Monday, April 29, 2013

marvelous monday

Happy Monday, friends!
I was going to title this post "misunderstood monday" because I think Mondays get a bad rep overall. Ha. I simply adore Mondays. I've never really had a good reason to but I do.
I'm super new to blogging. I started blogging here at Southern Samplings the last week of February. On one hand, I've found several blogs that I follow daily who have their blogs a whole lot more together than little ole Southern Samplings. But, I didn't start blogging to become some sort of blogger celebrity. I started it because I like talking and I get to put my feelings and opinions out there just to be out there in computer space. For my 15 sweet Google followers, I simply adore each of you! I hate the word "followers," I really do consider each of you friends! As well as I sweet girls I sponsor each month- I LOVE getting to know people. It's so fun!

I had my fundamentals test today and I felt pretty good about it. I had to make a 90 to pass and I'm finger-crossing-four-leaf-clovering praying I pass. Dear Jesus, please please please!! I have two more finals tomorrow and one more on Wednesday. So, pass or not, I'll be here a lot more over the next few months!

I started reading one girls sweet journey through marriage and life in Georgia and she had a post about the ABC's of me. I love that idea (very MySpace bulletin-ish), so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
A-Age: 23
B-Bed size: queen
C-Chore you hate: I actually like them all...haha! I'm a neat freak!
D-Dogs: Rocky, our white boxer
E-Essential start to your day: reading my Bible then checking social media (a habit I want/need to break)
F-Favorite Color: pink
G-Gold or Silver: silver! White gold for a wedding ring, though.
H-Height: 5'9"
I-Instruments you play: very little piano, that's all :)
J-Job title: nursing student/clinical assistant on oncology floor/receptionist at a vet
K-Kids: currently, none! One day, hopefully two or three- boys only!
L-Live: In Birmingham, Alabama/ my dream is to live in North Carolina or Nashville!
M-My mom's name: Elizabeth
N-Nickname: kaka, kakes, kates, manser (haha, I have a lot)
O-Overnight hospital stay: kidney stones-worst pain ever!
P-Pet Peeve: oh gracious. haha. smacking gum, rude boys, people who go the speed limits
Q-Quote from a movie: "You can't sit with us." "Why you wanna marry me anyhow." "You're safe with me now." (Mean Girls, Sweet Home Alabama, Safe Haven-my faves!)
R-Right/Lefty: righty
S-Sibling: I am the second of five. My older sister, Adrian, is 25. Lauren is 22. Mitchell is 15. Kendall is 10.
T-Time you wake up: depends-if I'm working a full day- 5 am/if I have school- 7 am
U-Underwear: target!
V-Veggies you dislike: onions are straight from the underworld

W-What makes you run late: drying my hair (I have the thickest hair of all hair, ha!)
X-Xrays you've had: right hand, chest, kidneys
Y-Yummy food you make: tacos, guac, sweet tea ;)
Z-Zoo animal: elephants! Roll tide!
I hope y'all enjoyed! What are some of your ABC's of YOU?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Soul ties.

Happy, happy Sunday friends!

I hope you've all had the best weekend ever! Mine has been great but right after I hit "publish" on this post, I'm going to tango with fundamentals for the better part of the night.
Almost there, almost.
Moving on from my pity party....
This week in my quiet time, I've been doing a mixture of Bible studies because I like the message of several different books. And I get so involved with two or three at a time that instead of finishing one and then moving on, I read multiple books each week. :)
I have posted lots of True Love Waits type posts on Facebook and Twitter before. Most of the time, I'll get several "Amen's" and "Preach" responses but then sometimes I'll get really hateful messages about them. There is really no point in this paragraph other than me acknowledging that not everyone will agree with me-and that's okay. But, instead of being mean and hateful, you have every right to unfollow, unfriend, etc.

This is not me judging anyone in this post! I have friends who live with their boyfriends/etc. This post is for people who choose not to or for people who just want to read this for reading's sake.

So, this week a topic that was heavily mentioned in multiple books I'm reading was "sex for the first time and the consequences." I do think that it is GOD speaking straight through these authors when several chapters from different books line up with the same overall message.

For me, the choice to not have sex before marriage has been-ironically-easy. I took a vow before my church and family and friends and promised to not have sex before marriage. I've never really even associated sex with relationships before marriage just because of the way I was raised. I wasn't raised to think sex was dirty, super fun, or a deadly sin, but that sex is to be respected and only for marriage. I guess that's why it's worked for me.
I'm not judging those that have had/will have sex before marriage but in my Bible and everything that I've studied, read and seen-- sex is never wrong after marriage. Before marriage, it just weaves a really complicated web and brings destruction.
One of my favorite Godly women to follow is Heather Lindsey. She is on FB, Instagram, etc and she is NOT afraid to call people out on anything. I love that. She is real and she gives amazing advice. As women, I think a lot of the time instead of opening the Bible, we're too busy reading Cosmo.
What I want to talk, or blog, about tonight is "soul ties." And, by Katelyn's definition, a soul tie is: an emotional, physical and spiritual bond with any person who you have sex with before marriage. It is impossible to forget someone you have sex with (unless you're drunk, high, etc.- and that's a whole other post). But, for the sake of this post, let's just talk about people who are in a committed relationship with someone and they are "playing house." Playing house is having all the benefits of marriage (sleeping together, living together) but with no rings on y'all's fingers. I mean, seriously, people who live this way- no wonder marriage isn't scared anymore.
More people are treating marriage like a Facebook status and think that they can erase the "married to" line as soon as things get hard. People-men and women alike- don't value marriage the way they use to or even the way God intended them to. Every time you have sex with someone who you are not married to, you create a tie to them for the rest of your life.
Yes, of course you can be forgiven but do you really ever forget? Everyone that I've spoken to resounds the same answer- no. Then, you feel guilty and dirty and worthless when a relationship ends. You don't feel whole. And that's because that person is walking out the door with a piece of your heart. And, unless you ask for forgiveness from God, you'll never get it back. And for girls who follow this pattern over and over with no forgiveness will end up with no heart left to give. It's a vicious cycle to break. It's hard to break once you start this destructive pattern.
So, my advice (not that it's super important) is to just wait to have sex until your married. It'll be worth the wait. God has someone picked out just for me that I know will have the same values and accept me the way I am. Leslie Ludy, another favorite author, said the following:
"God gives his best to those who leave the choice to him."
God has the BEST FOR YOU IN STORE. You have to give him the authority over your life to guide you to that person.

Don't ever run back to someone who stole something (ie:your purity, your virginity) from you. Yes, it takes two to tango, but God anoited men with the protective quality to look out for women. He isn't a man if he promises you forever with anything less than a ring and true feelings.
Sex before marriage is never a promise for a life together.
This is grounds for a bad relationship.
Yes, I know that tons of people have sex, get married and live forever and ever. And, I suppose that is great for them.
I don't want the question of "am I pregnant?" or "how many people has he been with?" to haunt me because I'm having sex before marriage. I want my relationship to be as godly and whole and wonderful as possible. And, to the 1 million-th degree, I believe that God will honor that in my relationship.
I'm 23 and single. But, I'm 23 and complete. I don't have half a heart. I have a complete heart. And so do you. And so does the man God has for you. A relationship is a bonus because we are already complete.

Don't waste your single years thinking that you are incomplete, dumb or worthless. The truth is, once you're married, you can still serve God, but you have a husband to serve as well. As a single, our sole responsibility is to serve God-with our actions, words, and hearts.

If you are so content in your relationship with God, you won't doubt his timing. Sure, it's okay to be discouraged and want a relationship but I promise I'd rather have moments of discouragement than a lifetime of worry from soul ties.
Maybe it's hard for you. Maybe you've already starting having meaningless or even meaningful (to you) sex. That's okay. You can always stop and ask for forgiveness and God doesn't remember that sin anymore. He is just waiting for you!

I hope this is encouraging for girls everywhere! If you ever need someone to pray with or talk to, I'm always here! Happy Sunday!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pray about EVERTHING.

Well, hey there, lovelies!
Happy Saturday!

I hope y'all have had a great start to your weekend. I know I have!! I saw a Pinterest project yesterday and couldn't stop going back and looking at it. So, I decided to make it. This was my first Pinterest project, ever, and it was all thanks to my dad! He is a builder. A really good builder (like built all 17 of our houses great builder). Anywoo, he has a big scrap pile of wood on the back of our property that I always see when I'm cruising around on the 4wheeler or golfcart. I took it upon myself to go grab and piece and politely asked dad to help me out.
Exhibit A: Pile of Wood
Exhibit B:
This is the wood after he cut it into five pieces. Pictured here is 4 pieces and the 5th piece he cut in half and screwed it all together from the back! :)
Exhibit C:
Finished project! I had several more pictures but my Iphone died and apparently decided I didn't need those pictures. Anyways, I can't wait to hang it. I was pretty proud of it!

If you are someone I'd be real life friends with, you'd know these are lyrics from a Luke Bryan song. I mean, is there any other artist out there? JK.
This is going to be a little vulernable for me but, you knows, maybe someone else will need to read it.
I am more than likely going to fail Pharmacology this semester of nursing school.
This will put me back two semesters because I'm not allowed to retake it until fall. So, that's my only option. I can only miss two problems to earn my 75% and pass on Wednesday. And, before you judge me and think I'm been super lazy this semester, you're not entirely right. Ha.
High school and Undergrad, dare I say, was a breeze. Yes, there certainly was some challenges and such, but overall, my 4.0 was always that, a 4.0. After my first smester of nursing school, I'm not sure what it will look like....
So be it. I've cried and cried and thought of every single person I'd be letting down. My mother is a for real ANGEL. After completely sobbing to her for a good 20 minutes yesterday, she ended with "maybe this is just a part of God's plan."
But, I don't want this to be a part of God's plan. I mean, I COULD still pass, but it's hightly unlikely. And, yes, I will bust my behind until the last question is bubbled in BUT I have to be okay with failing.
I've never failed before. At anything. So even typing this makes my fingers a little shaky. Who knows, maybe I'll surprise myself and pull out that next to perfect grade. If not, that's what the fall semester is for, right?
You may read this and STILL think I'm dumb or unprepared, etc. and that's okay! I know lots of people who were a lot less "smarter" than me in high school that never failed a class in summer school. So be it. Because, at the end of it all, I'll still be a nurse. And I'll know Pharm super well.
I am REALLY good at giving people encouragement and advice and telling them "the right thing to do."
SO MUCH easier said than done! :)
I need to not worry about this Pharm failure/pass situation. I need to pray about it and then do my best. That's all I can do. ALL I can do.
Worry and fear has consumed me for the past 5 weeks studying all night and then taking exam after exam and never making above a C. It's hard and frustrating but I am doing my best. And, as long as I'm doing my best, that's all God asks of me. That's all my parents ask of me. And that's all I need to ask of me.
It's super easy to worry- about passing pharm, about who we are going to marry, about what we are going to drive, etc.

It's super hard to trust and pray for God's guidance and peace. BUT, it is ALWAYS worth it. I'd rather look back in a few years when I am a nurse and be appreciative for this lesson. Maybe I need more time to prepare, maybe God needs me at a certain place at a certain time. Whatever it is, I have to trust. And pray.
Pray about everything!


Friday, April 26, 2013

What's in your bag?

Happy Friday lovelies!!!
If you follow me via Twitter or Facebook, you've probably heard me say over and over how obsessed I am with "what's in your bag" posts in US Weekly and Glamour magazine. It's a sneak peak into a woman's personal life and the contents of your bag really does say a lot (or not a lot) about you. Ha! So, here's goes mine!
1. Bag- Bone Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hobo Bag
You can purchase it here.
2. Iphone 4s
I mean, obvs. Can you go anywhere without one?
3. Passport
I carry this little baby with me EVERYWHERE because it makes me feel like I look like a world traveler. Maybe one day, kids.
4. Kiehl's Lip Balm
Hands down, the BEST chapstick, ever. I can only find it at my local Saks, but it's super cheap and lasts forever. Worth it.
5. Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara
I've tried every kind of Mascara, from $2 no name brand to $59 Chanel. This little tube is $7 and it
6. Coral Kate Spade Wallet
Mine is not this exact one, but close enough.

7. Shaun White Orbit Gum
8. Armani Exchange Sunglasses
I got these from the Saks outlet at Destin, FL several years ago. I couldn't find them on the website now, though! :)
9. Purell Hand Sanitizer
Once you start clinical rotations, you'll never look at your (and others) hands the same.
Of course, there are also some pens and spare change in the bottom of Marci (I name my purses, yes) but I'm a neat freak and don't keep any extras in there. I also put my make-up on before I leave so I don't have any with me in my purse.
What do you keep in your bag, loves? Let me know.
Also, for the first time, I'm linking up with Whit over here. She is hilarious. She does a link up every Friday to get everyone ready for the weekend. Introducing:
And, my jam:
You didn't except anything else from me, did you? Happy Friday!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Oh, thank you JESUS for today! I have slept a total of 11 hours since Saturday due to a test every day this week. So, again, thank you Jesus for no work or no school tomorrow morning.
Now that I've said my appropiate thank you's for today (I have to practice for when I win my academy award for my reality show coming soon), we can get on to a little more fun business.

If you are on twitter or instagram, you've heard of #tbt.
Aka: Throw back thursday
The jist is that you post pictures of you and your siblings, etc. from at least 10 years ago. None of this tbt to last weekend!! You, yes, I'm looking at you. Ha!

Anyways, welcome to #tbt on Southern Samplings.

Anyways, I'm not a super blogger like all the super cool blogs I follow but maybe one day I will be. And, if and when I do, I have to have a weekly "link up" post that's my signature.
disclaimer: if someone alreadys does this, just let me know. ha!
My link up is going to be "Throw back thursdays" where we throw back to the past and talk about some of our favorite pastimes.
And since I'm a LOVER of lists, I'm going to talk about some of my favorite throw back things.
1. Nano baby
My sisters and I were obsessed with these little things. I was playing around on Pinterest this week and found them. Talk about a blast from the past. I would also like to take a moment to publicly announce that Adrian and Lauren never kept their babies alive as long as I did. This is probably the only proof in the world that I could maybe be a mother someday. Someday far, far away. Moving on.
2. Milky Pens
These pens were my sisters and I's saving grace for sitting through "big church preaching" when we were wee little ones. We would draw all over one another and then draw all over the bulletins and maybe all over post it notes if momma brought any. They were/are amazing. So much so, that when I googled and found this image, it linked me to ACE Hardware. So, I spent 45 minutes today calling every ACE Hardware store in Alabama to find out the picture I found was posted on the website in 1998. So, there's that.
3. Holiday in the Sun
Does anyone like me get hooked on a movie and watch it again and again and again. You don't? Yes you do. Don't lie. Ha! Well, from ages 11-12, EVERY NIGHT of my life, I would watch Mary Kate and Ashley have a dream vacation in the movie "Holiday in the Sun." I just got so excited about remembering this that I just ordered it from Amazon.
4. Birkenstocks
Maybe you still have a pair? I won't judge. I loved me some Birkenstocks. The arch on my foot is probably the highest arch in the history of arches and these little babies were the PERFECT comfort shoes for me. I remember being the only girl in 6th grade who left for a trip to Gatlinburg with no Birkenstocks and no points on the cool scale and returned with a brown pair (before anyone else had brown, they all had tan) and let me tell you, for two weeks, I was cool.
5. Lisa Frank/Trapper Keepers
I doubled this one up because Lisa Frank products AND trapper keepers were the BOMB.COM in fifth grade and my sister had a Lisa Frank trapper keeper. She was so cool. I think she still keeps it for work related things. Rock on, Lauren, rock on.
6. Candy Cigs
Every Saturday I would help my dad with yard work. Which, mostly led to me shaking some pine straw around for three hours and feeling like a total boss. My prize: candy cigs from this super cool corner gas station. He would always "pretend" with me that we were smoking but said to not tell my mom or anyone else. Ha! Then, when my sisters and I would ride bikes in the driveway (aka drive our pretend BMW's on the pretend highway) we would pretend that they had invented GOOD cigs and that we were smokings vitamins. Classy, huh. Thankfully, I never picked up the real habit and momma still doesn't know about the candy ones.
7. Lizzie McGuire
The best show ever. Hands down. Strong family values. Strong teaching points. An all around good show. Have y'all seen the shows on DISNEY today?!? They are all rubbish. Maybe Hilary Duff's son could star in Drizzie McGuire and have a spin off hit show? Thoughts? PS, I've copyrighted this idea so don't steal it.
8. Lee Middleton Dolls
Again, having two sisters (one year older and one year younger) growing up made for two instant BFFs (and enemies) around at all times. We loved these Lee Middleton dolls. And at a whooping $199 a piece, we were perfect angels so Santa would bring us one. I think we ended up with two a piece. Lauren and Adrian had two girls a piece and I, shocker, had two boys. Please, Lord, please let me have boys. And boys only.
Well, there it is. What you do think? Would you ever want to do a blog link up with Southern Samplings? And what are some of your favorite throw back Thursday finds? See you later, lovelies.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feature {Jamie Findley Photography}

As we all know, I love taking pictures of two main things: my niece and Luke Bryan. Granted, I am no professional, so I decided to call in one. Ha! Meet Jamie Findley! She is an amazing photographer who you all should call immediately. I'll let her take it from here!
Hey, everyone! I am so excited to be featured on Katelyn's blog! As most of you know, she is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, in the world! She speaks from her heart, and is so passionate about Jesus, her precious niece, and LIFE in general! (And Luke Bryan! Ha.)
I started photography about two years ago, and quickly learned that there is SO much to learn about it.
"The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know." -Socrates
With every shoot, I learn something new! It is so much fun, but there is definitely a lot of work involved. The look on my clients' faces when they receive the finished product makes it all worth it! I have started preparing a website which I am over the moon excited about, but in the meantime you can check out some of my work on my Facebook page []
And if you would like information on sessions, you can email me at or call/text 205.441.5728
I am in the Montevallo/Calera, AL area, but I love to travel!
Thanks again, Katelyn!
No, no, thank YOU Jamie!!! Now, take a look at some of these amazing shots!! All photos belong to Jamie Findley! Please do not crop or use without permission!







Make sure you check out her website for more images!! :)

Thank you Jamie!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans/Lately Lovin'

Hello friends! It's Monday! My favorite day of the week. No, for real, it is. I love Mondays. I had a SUPER fun weekend so I'm linking up with Sami to tell y'all about it!

Friday. I worked all day Friday. 6:30-6:00 ladies. Ha! It was fun, though. I work at a vet right now while I try to get through nursing school. It's helpful. Dogs and people are basically the same. Dogs just can't talk back.
My most favorite dog that comes to daycare is named Copper. He's super sweet and he is so fun. He also has a super cute and fun momma and daddy. Sara Beth can be found here! She is an AMAZING designer! Check out her work! She designed custom made food cards for Ava Claire's first birthday bash and did an AMAZING job. I can't wait for her to do more work for Ava's second party.
Then, I babysat until about 10. And then, I headed home and hurried to sleep because...
Saturday. Today was Tennessee aquarium day!!! Whoop whoop! We went with a group of about 20 from  church and it was so fun. I want to live in a city like Chattanooga or Nashville or somewhere other than Birmingham. It is such a fun city!! And the aquarium was amazing. Enjoy a few pics! :)


Amazing coral reef exhibit. See Nemo in the bottom corner?

My momma is so cute!

They had a super cool and interactive butterfly exhibit.

I obviously didn't get alot of pictures of the actual fish themselves because, well, I don't even know why. But, I did get one of this shark. Argggh.
After the aquarium, we had a delicious lunch at Buffalo's then back home to good ole Alabama.
Sunday. I love Sundays for so many reasons! I love teaching Sunday School and this week we talked about believing. The sweet girls in my class BLOW me away every week with how much they know and love God. Makes me so happy! I taught children's church and stole Ava Claire from the nursery for a little photo shoot during Children's Church. It's okay to think she's perfect. Cause, she is.

And yes, her bow is as big as her head. Is there any other way to wear a bow. No.
PS, she loves aunt kakes the most!
Sunday afternoon called for an impromtu outdoor adventure with baby sister Kendall. I LOVE the way our house looks in the spring and summer. Everything is so perfect about it. I love living here.
And then, on Sunday night, she sported this little number because, well, it's her.
She's a total diva. Like, when we are shopping and other tots are screaming or wearing screen printed Tshirts, she just laughs. Lord.
And, I know that today isn't technically the weekend BUT I had a major fundamentals test today. And one of my very best friends sent me the following picture for good luck. This picture is now my good luck charm because I've never ever felt more confident that I did today. Thanks Laura. And thank you Luke. ;)
Part two. I've seen this type of listing post on several of my blogging favorites and decided to give it a whirl. It's a weekly post about what we are lovin' lately.
1. Twitter. I've always loved social media but lately I've become Twitter OBSESSED!! It's fun. I love following celebrities and following bloggers. There are so many on Twitter and most of the ones I've interacted with are sweet! LOVE ME SOME TWITTER! Come follow me if you are on Twitter. I'd love to have you!
My handler is @_katelyncarter !! Or follow the social media button on the side of le blog!
2. Cute Fonts. I've recently become obsessed with googling "cute fonts." I have to say I think I got the cute handwriting girly gene (maybe the only good gene I got) and it comes in handy when painting, etc. I love doodling and writing in swirly and curly letters so cute fonts to mimic have become one of my latest loves.
3. Longchamp bags. I've been debating for over 3 months on what color to get in this classic and adorable bag. It's simple, durabale and affordable. I just need to decide on a color. Opionions on any color specifically? I welcome opinions!
Navy or black?
4. Shop dandy. It's an amazing little boutique w/ the most adorable owner, Danielle. You can find her here. I can't WAIT to work a couple of 40 hour weeks in May to save up and make some purchases from her site. I snagged this image from Pinterest (so all rights are Danielle's!) but I LOVE this top.
5. Voss Water. This isn't a new thing for me to love but I've been loving it more than usual lately. I've never been a big water drinker but I have GOT to start drinking more. And with a super cute bottle like Voss, I believe all things are possible.
What about you? What did you go this weekend and what are you lovin' lately? Let me know! Happy Monday Lovelies!! :)