Tuesday, October 29, 2013

hate on, haters

My family and I always say how we could be the "clean" version of the Kardashians because we have the most fun just living and we have the best vacations. But, I'm not real sure how I'd be able to keep up with the haters. Ha.

I am not famous. I am not weird or cool or awesome. I'm a girl who loves Jesus, country music, Nashville, my family and church. I also love my morals. These interests have attracted a following on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And, with all of this being said, I have gained A LOT of real life, close friends. At the same time, it is hate central all in my DM's and inbox on Facebook.

I feel like this is almost part of my purpose as weird as that sounds. I mean, there are a lot of girls that don't drink and that are waiting for marriage to have sex. There are a lot of girls that like Luke Bryan and country music. Maybe God sends them my way because it doesn't normally bother me, I don't really know. But, there is only so much responding I can do in 140 characters on Twitter, so I'd figure I take to my faithful little blog to explain just who Katelyn is since it seems to astound so many people on Twitter. Ha.








So, as y'all can see, at least 12 people have an issue with me. So, here we go!! :)
Hey haters,
My name is Katelyn Carter and I am a 23 year old college graduate with a bachelor's degree. I live in Alabama and I love it. I love Jesus with my whole heart. I have the best parents and family in the whole wide world. I LOVE mason jars, country music, Myrtle Beach, sweet tea, hunting, fishing, Phi Mu, Alabama football and just having a good time.
I met Jesus when I was six years old. My parents took me to church from the day I was born. I never had to party or drink because I had fun without that stuff. I'm not judging you if you do party or drink, I'm just proof that you don't HAVE to do those things to have fun.
I was salutatorian of my high school class. I was voted Most Likely to Succeed and Miss KCS 2008. I loved going to a private, Christian school and had the best high school experience until my senior year. Some of my friends went drinking after prom and I decided not to go. Then, for the rest of the school year, no one would sit to me and barely talk to me for standing up for what I believed in. :)

In undergraduate study, I was vice president of my sorority, Phi Mu. It is hands down the best sorority ever and we did such fun events. I treasure every friendship that I made in Phi Mu. We had pumpkin carvings, socials and chapter meetings. We would even go to church together.
I don't drink alcohol because I don't see any benefit from it. If you decide to socially drink, that's great for you. But, that's just not for me. I've seen first hand from a family member how destructive alcohol can be. I've never seen alcohol lead to something good. I think that I can get a "buzz" from mountain dew. Haha. I don't judge you if you like some Miller Lite or Bud Light. That is totally up to you. But, please do not judge me for deciding not to drink. My parents never have or had alcohol in the fridge. It's just not something that we believe in. What you put in your body matters. You CAN have fun without being drunk.
I don't think that you should have sex before marriage for a LOT of reasons. I've blogged and tweeted and posted and ranted about why being a virgin is important to me. First off, if you really think about it, sex is gross. Ha. Sorry. But, it is. The diseases that you can get from unprotected sex is absolutely disgusting. I'll spare you the pictures.
Sex is the most personal thing that you could ever do with a person. I, for one, only want to be that personal with one man. And, I want to be that personal with one man AFTER the blessings and promises of a marriage before God and my friends/family. I want to respect the body that God gave to the best of my ability. And, for me, that includes waiting until the blessing of marriage for sex.
Sex is so much more than the physical aspect. It's a mental and spiritual thing, too. Every time that you have sex, you're literally giving a piece of your heart and soul to that person. How many people do you want to have a piece of your heart? Hmm. For me, I want one man to have my whole heart. I want to treasure it and protect it and present my heart as the ultimate gift of love to the man I marry. I want to be healthy- physically, mentally and spiritually before I'm married and having sex.
Not a lot of people, if any, will talk about sex. That's part of the problem. If it's something you struggle with, it's a real problem-just like drugs and alcohol. There are preachers and teachers and mentors that would LOVE to pray for you and help you in these situations. I've said it in a lot of posts but I'm always here to pray for you. :) Just like with every other point I've addressed in this post, if you are having sex and you feel like that's what you are suppose to be doing, I'm not God, I'm not judging. I'm simply defending Katelyn and what and why Katelyn believes what she does.
I don't think that you should dress in a suggestive way as a woman. I don't think that you have to wear garbage bags, either, but respect yourself. You cannot possibly expose your boobs and butt everyday and then complain about the way men treat you. You just can't. Don't be the silly girl that always needs a boyfriend. Work on making you the best you that you can and you'll be the type of woman that compliments a MAN exactly the way you are suppose to.
I think that women should talk in a way that is pleasing to God. I don't think that cussing makes you hot or cute. I think that being respectful in way better.
I mean, clearly there are several men that have a problem with the way I live my life. But, guess what? I still meet and know and talk to AMAZING men of God everyday of my life. I cannot wait to see that man of God that he has for me. I pray for my husband every single day of my life. I want to be a good wife but I want to be a godly wife more. I want to support my future husband in any way that I can. I will honor and respect and pray for him every day of my life. I don't feel like I'm missing out on something because I am single because I know that the man that God has for me is worth waiting on.
I hope this answers some of your questions, haters. And, please, just stop hating because I don't hate any of Y O U.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've been lying.

So since I've been super vulnerable this week, why not continue the theme today, right?

Well, here it goes. I'm living someone's else's dream. That's right. It may be weird to read that line but read it a couple of times if you have to.

I'm not suppose to be a nurse. I mean, I can be. I'm a good one.  I love people and I love helping. But, what has been clouding my mind for the past 10 months is my belief that the only way I can help people is by being a nurse. That's wrong. And it's slowly been sucking the joy out of me every single day I walk into the classroom. Which, if you've been a reader here for any length of time, you know how much I hate it. I love the patients and I love the knowledge but nursing isn't for me.

I think my first mistake was going straight to nursing school after obtaining my bachelors in consumer sciences. Oh, let's go to nursing school now! That'll be fun. And I prayed about it, yes. I asked everyone to pray about it. I prayed that God would lead me to my dream job. And in an odd way, he is leading me there right now.

See, he's been answering my prayer all along by revealing to me that nursing isn't for me. Have you ever done something or saw something that you kept to yourself until it literally made you sick? That's been my life for the past two months. I don't want to be a nurse because I'm not passionate about it. I love it and it's an amazing field but it's not my passion. And while I'm not sure who's dream I'm trying to live, it's not mine.

What's more frustrating is that I'm actually doing well in nursing school. I'm passing and I still hate it. I'll read 230 pages of information and all I can think about if how they could've designed the layout of the book better. I drive by stores and think about how much better a display would look than the one they currently have. I look at public people and wonder if they need someone to simply answer their emails. I'm driven by helping people. But I could help people in advertising and marketing just as much as I could help people in a hospital bed.

I'm at a point where I can feel it almost being an overwhelming feeling of disobedience to God if I stay in nursing school. I wonder what opportunities I've already missed by trying to live this other dream.

I really don't care who you are but if your life is defined by how much money is in your bank account, you have no joy. And I mean that. Money doesn't make you successful. Joy makes you successful. I've felt like I need to be a nurse to make a "good living" and I've ended up making myself miserable in the process. More education doesn't mean more money. My dad's family are all self made millionaires and they didn't go to college. Of course, there's been plenty of tough months and years but he's doing what he loves.

I want to do what I love.

I'm 23. I'm not 40. I still feel like I'm young enough to "change" careers. I love marketing. I love social media. I love traveling and organizing and managing and detailing and planning. This is where I'm asking y'all to pray for me! I have a degree and skills and a passion to help people in these categories. So, instead of continuing with nursing school, I'm deciding to live my dream.

I know I've been referring to Nashville a lot lately but when we were there last week, it just felt like everyone there was living their dream. From the up and coming country singers at the bar to the waitresses at blue bird cafe, I just felt passion. I want passion again. Going to Nashville gave me the boost I needed to chase my dream. For the first time, my happiness is first. I don't feel like I owe any explanation or any justification. I deserve to be happy. And you do, too.

At the end of life, you're not answering to your family or friends for the way you lived your life. You'll answer to God. Why not team up with him and live your dreams. No cliche sayings. Pray, seek and live your dream.

My dream and passion and love is in God's hands. It scary and terrifying but it also makes me so excited my heart is skipping some beats. So, my prayer for you is to follow your dreams. Don't be scared of what others think. Be scared of what you think. And I'm asking for prayer that God will deliver me the dream job! I'm ready to dream and help and love and live! I'm not going to settle. I'm going to follow my dreams.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i'm over girls.

I've been ashamed quite a few times as a woman at the way my gender behaves but today has seriously set a pretty low bar to break. And, no, that isn't a good thing.

I preach and harp and beg and plead for women to act like, well, like a woman. It doesn't bother me to straight up call you out on being anything less than what the definition of a woman should be. Why do you think that men aren't gentlemen anymore?


Case in point- this weekend. My sister and I went to Nashville to see Luke Bryan. I have never in my entire life seen more skanky dressed women. Like, it's a country concert. Put on a plaid shirt and some boots and you're good. There is no need to have a dress that is so short I can literally see your panties. There's no need for that at all. I can't even imagine how that is comfortable to dance and have fun when all you are doing is worrying about if your panties are showing. And the boobs. Oh my goodness. Put your boobs away. I don't get it.

Obviously, I'm no Victoria Secret model so I don't want to show off my boobs or butt. I can honestly say, though, that if I DID have the kind of body, I'd still not want to flaunt it. Flaunting your body is like prostitution if you really think about it. You are "advertising" your goods in hopes that someone will "buy" what you have to offer. And, ladies, your worth does not equal sex.

Your worth is equal to intelligence, kindness, integrity, humor, purity and faith. If your worth doesn't equal that, then it should.

The other half of what has sent me over the edge is the behavior of women in general from the way you talk to the way you act. If you are tweeting about what you would do with Luke Bryan in a shower, I'm unfollowing you. That is TOTALLY disrespectful. You can be a fan of someone without making sexual advances towards them every 140 characters you type. Think about it. If you were married to a man, would you really want to see other girls inviting him to bed every night? No, didn't think so.

Talking and dressing appropriate never leaves you feeling guilty. Acting like a lady will ONLY build your self esteem. You'll never regret leaving a date sober and remembering everything that happened the next day. If you are acting like a lady, you won't wake up in some guy's bed and feel horrible about yourself. Women today treat sex like it's holding hands. Like, one date should not be enough for you to want to sleep with a man.

I mean, obviously, I don't think that you should be sleeping with someone until you are married, anyways. Sex is the most intimate and most uniting thing that you could do with a man. Why would you want to cross that kind of boundary with no commitment or promise from a man. Marriage and the promises you make on that day are SUPPOSE to be a forever thing. Both guys and girls have asked me questions about why I believe this way. Well, for one, I can honestly say that I've never met a couple that waited to marriage for sex who has regretted it. Never. Ever. People ask me why I think it's a problem to have sex before marriage because they need to "try it out." I've tweeted this before, but, if you are a Christian and you love God and honor him with your entire being (including no sex until marriage), do you think you should be worrying about how good the sex will be when you're married? I'm pretty sure God will reward you for your patience. Just saying...

I can only think of a handful of my closest friends who support what I believe in 100%. And that took all 23 years of my life to find friends who support what I believe in. I believe that a woman shouldn't dress scandalous because your beauty comes from within. And there's no real good way to wear your heart outwardly, so let your actions do the advertising.

I don't think that you should "party" to get guys. I've been to bars before. I'm not saying that going to a bar is bad. I'm saying that going to a bar in hopes of getting drunk and going home with your future husband IS wrong. You could totally meet your husband in a bar while you are completely sober enjoying their company. I don't want to look for a man. I want to be on my path that God has for me and when the time is right, the man he has for me will have a path that intersects with mine and that's when I'll be in a relationship. It breaks my heart to see so many girls on so many detours of their path just because they want a boyfriend or valentine. Just because you are alone does not mean that you have to be lonely.

Not at all.

I mean, I know this is a super out there idea for a lot of people but what about actually getting to know someone? I mean, more than 4 word texts that y'all exchange all day. I don't want to get to know someone over texts. I want face to face quality time with them. I think so many relationships and marriages fail today because we rely way too much on technology. I mean, a good morning text is nice but I don't want that to define my relationship. I don't want my quality time with a guy to be filled with sports and weather talk, either. Get to know them for who they are. Why are they the way they are? What's their favorite thing about their parents or the world or God? Don't fill all your time together with nonsense, get to know them. It's hard enough to keep someone's attention these days with all the technology. Leave your IPhones in the car over dinner or wherever you go. I've experienced girls trying so hard to be "sexy" and "flirty" that no guy is going to try to get to know you more than get to know you physically. I'm not saying be a mystery nun but if they start being seductive or flirtatious, you don't have to play back.

You don't have to demand respect, the way you live your life should command it. You can have a fun time in life without being seductive or drunk or overly sexual in your conversations. I'm a super fun person and I'm never really any of those things.

If a guy opens the door for you, say thank you.
If a guy takes you to dinner without an invitation to sleep over at his house, be thankful.
If a guy looks you in the eyes when he talks to you, listen.
You'll attract the right guy if you live the right kind of life. There are men out there that will treat you properly and not like a piece of property when you are living the way you should. There are good men in the world but there seems to be a lack of good women, currently. So, start being a lady and you'll notice more gentlemen.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

burlap and pumpkins: ava claire turns 2!

I love planning things. It can be anything from parties to weddings to gatherings to dinners. I don't care what it is but I love planning them! Last year for my niece's first birthday, I (with my sisters) planned a pink elephant themed party. You can read about that here.

Her first birthday party was totally Pinterest inspired and cost close to, well, probably closer to 1,000 dollars. Insane and over the top? Yes. But it was cute. And, hey, you only turn one once.

So the day after Ava Claire's birthday last year, we started planning her second birthday party, obviously. I don't know what to credit my mermaid obsession to but I've wanted Ava to have a mermaid party since before she was born. Apparently, though, I'm the only one. Ha.

We decided on Candy Land theme earlier this year. All three of us sisters had Pinterest boards dedicated to the second birthday bash and I had a "note" of vendors on my iPhone since March. 

Well, Candy Land would be a totally adorable theme but we decided on a simple "fall" theme probably around August. Ava Claire's birthday is October 12. It is the perfect temperature outside and our parents house is the PERFECT house for a fall themed party. I'm obsessed with the front yard (and the house) and there is plenty of acres to roam. We decided on pumpkins/burlap/lace/pink to be the main focal ideas to work off of. 

For Ava's birthday party last year, we started two weeks before her party preparing. This year was a little different with me in school and tour the southeast for Luke so we decided to set it all up the day of. And, it was outside, so there wasn't a lot of preparation you could do before hand.

Saturday morning on October 12 will forever be one of my favorite party days. I had searched and pinned and planned the new fall theme party and knew I wanted a focal point with burlap as the backdrop. I hadn't seen anything like what we decided on but y'all may have so no judging. Ha.

I'm just going to let the pictures do most of the talking because it's more fun (and easy) to just show you versus telling you. If you have ANY questions on how we did anything or where you can buy anything, do not hesitate to email me or comment with questions! 

The only thing is, if you don't have blogger, PLEASE leave your email in a comment so I can respond to you! :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

the best week of my life. ever.

As a blogger, I've NEVER had so much anticipation built up about one post as much I have built up for today. 

**DISCLAIMER** There are A LOT of attractive men in the pictures in this post so just beware. If you have high blood pressure, you may need to have your medication handy. 

Alright, here we go.

So, two weeks ago now is when what I like to call "Luke Bryan: Round 1" started. Two days of Farm  Tour and one meet and greet is what that glorious week entailed. I also have already written about it so while it is far from boring material, I have tons of new material to share. Ha!

So, rewind with me to Tuesday of last week. I had the perfect line up of concerts. Dylan Scott, who I told y'all about last post, was back in Birmingham at Tin Roof. So, naturally, we had to go! My friend Hannah and I went and it was so fun. It would have been SUPER fun if there wasn't a 12 year old boy standing right in front of me the whole time (the only thing separating me from the stage) but oh well. Still an incredible show nonetheless. 


 Hannah and I had seen him once before as an opening act for Gary Allen so it was so fun to see him in a full show setting. And he ended with the cupid shuffle. So, yeah, it was fun. :)

Then, on Wednesday night of last week, Brett Eldredge was coming to Tin Roof as well. It was only a 10 dollar charge so again, no brainer, to go! Hannah and I went along and saw him play.

 This time, we were literally front row. Tin Roof doesn't have a big stage at all and it's not lifted so said hot man (Brett) was inches from us all night. 

And it was perfect. He recently released a full album and I don't skip any of the songs when I listen to him. He is so good. Brett is a little more known so he had "scheduled" meet and greet before the show began. I don't know how the people got meet and greet but I'm working on it because we are going to see him in Decatur in November! I didn't know about the meet and greet before hand so once we learned about it, I was more determined than ever to get a picture with him. I mean, you see him right? And he puts his singleness on Twitter on the daily (or so it seems) so I at least had to try. 

And, of course, he took a selfie with us from stage.


(sorry not sorry for the iphone photos, I'll never be a blogger with a great camera)

Ha! Being the lucky girls we are, we found his bus. It wasn't like it was hiding or anything, it was just parked on the street. So, we waited for maybe 10 minutes when his precious manager opened the bus door and OFF WALKS BRETT!!! Okay, everyone, let's recap. Hannah and I are standing there with one random couple and he comes off the bus to meet us. It was love. And he is so pretty. 


 I mean, he even put on the navy jacket to match me. Adorbs.

After the heartbreaking goodbye we had with Brett, we headed home.

So, then on Thursday I have to keep my composure at clinicals all day like I'm not about to see Luke Bryan's fervently shaking his hips for the next two nights in a row. I was worthless at clinicals.

So, FINALLY, it's Friday!!! My sister, Lauren, is the other half of me. And she is the one who mostly goes with me on these journeys. We leave Birmingham at about 10:00 and make it to Nashville around 1:30. We went straight to the Bridgestone Arena to get in line. 


This is where I need to clear another misconception up. I agree that I am EXTREMELY lucky when it comes to Luke, but you also have to do your homework and work for front row seats. The Bridgestone Arena has standing pit and that is what our tickets were. So, you were guaranteed a pit spot but you decided where you wanted to stand based on how early you got there. The early you get there, the better seats you get. It's simple logic, really.

So, we sit down inside the arena and get our waiting on until doors open at 6 PM. While we are waiting, though, we had some visitors. Kent, Luke's drummer, and Michael, Luke's photographer/videographer came out the main doors to say hey to some of us sitting there. So, naturally, we got pictures.

Michael, aka Black Mike


Kent, one of my favorite drummers

Okay, so after they disappear back into the great arena to go hang with Luke, we all start getting a little antsy. I mean, running to the stage for a Luke Bryan concert is the equivalent to running a 13 mile marathon. They should make a sticker for the back window of your car like they do for runners but instead of 13.2 it just say "I won the Luke Bryan race." or something like that. :)

The doors opened at 6. So exactly from 5:47 until we arrived at the stage, my heart rate was literally 200. I know because a) I could feel it and b) I could see it beating through my shirt. 


I have lectured Lauren plenty of times on where to run and how fast to run. And, obviously, it paid off. We have the tickets scanned and run like Obama is behind us. Seriously, I don't run. But for Luke, you run. Ha. So, after being scolded by exactly 8 workers at the Bridgestone to stop running (sorry guys!!), we make it.

We both had meet and greets for Friday's show, too. This is where it gets tricky. We were suppose to meet outside of 117 at 7:45 to go meet Luke. So, from 6:00 until 7:30 we kissed UP to the people around us to save our spots. I even got his autograph for the girl behind me as a form of payment. I mean, I have his autograph, like 3 times, so I didn't mind. So, if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter,  you know that I brought Luke a gift! My very awesome boss, Holly, makes hand stamped jewelry and she made him a custom, stainless steel guitar pick with "dirt road diary" on one side and "luke bryan" on the other side. It was perfect and he LOVED it! There is a picture of it on IG and Twitter but it's not letting me post here so make sure you go see it!! :)

So, we are finally in the meet and greet room and in walks Luke. I always make Lauren go first so if she says something dumb, I learn from her. Hahaha. Well, she went first and didn't look stupid. And he called her baby and darling and darling again all within a 12 second time frame. So, then, obviously, it's myyyyy turn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go (I'm getting good at these dialouges):

Katelyn: Hey Luke, I've met you twice but I'm Katelyn.
 Luke: Curls. I'm Luke. Nice to meet you, again.

(YALL, HE REMEMBERS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Katelyn: (trying not to die of happiness) I brought you a gift!
Luke: Oh, thank you, darling. What is it? (opens it up) I love it. I've never gotten a personalized guitar pick.
Katelyn: Well, you know, first time for everything.

laughing. lol. haha. from both of us.

Luke: Thank you so much for coming. I hope you enjoy it tonight.
Katelyn: Oh, I will.


This is where an epic third meet and greet photo would be inserted but said photo isn't available yet. 

These photos, however, are. :)





I could say a lot about his show but I just love watching him perform. He is the nicest and most genuine "star" I've ever met. And, you know, clearly I'm on a roll with meeting them. Ha. Honestly, though, I've never heard of or seen an artist say "thank you" as much as he does. He treats his entire "team" as family and is just a good guy. He doesn't come flying in or have 18 wardrobe changes and his concerts are the best shows I've ever been to. He deserves everything that he is getting right now and I'm so glad to be a fan!! :)

Okay, enough mushiness. So, Saturday, we wake up to do it all over again. Lauren talked me into making the horrible mistake of stopping at Krystal's on Friday and we were starving by 4 PM. So, Saturday, we decided to have a good lunch and then head to wait. We went to Chuys and then got in line. This time, though, we were the very first ones in line vs. 7th in line on Friday. 

The waiting game begins again. We met the NICEST couple who were right behind us in line and became BFF's. 

Cole Swindell is one of Luke's besties. He was also the opening act with Dierks Bentley for the show on Saturday night. Around 3 PM on Saturday, Cole and Black Mike came back out the main doors like Kent and Black Mike had done on Friday. Cole is well known so of course every girl in line rushes to get a picture. You know, rushes around the very first person in line to get a picture. I think he saw me standing there because he looked over and I said "but I was first in line? :(" and he said "you sure were, let's get a picture." We do the standard nice to meet you, obsessed with your music (and face) small talk and take a selfie. A really cute selfie at that.

 Thanks Cole. Y'all go buy his music, too! 

Okay, 5:47 rolls around again and the heart rate is back up in the 200's. We make it passed all the security guards and make it to the front of the stage. Again, I know. My track record is 7 for 7. :)

Lauren had a meet and greet for Saturday night so I got the pleasure of pushing every little bizzle back for an hour waiting for her. Finally, she makes it back. So, now the fun begins.


Remember earlier in this novel of a post that boy named Dylan Scott? Well, what do you know. He TWEETS HE IS AT THE CONCERT. And I'm dying. Like, how much better can it get. A Luke Bryan concert w/ a possible Dylan Scott sighting. I'm done. Ahh. So, you know, you have exactly zero service in the arena, especially in a vicinity of easily 1,000 people around you. And, what do you know, he responds to this girl's tweets. Him and Jacob, his drummer. Jacob is my number one favorite drummer so there's that. Naturally, being the celebrities they are, Dylan and Jacob are in a suite. You know, a far off suite watching this magical show. He says he will meet me for a picture and I'm not real sure if that means now or later but I can't chance it so I leave to go find him. 

Yeah, know that lyric "I could be on the front row/of the best show/look down and see your face (aka tweets) on my phone/and I'm gone" from Crash My Party? Well, I did just that. I left front row and wiggled my way to find him. And guess what, Dylan and Jacob (and Josh) met me for a picture. Score. You know, this is why Dylan will be as big as Luke soon. Because he is nice and keeps his promises. And, like, duh, look at him. So, after exactly 5 failed attempts at a picture from what seemed like 8 different guys (the problem, a guy taking it), we settle for this one.


Left to Right: Josh, me, Dylan and Jacob :)

We make cute best friends, right?
So, then I have to weasel my way back to the stage for the "shake it for me" finale that Luke has every night. And, once I'm weaseled back in, some random guy is walking through our side of the pit. Except, he isn't a random guy. He's Dallas Davidson, one of the Peach Pickers (aka super famous song writer who has helped co-write over 40 number one hits!!!)

Selfie with Dallas? You KNOW I did.




And, then, it was all over. Ha. Luke literally hit his knees at the end of the concert on Saturday to say thank you. I swear, I felt like he said thank you to everyone in that arena. It was the best two nights ever!! I was so thankful to meet so many wonderful guys that can sing and look real good. :) I'll update with my meet and greet photo when it's published, but make SURE you follow me on Instagram so you can see the hips in real life video action. 

Happy Monday!! :)