Sunday, September 29, 2013

how to:burlap wreath

If you search Pinterest for Burlap Wreaths approximately 9,500 pins come up. So, you can very well see the dilemma I had all Saturday morning.
I finally came across one that seemed easy enough and only required three items.
Well, I would post that link here BUT I ended up making my own interpretation of one.
My mom's birthday is Tuesday and she loves burlap wreaths. My older sister sent myself and younger sister a group text a few weeks ago asking if we wanted to all three go in together to buy this cute burlap wreath for 150 dollars. I mean, a wreath, for 150 dollars? Ha, we agreed but then later decided that I could just try to make one, since I'm super crafty and all. Ha. Righhhttt.

So, I went to Hobby Lobby and shopped.
What you need:
wire wreath frame (different sizes determine price, this one was 6.99)
any fake (or real flowers, these were 7.99 and 40% off)
initial letter (9.99, full price)
burlap ribbon (5.99 and 40% off, these were each 15 feet long and I used every piece of all five rolls. If I were to do it again, I'd easily get 6 or 7 for fullness)
What you do:
If I was a good blogger, I'd have step by step instructions WITH PICTURES. However, I'm not a good blogger and tried this wreath 7 different ways before I found the way that worked for me. Y'all get written step by step instructions with a final picture. If you need further inspiration, see Pinterest, of course.
Most of the wreaths on Pinterest were gathering the ribbon but it didn't look full on a lot of them. Then, some used tan colored "Christmas ribbon" and it was TOO full. Finally, I thought of just cutting strips of burlap and tying the pieces all the way around the wreath. So, that's what I went with. Each strip was probably 8-10 inches long and I just tied little knots all around the frame. You can see it better in the final picture below.
When I had about 5 pieces burlap left, I positioned the flowers how I wanted them and secured them with floral wire and then tied the remaining ribbon pieces on the bottom stem of the flowers.
The initial "C" is hanging from a piece of burlap that is, again, secured with floral wire to the actual frame of the wreath.
I have two pictures of the final wreath. One is up close and one is of the front porch so you can see the size. I think I got the largest wreath frame and we hung it outside the French doors to the living room because we NEVER go out those doors. It's not the best, but I think it turned out cute! :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013


It's hard to believe that I started this little blog only seven months ago today!! And it's also hard to believe this is my 100th post! Crazy. 

I started this blog because I like writing. I'm not good at it but I love it. I love people. I love meeting other people and I love sharing my morals, beliefs and opinions. It's been a pleasant surprise to me to receive SO much support since I started this blog. It's been hurtful to receive some criticism over the months for the content I post but that's okay, too! :) You can't please anyone.

So, my friend, Jessica, tagged me in an email because it's also her 100th post. She blogs through a an email subscription list and I adore her! I'm inspired by women who "do it all." I know that she wouldn't think that about herself but I do!
So, first, I have to do some updates and since I love lists, that's the way I'm going to "update" y'all.

1. Nursing school this semester has changed my outlook on the profession. I have the most encouraging teachers and classmates. It's so refreshing to be a part of a group of people where we genuinely want everyone to succeed. I love that about my class!

2. I'm still working at the hospital on the hematology/oncology floor. And I still love it. The stories. The kids. The parents. Their faith. All of it. I love it!

3. I've had the incredible opportunity to be a part of some really fun fashion events with Saks and other local boutiques! The blogger breakfast at Saks is Monday, so that will definitely be a post.

4. The Kingwood Lions are doing amazing! They are 5-1 now and I love seeing so many talented players on the field every week. They make me wish I was in high school again. :) And thank you to everyone who read that post!!! It is now by FAR my most viewed post and I've gained close to 200 followers from it. So, sports fans-thanks! 

5. The month of Luke Bryan is about to begin!!!! My friend and I are going to Villa Rica, GA on October 9. My sister and I are going to Auburn, AL on October 10. And, then, my sister and I have a Nashville getaway to see Luke October 18 AND 19 at Bridgestone Arena. And I guess I could mention that I GET TO MEET HIM AGAIN in Auburn!!!!! 

6. I've always been a big reader but none of my friends really ever were/are so I don't talk about reading all that much. I adore Emily Miller: a Washington Times editor, gun supporter and a republican! WIN! Ha! Anyways, she has a new book out that I was asked to review by a publishing company. The day after I received the email, I received two more emails asking me to review books for others. It's fun to be in the swing of reading again-and getting free books to read isn't bad, either. 

7. My niece, Ava Claire, will be TWO in two weeks. That is crazy. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday! My younger sister and I were taking astronomy together and it was our midterm. I had a crappy blackberry and October 12, 2011 was THE ONE DAY that their service experienced a nationwide blackout. Awesome. Anyways, planning her first birthday was exhausting but fun at the same time. This year is a pumpkin patch theme and I can't wait!!

8. I like Drake now. Drake as in, Drake the rapper. And I won tickets to see him in Atlanta. And my sister won't come with me. Sigh.

9. I'm making homemade Burt's Bees lip balm today. Wish me luck.

10. Alabama is still undefeated. Roll Tide Roll.

Happy Saturday!! And thank y'all so much for reading along! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

kingwood christian lions.

What would it take to turn around a varsity football team from a losing season to a winning season? Would it be fresh plays, a new head coach, experienced players, mature decision making or determination? I would argue all of the above. That is exactly what is happening at Kingwood Christian School this year.

The Kingwood Lions ended their 2012 season with a record of 3-7. The 2013 Varsity Football team is currently sitting comfortably in both their region and overall rankings with a 4-1 season so far.
Kingwood Christian School welcomed Steve Birmingham as the new head coach this season and he has proved to bring a fresh fire to the team.

The team consists of 31 players with incredible talent.

2013 Kingwood Lions Varsity Football Roster
(information via
There are many aspects that I could look at and write about, but I want everyone to know the heart behind this amazing group of guys. I went to Kingwood for 12 years and I believe that we only had an incredible season where play offs were reached ONE time. Play offs are already within reach for this years team and it makes me SO happy to be able to watch these guys week after week.
Arguably one of the main players to watch, Gavin Sumrall (#15), is a senior at Kingwood Christian School. Gavin is the quarterback for the Lions. He is exactly the type of quarterback that a team could wish for. He is smart, patient and calm when controlling the ball. I asked Gavin what he felt were some responsibilities he should strive to have as a quarterback. Gavin responded, "The same responsibilities of being a leader such as acting as a coach on the field and having tough skin. When things are going bad, everyone blames you. At the same time, you have to be humble because when things happen to be going great, everyone attributes that to you." I mean, it's obvious from this response that Gavin has his priorities straight. I also asked him what would be one piece of advice he would tell young quarterbacks. He responds, "I would tell a young quarterback to work on his football IQ. A well developed knowledge of the game can help in decision making."

Gavin has won several awards this season already, most recently Birmingham Metro Football Player of the Week.
Not far behind (literally) Gavin Sumrall is younger brother, Gage Sumrall (#1). Gage is a junior at Kingwood Christian School and he serves the teams on both offense and defense. Gavin and Gage have had several touchdown passes this season so far. They are an extremely fun pair of siblings to watch. Gage is a leader on defense, averaging 8 tackles per game. Gage is a go to on offense as well with 151 receiving yards this year. I asked Gage what the team "theme" was this year, how he felt about having such great fan turn outs this year and what his favorite connecting play with older brother, Gavin, has been so far this season. He responded, "The theme would be NOISE. Not just on the field but everywhere I go there is someone talking about the team or the game. It's great to actually SEE a good fan base. It's the first time in a long time that we're a part of a team like this and I can tell everyone in the stands are excited. My favorite play this season was when Gavin threw the ball to me and I got my first ever touchdown in the Bessemer Academy game."
Senior Montez Haynes (#5) is also a senior at Kingwood Christian School. Montez ended the 2012 football season with almost 1,000 receiving yards. This year, only after week 5, Montez already has 646 receiving yards. Sumrall and Haynes match ups lead to touchdowns almost as many times as they lead to first downs. With such high receiving numbers, I figured there may be a little pressure that comes with football. I asked Montez what sort of pressures there were during the games to be able to complete the plays and he responded, "I deal with the pressure by trusting in my team to do what they have to do so I don't stress and try to do everyone else's job. If I try to do another job, I may mess myself up in the process. You have to trust in your team." I also asked him what his most memorable moment of this season was so far when he answered, obviously, with the following, "winning all these games."
C'Yontai Lewis (#8) is new to Kingwood this year and he is definitely making up for lost time as part of the Lion team. C'Yontai has 6 touchdowns this year and 34 tackles (24 of said tackles being solo ones). C'Yontai is a Florida Gator commit and his performances prove why such a powerful SEC school has already claimed him. I asked C'Yontai why he started playing football and how he handled the stress of being such a "high profile" player. C'Yontai responded, "I started playing football because where I come from you don't have many other options. You either play ball or you will be someone who will look back and say how you wish you would've played. I handle the stress by praying and talking to myself. Then, I go play ball." And that's exactly what he does. He goes and he plays some football.


Every player is an intricate part of the Lion football team this year. I asked Sophomore Mitchell Carter (#14) how the team re-grouped during half time when they were down. He said that they look at the second half of the game like every play is the last one. They turn it all the way up (performance, encouragement and faith) in the second half. Fellow Sophomore Buddy Kittrell (#3) states that the most helpful "piece" of football he has learned is how to form a great tackle.

Most of the Kingwood Lions have been playing football for years. They are leaders. They are knowledgeable of the game. They are respectable. They are determined. I can't wait to see how far they make it this year. If you're ever in Alabaster on a Friday night home game, be SURE to stop by and support them. Actually, they'll have a home game this Friday at 7. See y'all there!






All photos courtesy of Diane Cunningham. All stats per All answers per players quoted.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

high school

Do you have a moment that you wish you could call "re-do" on? Do you have a day that you said something that literally changed the course of your life that you would take back if you could? If you don't, good for you but I don't think that a lot of y'all fall into this category.
After I hired a stat counter analyzer for my blog, we found that 87% of the people that visited my blog over a 4 week period were females (obvs) in the 16-19 year old category.
Hold up. I'm trying to fit in with these twenty something post grad blogs with recipes and giveaways and I end up with teeny girls reading.
Then, it hit me.
To reach girls. To reach the loners, the outcasts, the popular group, everyone. I just had such a crappy senior year with friends abandoning me (for no good reason, really) that I wanted to help other girls in any way so they didn't have to sit at home every night and battle negative voices in their heads.
I want girls who don't have a father figure to realize that God is their father. And that's the only real father figure they need.
My dad is awesome. He's provided and spent and went and did everything for all five of us. He's put all five of us (and continues to) through private school, built us a 7,000 square foot house, bought us cars, paid for college, etc. etc. etc.
BUT, my dad is not affectionate. He doesn't say "I love you" a lot. He shows it. He acts on what he promises. He's sacrificed his LIFE for his family. But, sometimes, all you need to hear is "I love you."
I always heard that from God. I had/have a great relationship with God. I'm not perfect, I'm not gorgeous, I'm not Einstein but I'm Katelyn. And he loves me just the way I am.
I don't regret my high school years. They were fun. They were exciting. They were eye opening. One thing, they weren't, however, was fulfilling. I had a group of friends that went and partied after prom and I didn't. The next Monday at school, no one would sit with me at lunch. No one would talk to me. No one would interact with me at all. And, to this day, I have no clue why. I was a very "good" girl in high school but I didn't rat out others. That's what God and a conscious is for. You deal with the consequences.
I went to college and had the best experience. Through situations, I have the best five friends that anyone could ask for. They encourage me. They support me. They have fun with me.
It's a win win situation.
My brother is a sophomore. He's on varsity football now so we're all about every game. This information is only necessary to say I'm around the "high school" scene again. And, oh my goodness, let me tell you, the girls these days are extremely rude and ignorant.
I feel like every girl has an awkward stage where she has to figure out which road she's going to take. She's either going to be a) the girl who tries to be everyone's friend and live the way God calls us to or b) the girl who rebels to the extreme. In my observations, there is rarely a middle ground. I was, of course, girl A and to this day, I'm still girl A. I want to smile at someone or be the reason someone has a good day. I don't want to ever be the mean girl. There's enough of them.
It breaks my heart to read and hear and see what some of these girls are going through. I feel like most of the time when girls tear someone else down it's because of their own insecurities. If you're confident (not cocky, there's a difference) in who you are and WHOSE you are, your life will definitely reflect it. Tearing down another girl with words or actions doesn't make you a better person.
It's high school. Not everyone is going to like you. But, don't give them a reason to not like you. Remember the phrase "kill them with kindness"??? Well, do that. Kill that mean girl with kindness. It's SO much easier to build someone up. It's so much more rewarding and fun to be the nice girl.

I'm so tired of seeing girls degrade women as a whole because of their crappy actions. Pull your shirt up. Cover your boobs and butt. There's a place you show all that and it isn't at a football game. It's behind closed doors once you're married. Talk appropriately. Calling so and so a "b" this and "b" that doesn't make you "cool" or "bad," it makes you unintelligent and basic. Watch the way you present yourself as a whole, especially around boys.
I'm harder on guys sometimes because it's easier to blame them for their actions versus taking responsibility for your own actions. But, it's the girls these days I have a problem with. Just from being a super football fan this year, I've met so many incredible guys who play hard, work hard and who are polite. There are SO many respectable guys that are out there, especially for the high school aged people right now.

Trust. It's hard being 23 and not having a lot of options because so many guys are cocky and rude.
While you're still in high school, be the nice person. Respect your teachers. Respect your parents. Respect yourself enough to not cause yourself or others to stumble.
There was a little girl sitting behind me at the football game tonight who said she wanted to be just like so  and so when she grew up and her mother literally got on to her because she said that the girl she mentioned wasn't good news.
There's a generation of girls (and guys) following your footsteps and paths. Make sure you're taking the right path and leaving big enough footsteps for them to fill.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Ippolita Event at Saks

I'm back in the groove of blogging. Everyone all together now: Y A Y !!!
I have so many fun and exciting posts coming up and I cannot wait to tell y'all about some surprises as well.

I was approached by the sweetest lady, Elizabeth, a while back. Elizabeth works for Saks and invited me as a Birmingham blogger to some amazing fashion month events.

I cannot attend most of them due to nursing school. Everyone all together now: B O O !!!
Ha. But, every show that I am able to attend, you better believe I will be there! 

I had the opportunity to go to the Ippolita Jewerly trunk show yesterday.

The pieces that were showcased were jaw dropping. It was a one day trunk show and it featured absolutely perfect pieces. These showcases pieces will go back into the vault in New York so to own one of these pieces is amazing. If only it was closer to my birthday, I would have totally splurged on a piece. 

I am going to post some of the showcase pieces first followed by my dream Ippolita ring that is available at Saks now. I also have a list of prices on these pieces, so if you need more information, email me and I'll get you whatever you need. You can special order most of these pieces from Saks if you see something you like! :)






This is my dream ring!!!


Drool away, ladies!
Thank you to Elizabeth, Ippolita and all the amazing and helpful employees for an amazing afternoon!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

stop stopping yourself

This is my first "scheduled" post. I am writing this on Saturday night. It is suppose to post at 11:30. We will see how this goes... :)

I've come to some conclusions lately.
1. I would be an excellent football coach.
2. I do my best thinking at night.

I've never been one to really be "shy" about what I believe in or why I believe what I do. I became a Christian when I was 6 years old and I've never been taught to "hold back" my faith, beliefs or convinctions for anyone. I love that about the way I was raised.

I had a dream childhood. I had everything I needed and wanted-and I still do. I don't say that to sound bratty or stuck up but I do say that because so many girls will email me and ask me for advice on what they should do about abusive relationships, eating disorders and suicidial thoughts. Now, while I am honored that these girls are reaching out to me, I use to feel like I couldn't do anything but PRAY for them because I didn't really know what else to do.

Then, about 2 months ago, while I trying to go to sleep one night, it hit me. I can do more than just pray. I can encourage these girls, talk to them on a daily basis and connect them with other girls with similar stories.

I literally had 10 emails sitting in my inbox of "situations" or "problems" these girls were facing. My generic response would always be that I was sorry that they were going through this and that I was praying for them. And, while I WAS extremely hurt that they were going through these situations and I WAS praying for them, I wanted to do more. I started just getting to know them over the past few weeks. Y'all wouldn't believe the power that "getting to know someone" has on their (and my) life. Several of these girls are seeking help for eating disorders, one has ended an abusive relationship and one ended a relationship where sex was the focus.

And, the more they told me about their situations, every single one of them all mentioned how good just talking helped. Isn't that amazing?? Yes, I know that we are busy and I know that sending an email to a girl with a "problem" might not be at the top of your list. But, if that isn't, then what is?

...checking your social media
....just being lazy

It doesn't take an act of congress to respond and encourage people. It only takes TIME. And, if you honestly don't have any time to pray for or encourage another girl, then you are too busy.

I harp on the way men should act on Twitter all the time. I honestly believe what I tweet. I've either learned first hand or seen my friends or sisters go through stuff that I would like to save other girls from going through. I've had multiple hate emails about how I should be careful what I say, etc. But, hey, if the only reason girls are giving into pressure by men and dating losers because "they don't know any better," then it's not because I didn't say/do everything in my power. This blog doesn't reach thousands of people everyday. But, you know what, it has reached at least ten that I know of that have reached out to me and I've gotten to know them. If that was the sole purpose of this blog-to meet and pray for and help women realize their potential in life-then that is more than enough f0r me.

I also understand that it's really easy to point a finger at men and say "do this or do that." But, what about the three fingers pointing back at us, the female population. I've also written my share of posts on the way I belive that a woman should act and the BIBLICAL way a woman should act. I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to educate women and more importantly, to EMPOWER them to be all that they can be.

I ran across an article on FOX NEWS last week about Miss Kansas. (hey, y'all better be staying current on world/nation events) Miss Kansas is the first woman that will be competing in Miss America that will bare tattoos. She has one large tattoo on her rib cage of the Serenity Prayer and an embelm to celebrate the military on the other side. She isn't your average beauty queen. She is extremely gorgeous and fit, but more importantly, she is herself. She believes in God, she is a good person and she isn't covering up who she is. I encourage y'all to read some more about her here.

This post is all over the place in theory and ideas but I hope y'all can see my heart behind it all. As women, I wish we would ALL do a better job of encouraging and supporting each other. I will never understand the competiveness among women today. The only person that you should ever compete with is yourself. Every single one of us are on different paths and roads and to do to compare and do what so and so is doing because you want to be them is not smart. If there is a quality about someone that you want, then you have every right to possess the same qualities. I may never be a member of the UN or travel the world 10 times and cure diseases but I will do absolutely everything in my power to be a kind and supportive and gentle woman. I will pursue my dreams and I will not step down or over for anyone. I will support other women. I will pray for anyone. I want people to hear my name and think of someone who tries her hardest, who strives to always be a better person and someone who didn't sit around and wait for things to happen for me.

Life is way too short to just sit and wait. You want a tattoo? Go get one. (with parental consent, y'all.)
You want to be a doctor? Be one.
You want to skydive? Well, go.

But don't you ever lay your head down at night feeling defeated by yourself. I'm always an email or phone call away. I'll pray for you. I'll listen to you. I'll try to help you be a better YOU! :)
Happy Sunday!!