Thursday, July 25, 2013

do good w/ warby parker.

If I can make it through the next four days, I'll be the happiest little southern lady alive. I have a lab final and a written final in my anatomy class. So, if maybe we could all ask Jesus to help me, I'll come out with an A. Cool? Cool.
Moving on, today I'm featuring a company that y'all HAVE to check out. I'm obsessed with companies like Tom's, Altar'd State and People Water because of their "mission statements." Each of these companies give to less fortunate people. If I could have my dream job in the whole world, it would be to be a nurse in a third war country for a few years. I LOVE the idea of helping people who can't help themselves. Nothing in the whole world makes me feel better than knowing I helped change someone's life.
All of this and then some is why I'm so glad I found out about Warby Parker partnering with Donor's Choice.
(All images are property of
First, you should know a little bit about Warby Parker. Check out their story here.
The part of their story that I LOVE the most is that a line in their story: "We believe everyone has the right to see."
We take so much advantage of the fact that there are eye doctors and eye specialists EVERYWHERE around us. I mean, think of even going to the store. Every Wal Mart has a vision center. All we have to do is pay a fee and we can see. We have so much access to sight it's ridiculous how much we take for granted.
Seriously, I was complaining about my $98 eye exam the other day. Then, after researching Warby Parker and realizing that one billion people worldwide do not have ANY access to glasses at all, that put my whole world in perspective.
Every pair of glasses that Warby Parker sells, they give a pair to someone in need.
Buy a Pair, Give a Pair
Buy a Pair, Give a Pair
(Again, these images belong to

I just love it.
Now, Warby Parker is teaming up with Donor's Choose. Donor's Choose is another amazing organization that you can learn more about here.
With every $95 frame purchased from this collaboration, they're providing a $30 Donor’s Choose gift card so the purchaser (or gift recipient) can donate to their favorite project. And as always, for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker distributes a pair to someone in need.

Warby Parker actually just reached a milestone of their own-this month marks the 500,000th pair of glasses that they've given to someone in need!
Check out the collection!! Pictured below are my favorite!! They are the Gardner in Whiskey Tortoise!!
Gardner in Whiskey Tortoise - Side

Happy shopping!! :)



Friday, July 19, 2013

sec quarterback showdown

Okay, so we all know just how attractive southern men are. And what we (as super intelligent southern women) know is that SEC quarterbacks are normally hot. Specifially, Alabama quarterbacks.

I'm linking up with Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars for Fan Friday.

Venus Trapped in Mars

SEC Media Days happened this week. And there was one quarterback there that would make any girl swoon.

In first place:
AJ McCarron
Quarterback at the greatest school on planet earth University of Alabama

Not only is AJ McCarron an amazing quarterback, he is an amazing person! I had the HONOR of interviewing his mother earlier this year for my blog. You can find that post here.

It's easy to see after interviewing his mother that she raised a good man. AJ McCarron is also my favorite athlete to follow on twitter. Go follow him. He always stops to pose for a picture with fans, he sticks up for his family and friends, and he is pilanthropic. He wears bowties to support different family members or fans that he has met that are sick.

I mean, check out these stats.

He's just a winner. And a leader.

Thanks AJ for being so awesome. You definitely take the cake for hottest SEC quarterback. Shoot, you're the hottest quarterback. Period.

However, I know some of y'all have fallen and bumped your noggings and aren't Alabama fans so I'll include a few more pictures for y'all.

In second place, from Georgia, Mr. Aaron Murray.

Now, after the Crimson Tide, I cheer for the bulldogs. I mean, have you seen a puppy bulldog?

Haha. In love. I love Georgia as a state and I feel like the people there have the same manners and respect as my fellow Bamians! :)

Third Place:
Tyler Page

Well, there y'all have it. Happy Fan Friday!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

DIY: Rosewater Face Toner

I'm so excited that I made a summer bucket list because I've actually done most of the things on the list-and summer isn't over yet! I have more time than some people, I'm sure, since I work part time and go to school part time. It's fun to try new things and learn how to make so many new things as well. The icing on the cake that is my life was meeting Luke, so it can only be downhill from here. But, it can still be fun! :)

I don't have PERFECT skin. I don't think anyone does. But, my skin is something that I'm satisfied with and I love it! I maybe have gotten 5 blemishes in my life so I've been blessed! I've never had to try all these skin cleansing systems because I never needed them. I've always washed my fash with Aveeno baby wash, that's it! :)
A few months ago while wondering aimlessly through the aisles of Target, I saw Burt's Bees Rosewater face toner.

It didn't really stand out to me other than the fact that I had just read that Carrie Underwood uses it, and I mean, she's perfect, so, there's that.

I picked it up along with the latest Glamour Magazine and hurried off. Ha.
Well, let me tell you...since I bought that about two months ago, I SWEAR by it. It's probably the only "beauty" product (along with Kielh's lip balm) that is how a must have for me.

After I started noticing that my skin was so much softer, I decided to research it a little more. The purpose behind Rosewater toner is to do that-tone your face. It's a gentle cleanser that will both moisturize and condition your skin. I mean, think about how soft rose petals are. You basically are rubbing wet rose petals on your face.


Well, you know, since I'm super cool and have a summer bucket list, I figured I'd give homemade rosewater toner a try. It's basically the easiest thing you could/can/will ever make.
You're welcome.

Fresh roses (about 3 roses per one serving) I used 9 roses and made three mason jars of this
pot to boil water in
something to put the water in (ie: mason jar,etc)

1. You need FRESH ROSES. Some of your garden or local nursery will do. I suppose you COULD use some from the store BUT those roses are treated with pesticides and harmful chemicals that you don't want to rub all over your face. So, it's safer and better to use fresh roses.

Also, white roses will yield clear rosewater toner. These pink roses yielded a slight yellowish color so it doesn't LOOK super nice but it's AMAZING.
So, rinse your petals off in water and put them in a bowl to wait.

2. Bring your water to a boil.
Each jar will take approximately 2.5 cups of water to fill up so I boiled 8 cups of water and had a little left over.

3. After the water comes to a boil, pour in the rose petals and COVER the pot. That's all you do. Leave the pot covered until the water is room temperature. This took about an hour for me.

4. Decorate your jars while you wait on the petals to cool off. :)

5. After it has cooled off, just fill up the jar.
Optional: add a capful of rubbing alcohol to the water to use it as a cleanser as well as a toner.

I used mine for the first time last night and it was JUST as good as the 13 dollar Burt's Bee brand.

Target also has an organic brand of rose water toner for about 9 dollars. Both brands work incredible. I LOVE soft skin!! :)
So, what's a beauty/face product you love? Would you ever try to make it? You should!
Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

happy birthday LUKEY.

I don't care if y'all think I'm lame for making this post or not because I am.
Today is Luke Bryan's birthday!!!! YAY!!! Happy birthday!
I figured I would do a shout out post for my current BFF.
You know, since we've met and person and follow each other on Twitter.
Yes, he follows me. Be jealous.
We really have a great thing going.


I mean, normally, since it's your birthday, I should pick flowers for YOU, Luke. This works, too.

He wrote this song before he met me. Don't worry. Now we're on a first name basis.


Shake it, Luke. Shake it.

I'm a little drunk on you, too.




Thanks for shaking it for me, boyyyyyy.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

summer bucket list update :)

As much as I hate it, summer is half way over. :/ I'm so glad that I made a bucket list for summer. I've crossed off a lot of them and even a few off my LIFE bucket list. I figured I would update the list.
1. Pick fresh strawberries.
2. Make strawberry jam.
3. Make homemade ice cream.
4. Climb a lighthouse.

At the top!!

5. Go deep sea fishing.
6. Go to a drive in movie.

7. Go on a picnic.

8. Make homemade popsicles.
9. Get a fake tattoo.
10. See this guy in concert.

11. Eat at the Caliza in Seaside.
12. Go camping.
I've bought the tent, so this one is coming along!

13. Make homemade rose water face toner.
14. Have a sleepover on the back porch.
15. Go to six flags.
16. Watch fireworks on the fourth of July.
I actually watched about 8 different cities displays from a yacht in North Carolina. Boom.
17. Go alligator hunting.
18. Meet someone famous.

19. Swim under a waterfall.
20. Eat at Paula Deen's restaurant.
21. Eat grits in as many southern states as possible.

Do y'all have a bucket list? What's on it? :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

the best night of my life: featuring luke bryan.

Well, kids, it looks like I'm God's favorite.
No, seriously.
I met Luke Bryan.
This could be a post all on its own. But, y'all are probably wondering how it all went down, so here goes:
So I woke up like any other day to start off what was the best day of my life around 7 AM yesterday morning. Ha.
Fast forwarding>>> I really wanted this cute dress from Belk but it was sold out. Boo. I went back home and started getting ready when B A M, out of NOWHERE, my back started literally killing me with pain. I have kidney stones and kidney infections sometimes and that is exactly what it felt/feels like but it came out of no where. There was a good 30 minutes that I felt so bad I didn't think I was going to go. I prayed more than I've ever prayed and took more Tylenol than anyone EVER should and the pain eased up. The show started at 7 but we (my sister Lauren and I) know from previous concerts that the local country radio stations do give a ways for meet and greet sometimes. We tried to get meet and greet from the Fan Club but we weren't successful. Anyways, we wanted to get there as early as possible to try to win some passes. Luke's birthday is next week so I told her we should get him a cupcake from Edgar's JUST IN CASE we got to meet him. Ha. Well, we went to Edgar's and I ended up buying a cake. Bahahaha.
 A bit much. I know. Whatever.
So, we head up to the tents to register and wait for the drawings. 102.5 The Bull was doing a booty shaking contest and YOURS TRULY was chosen from over 1,00 entries. Lucky? ;) Well, I shook it but some little tootsie turd with no pants on won so there's that. I was crushed! Ha, all of our attempts were gone. Oh well. I have a Luke Bryan fan friend, Pam, that DID have a meet and greet so I decided to let her take him his cake. I mean, he needed this cake. After I took the cake to her, I sat down on this little bench area because my back started hurting again. It was RIGHT IN FRONT OF where the meet and greet people were walking in. My heart crushed with every person that walked by. Hahaha. When, all of a SUDDEN, these two women holding beers weren't allowed in because they had beers.
Wrong!! They started yelling and "f this and f that" and ripped off their meet and greet passes IN FRONT OF MY EYES. I'm on my death bed, err bench, of death, but I JUMPED up and begged for her pass. She GLADLY just gave it to me and I ran to the gate. But, you know, where's Lauren in all this? She's sitting down watching Florida/Georgia Line. She'll be fine. Whatever. No. I felt horrible. Then, I saw the OTHER girl rip hers off so I ran back and begged for the other girl's pass, too. Again, she just hands it over. So, dying, I RUN back to our seats and just yell and jump up and down in front of Lauren and we RUN to the meet and greet. Whew. I'm exhausted and sweaty. Ha. But, we saw Pam and got the cake back and met that sexy, perfect man. It went exactly like this:
Luke: Hey there darling.
Katelyn: Hey! We brought you a cake. An early birthday cake for next week.
Luke: What? You shouldn't have done that. Thanks for doing that.
Katelyn: Thanks for being born.
(Everyone giggles)
Luke: Want me to sign this ticket?
Katelyn: Please!
Luke: Alright, smile. Hold on, you have a lot of hair. Okay, here we go.
Katelyn: *being smily and giggly and challenged*
(Snaps picture)
Luke: Alright, thank you baby!
I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm gone. Bye.
We are on Cloud 210974389264.
We walk back to our 20th row seats and sit down. 20th row for Luke is perfect, right? I mean, a lot better than being row 500. Well, when you've seen Luke front row twice, NOTHING will ever be as good as front row again.
So, we ventured to the front just to stand around. Security made us leave. Butt heads. Well, there were a few empty third row seats that we just walked up to. 3 minutes later, the lights go down and people start going to the front. Yours truly included. We are FRONT ROW AGAIN!!!! My hands were touching the stage. PERFECTION. I took over 200 pictures before my phone died but I'll leave y'all with the best. So, I met him, hugged him, gave him cake and full on SPANKED his tush during Country Girl. Only fitting, right?
;) I can die happy.