even bought an Iphone and then went BACK to a BB. Then, there was the brief relationship with the Driod. Just don't. Don't ever get in a relationship with a Driod. Anyhoo, I came back to team Iphone last year. I'm in love. I mostly wish my Iphone was a real life Ivan or Igor and we could date. For reals.

5. Twitter. This is a recent. I am obsessed with Twitter. Facebook is fun for three things: to spy on all the people you went to high school with, to spy on people with ugly babies (JK, no ugly babies, not on my TL), and to spy on the guy you're obsessed with (and his finance, too dang bad she's private). Anyways, that's all FB is good for. Being nosy. Twitter is where you find out life events that are happening. Events that matter. Events like what time Luke Bryan goes to bed and what day the new JCrew line comes out. And that's all that really matters in the world, right? Whatevs. Follow me on Twitter if you're a fan.

6. Alabama Football. That's all that needs to be said about that. God bless Nick Saban. And Roll Tide.
7. Luke Bryan. As in, the hottest man in the world. If you disagree, automatic time out for you.
8. McDonalds Coke. It's better than any other place in the world. Don't even argue. You know it's true.
9. Family. Simply put, without family, there is no fun in life. I have three sisters and a brother and a brother in law and a mama and daddy who love me (most days). But, I love them everyday. :) See how nice I am? Ha. And, of course, perfect child has to take the cake. Or cupcake of this challenge. Cupcakes are sweet. Ava Claire is sweeter.
You just got a little jealous she isn't yours, didn't you.
HAPPY WEDNESDAY! (I'm aware this was a Tuesday link-up but I'm too awesome to not do this list. Disclaimer over. That's a 10-4.)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The facts about me.

I recently read a post on Whitney's blog about fun facts about her! She mentions in the first paragraph that she is a nosy blogger.

Shut the door.

So am I.

I'm kind of all around nosy. I like to be in the know and I lerve when people post about me sections on blogs. Back in the myspace era, I would literally spend hours doing and reading those survey bulletins that we all posted.

Seriously, knowing what my high school crush ate for dinner really DID make me sleep better. Whatevs.

So, I got the idea to let those of y'all that actually read this (bless your heart), a little more about me.

Here we go!

PS, I know I'm not the cutest pumpkin in the patch but it's, like, a cardinal rule you post a picture of yourself for this sort of post. Close your eyes and scroll on if you need to! :)

Glad that's over.

1. There is nothing in the entire world that I loathe more than onions. They are hands down the most disgusting food on planet earth. Or any planet for that matter. Gross.

2. I am obsessed with Duck Dynasty. For reals. If you look like Willie or Jase, hit me up. Heck, I'd even pay attention to you if you poke me on Facebook looking like them. So cute. So obsessed with that show.

3. I got spanked more the my siblings when we were little. They will all tell you that it was because I was the worst and I was. However, I don't believe that warrants more beatings than others. Hello, if you spank one, you spank all. (Really, how could I fight with myself? Let that sink in Popsicles.)

4. I will get obsessed with a movie to the point where I'll literally spend $100 go to the movies watching it. Footloose? I went nine times. The lastest victim of my wallet. SAFE HAVEN. OMG. Four times. It's amazing.

5. My dream job is to be a professional blogger, boutique owner, and party planner. Seeriousllyyy, my party plan skills, off the chain.
6. I am an impulse buyer. The $468 Marc Jacob purse with the tag still on it. The $500 Frye boots from Footlosse. The $200 Viktor and Rolf perfume. The list goes on. Also, if you are interested in these items, call me.
7. I don't like double ear piercings. I like one hole in each ear. You know, normalcy. I also don't like girls who act dumb, let a guy dictate who they can/can't be friends with and girls who give up their dreams for boys. Unless, of course, Luke Bryan is your dream and he's knocking on the door to marry you. Then, give up those dreams, girls!
8. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm not famous. I'm funny, entertaining, and loud. I mean, that's what makes up 96% of celebrities anyways, right? Oh, and I instragram photos of my dog and dinner. Seriously, where is my agent?
9. I'm pretty set on not having kids for two reasons. Number one: I'll probs be 30 before I find a man who likes me (weirdness and all). Number two: perfect child. Thanks sister and bro-in-law for procreating the most perfect human being. Ever.
10. I suffer from SAPS. Don't laugh. It's a real syndrome. Sneezing Arm Pain Syndrome. Everytime I sneeze, I have to hold on for dear life to my arms. It feels like every bone and tendon and vein is going to burst. Find a cure, and I'll give you a lollipop.
11. When people say "you can say that again," I normally say it again. I normally say it again. I normally say it again. :)
12. My co-workers and I started a tradition of randomly sending pictures of ourselves making the ugliest faces we can. It's super fun. Until you accidently send one to the super hot dad you babysit for. That's super awk.
13. I can't use a whole bottle of anything. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash. I always have to throw it away before I finish.
14. Which leads to number 14. When I was little, Andrew Harris told me that the garbage people dig through the trash and give the leftover food to homeless people. So, EVERY SINGLE DAY in kindergarten, I threw away exactly one half of my pb&j, one half bag of Doritos and one half Capri sun so the garbage people would find it and give it to a child. No wonder I was so skinny as a child.
15. I won the Math Olympics twice, Spelling Bee once and Science Fair five times in school. This is the closest I'll ever come to being a bad girl.
That's all. What are some facts about Y O U?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sundays w/ Jesus.

We all know I'm still super new to blogging. It's like a super long facebook status for me. And, I like that. I've found a few really good blogs with sweet girls and families that I'll be featuring once a week in April. And also, continuing this week is Empowering Women March with another amazingly empowering and beautiful woman. Don't miss it! And coming up, finally, is an interview with People Water. (Think Jef Holms, Bachelorette...) That's right. Yours truly scored an interview with the company. I love the product, I love the concept, and I love the incredibly attractive man who thought it up. So don't miss that either.
Whew. While blog surfing, I've seen several blogs that have daily themes. Mondays are "_____", Tuedays are "___________" and so on. I have a feature each Wednesday that will deal with the month theme. This month is Empowering Women. Next month is Empowering Products.

Anyhoos, since I love Jesus and I always go to church on Sunday, I figured that Sundays would be appropriately titled "Sunday's with Jesus." Because, well, that's what I do on Sundays. I teach Sunday School class with a room full of sweet girls that are 1st-4th grade. I also teach Discipleship Training on Sunday nights. I teach the youth group and LOVE it. They're loud and obnoxious, but I guess I am too, so we get along.

We are doing a study on James right now and how to deal with trials, temptations, gossip and anger. Tonight's lesson was great!! I think I'm learning more than they are. Ha!
Being humble helps us accept and obey what God says in His word. When we are humble, we quickly seek help from God rather than trusting in our own abilities. In true humility, we don't have low self esteem, we are just not overly occupied with ourselves. We don't have to worry about making ourselves first and shooting others down to gain approval. Some people think that meekness and humility equal weakness. This is NOT true. Jesus is the perfect example. He was courageous and bold. He was humble but not cowardly. He DIED on a CROSS. That takes courage!
I love talking about Jesus and I love learning about how to better myself. I want to talk to Jesus a ton in heaven but not explaining my bad behavior. I want to explain to him how I showed him to others.
Sunday is the most fun day. Family. Friends. Jesus.
I'm baptist. And any occasion to eat, we do. So, today, we ate. And we are next week after a singing and I hear the bass player is CAAAUUTEEE (translation=cute). So, fingers crossed ladies and gents.
I had children's church today. They're all so sweet. There is a particular little disciple that gives me heart eyes. Ava Claire, everyone.
And, since we like eating, a little church ice cream social after church tonight. :)

Happy Sunday y'all.
Linking up with Sami !!

Friday, March 15, 2013

My niece is a superstar.

Ava Claire, the perfect child {my niece} was on TV for Easter fashion. Because, duh. She's perfect. Not as if you couldn't figure out which one she is but she is the second one.

And no, you can't have her. :)

Easter fashion for kids

Show Us Your Life {Favorite Vacation Spot}

Hey Y'all!! Today on there is a new link up about our favorite vacay spots.

I love this a little. I love this a lot. Because I love traveling. I am a total believer of the philosphy "I'd rather live within my means and travel outside of them instead of living outside my means and traveling inside them."

Translation= I'd rather live in a small house and travel all the time than live in a huge house and hardly ever travel. I don't get this from my father, that's for sure. He's a builder and he hates traveling. I don't know why. Maybe because he had five kids. Not my prob. But, moving on.

Disclaimer: He does take us to the mountains and the beach and once to Colorado and once to Mexico so I like that about him.

Anyways, last summer, for graduation, my grandparents took my sister and I to Calabash, NC for a week long trip. It was okay. It was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. It was so fun. My grandparents must be where I inherited the travel bug. They are always traveling. I LOVE that. I LOVE them. And I LOVE that about them. They are the best. So funny and so sweet to take us. So, we made the 10 hour trip to Calabash, NC and then to Wilmington and South Port {We were totes there the same time Julianne and Josh were filming Safe Haven}. I'm awesome. I know. Send all autographs requests to the address below. Back to what this is about. Calabash.

I mean, look at our hizzouse. Amaze.

We got to eat at the BEST local places where I got the following {every meal, at every place, because it was THAT good}: flounder, shrimp, and HUSHPUPPIES. I may like be in love with the hushpuppies. Costal food trumps Florida food, to me, anways. This was the kind of views we saw!

My grandparents>your grandparents. Sorry I'm not sorry bout it.
My sister, me, and my grandmomma. So fun!

The amazing beaches. The thing I like about NC versus Florida, too, is that there are lots of little beaches in surrounding cities. So, we went to different beaches. Our favorite was Ocean Isle, NC. SO pretty.

I've been cursed blessed with a grandfather that LOVES ice cream. Because, by default, we had so much good, homemade ice cream on this trip. A to the MEN. Amen.


Another view of Ocean Isle. Easy to see why we loved it!

Isn't this view of the town breathtaking. I left a letter in one of the mailboxes telling the owner if they ever want to sell the house to let me know.
He hasn't called. Yet.

The town of Calabash had a TERRIFIC 4th celebration. It was so fun! We brought blankets and chairs and listened to fun people sang, ate a few hot dogs, took a couple pics, ya know...the whole shebang.
Mrytle Beach is about 20 minutes away at the most. We spent a night out at Mrtyle beach and rode the farris wheel. So fun.

We went to Oak Island one day and saw this lighthouse. Checked off my bucket list.
We spent a day in Wilmington and saw a lot of fun sites. Wilmington is PACKED with history and was so beautiful.

We took a river boat cruise one day and met up with some friends vacaying there.
Look familiar? The house from A Walk to Remember.
As you can see from this post, we had fun. And this isn't even a fourth of my pictures. It was fun. And we came home tired. I'm so thankful for grandparents who encourage my traveling bones. Love them. Love y'all.
Happy Friday!! What's your favorite vacay spot?