Monday, January 27, 2014

luke bryan: madison square garden

Well, I did it. This Alabama girl traveled over 1,300 miles in the past 3 days and saw more and had more first time experiences than I've ever had in my life.
New York was amazing. And beautiful. And everything I ever thought and hoped it would be. I could never put into words the beauty and awe of a city! I will say, though, that I just really was made to be a southern girl. ;)
Friday morning I left for the big city. My sweet boss dropped me off at the airport so I wouldn't have to pay 450 dollars to park my car for two days! I am so grateful for the amazing people I work for and allow me to have so many adventures until I get both feet planted in Nashville.
I flew US Airways and I 100% recommend them. Every pilot was attractive and every flight attendant was so helpful. The airport security freaked me out because of all the liquid rules but I made it threw in a breeze. After a day of traveling, I finally made it to NYC around 4 PM on Friday. My amazingly awesome friend, Sadie, was more than gracious to wait on me so we could hail a cab together to our room.
Let me tell you...getting a cab is probably one of my favorite things now. I mean, I totally could get use to just waving at people to take me places. Haha! After we got to the room and changed, we went to meet some more friends. We ate at Bubba Gump's in the middle of time square. Absolutely delicious and absolutely fun times with fun friends!
I'm not sure which one of us had the group photo but it wasn't me or I'd post it here. But, this is my super pretty friend, Catie, from California. And she's adorable. Obviously.
We were tourist-y Friday night and Saturday before getting ready for Mr. Bryan and friends.
The show started at 7:30 and I needed to pick up my m&g pass so we arrived a little early. Madison Square Garden is unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. New York City in it's majesty was unlike anything I've ever seen in my life.
We make it to our incredibly awesome seats, again, thank you SADIE!! :)
The first performer was Cole Swindell. He was a merchandise seller for Luke Bryan just a few years ago and now he is OPENING for Luke. It's so fun and amazing to watch an artist like him grow so much. I still have a picture with Cole and I from Farm Tour a few years ago when he was selling T-shirts. Then, he opened for Luke on Farm Tour and now he's opening for Luke Bryan and has a CD coming out in February. So, go right now and pre order it because it's amazing.
Then, it was time to go say hello to Luke Bryan. I have had the amazing privilege of meeting Luke three times before and he is the sweetest and most genuine artist I've ever met. Like with Cole, I've been a fan of Luke's music (and a fan of Luke as a PERSON) ever since his first album came out. I've seen him 10 times over the past few years and every time, he improves the show. And he improves when there is nothing to improve. He's amazing!
The m&g line is always one of my favorite parts because of the people you meet and see. There are little girls crying, little boys meeting their heroes and momma's telling Luke thank you for being an amazing role model. Which, small time out right here. Do we realize how amazing of a role model he really is? I have never met a more happy and content person than Luke Bryan. He has a heart of gold and he continually thanks God and his sweet family in all his award speeches and such. He's an amazing singer, entertainer and family man. His wife and sweet boys are so blessed by him and he by them! I just love seeing an artist so committed to his family and giving so much back. Honestly, I've never heard a fan "running into Luke" somewhere and having a bad experience. Just an all around good guy. :)
Anyways, as I was waiting in line, Ms. LeClaire Bryan, Luke's mom, was walking by. I was discreet as possible but just thanked her for raising such a good guy and asked for a picture. She was so sweet and said we could.
Soon after Ms. LeClaire walked by, I spotted another extremely fun and nice person, Leah.
I've followed Leah on Twitter for a while and just love everything about her. You'll have to check out her blog here to learn more about her. Thank you Leah for being so sweet and welcoming!
Several "team luke" Instagram accounts have stumbled across my Instagram for one reason or another and so many fans were so excited for me to experience the concert and were sending Luke sweet messages. So, I told them all that I would do my absolute best to show him all the love. When it was my turn, he said "nice to see you again!" It's okay that he may not know my name or anything about me but the fact that he knew he was meeting me again was fun enough for me. :) Luke is just one of those artists who you want to remember you and be best friends with. I pulled out my phone and explained that so many of his fans were "cheering" him on and he was so excited. Y'all, I've never seen a bigger smile. I have to believe that he sees all of our support and love and that's what (along with everything else) keeps him going. It was fast but he saw them all. I said, "they just all say hey and congratulations and good luck." He said, "well, we can say hey back." So, he wrote y'all this sweet little note:
And then, we "attempted" my sorority, Phi Mu, hand sign. He got the hang of it. :)

Another familiar face is Mike, aka Vanilla Mike. I love how sweet all of Luke's crew is and Vanilla Mike is no exception. And, his girlfriend, Kelly, is the SWEETEST girl ever. Love y'all! So, when I saw Vanilla Mike, I immediately thought that we had to take a picture to send to Kelly since she was back home being the best teacher ever. Thank you Vanilla!

I missed all of Lee Brice's set by being in m&g but he sounded awesome!
On to the main event! Luke's entrance was nothing short of jaw dropping. He rose from under the stage on a Chevy jamming out to "That's My Kind of Night."

I know a lot of the people who will read this post are planning on attending shows, so I'll save the set list, etc. and just post some pictures. There are some videos on my Instagram (katelync) that you can view whenever you'd like to!
Oh, and, of course, we scored a selfie with Mr. Bryan for the third time. :)
Another amazing thing about Luke is the ticket prices. No other artist has tickets at these prices and puts on this kind of show. It was perfect and amazing and I still haven't recovered from it.
Thank you Luke Bryan, family, crew and friends for an UNFORGETTABLE first experience in NYC. Maybe we should do it again in about eight months? Cool. See y'all there. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Happy Wednesday friends!! :)
I leave for New York in two days and I am SO excited! This southern girl will not know what to do with temperatures that don't get above single digits for a weekend. I'm so ready, though.

One of my favorite bloggers, Seersucker Sass, tagged me in the SWEETEST blog post today. I'm so touched and honored by her encouraging words. Every time someone is less than kind to me on social media, she ALWAYS has my back and for that, I am FOREVER grateful!

Which leads me to another favorite blogger, Ms. Carly, aka College Prepster. Carly is one of my favorites to follow on all social media! Her life is adorable and fun. She always looks so stylish and is current on all the latest trends. Carly wrote a blog post about being real and it struck me. It's all I've thought about since reading it earlier this week.

This post scares me a little to even write. I, like Carly, have my fair share of hateful comments from complete strangers hurled my way everyday. I've even had twitter accounts created to make fun of me. This has happened more than once. I've had four different messages from people who literally told me to "kill myself." I've had guys who wouldn't speak to me after they found out that it's my belief to save sex for marriage.

The reason I'm a little scared is because I know the second I press post in the top right hand corner of this screen, the hateful comments will start coming. I was getting so much negativity that I had to install a tracker and moderator for my blog. It's so crazy to me how people can be so judgmental and critical of someone they have NEVER met.

I have a really fun life. I won't lie. I get amazing opportunities that most people my age are dreaming of. I put 110% into my work, my blog, and those opportunities. The opportunities I get land me in some cool situations. I've had the honor of meeting every one of my favorite artists in country music. I've also had the honor of getting to know so many of these people as well. Most people who stumble across my twitter or instagram are EXTREMELY thoughtful and kind with their words. With that also comes people who can be extremely jealous and judgmental.

I've heard it all.
"Your life is perfect."
"You have the best hair."
"You're so lucky.
"I'm so jealous of you."

And, in the same breath, I've also heard it all the other way.
"You have an ugly nose."
"You're pathetic."
"Country music and you should never be used in the same sentence."
"You're ugly."

You know, what? I almost started believing those negative comments. I've cried myself to sleep more times than any girl should ever have to. I honestly love every person I meet. Even if you have different values or beliefs, I still respect you as a human being. I wish girls would be more real and accepting of each other. And, I know, we are our own worst critics.

So, like Carly and I'm sure tons of other girls, I've decided to post a picture of me just being me. I don't wear a lot of makeup anyways, so I realize this isn't a drastic picture. But, my eyelashes are like, non existent and I don't think I've ever posted a picture without mascara on. So, here's the real me:

So, as you can see:
-my hair is super frizzy
-my eyebrows are uneven
-my skin is also super rosy
-my eyelashes don't exist
-and my nose is a little big

...but, you know what? It is what makes Katelyn, well, Katelyn.

I'm 24 and I'm still scared of the future. I have days where I don't think anyone would ever want to marry me or be my friend. I've come a long way but I'm still a long way away from reaching my "dream job." I don't know all the answers and I don't know all the right people but I do know that God has me exactly where I'm suppose to be. And, He's the best pilot of this plane I'm on. So, I'll keep letting him guide me and I'll be real until the day I die.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

curly hair probs

If we are Facebook friends, then perhaps by now you've seen the hilarious article I posted this afternoon. It's from Total Sorority Move and it's perfection. I am a Phi Mu girl through and through AND I'm southern, so, that article was golden.
Anyways, there was another article I ran across while paroosing (is this a real word?) the site this afternoon that was talking about girls and their hair. It talked about how we all hate our hair for the most part and always want someone else's hair. This is true, I assume. I can always rattle off several celebrities whose hair I envy (pre-demonic Miley, Reese, Vanessa, the list goes on). The article also talked about how easy girls with straight hair have it and it got me thinking--what about all the curly haired gals in the world?
Curly hair problems                                                Weird....
Someone sent me a message my senior year of highschool and told me I'd never land a guy because guys do not like curly hair. Well, dear ole Stephanie from Bessemer was wrong because I would dare to estimate that guys tell me they like my hair just as much as girls. Although, I am still single, so maybe Stephanie was right...
Moving on, curly haired girls have an EXTREME love/hate relationship with our hair. At least, I know that I do. My hair is the single most talked about feature of me, though. I  cannot go one day without someone commenting on "wanting my hair" or how "lucky you are to have so much hair" or without someone asking me "if it's all mine." No, I volunteered to get enough hair for five people? Hello.
Ha. I'm not complaining, though. I can have the most horrible hair day ever, in my opinion, and it never fails that those are the days I get the most compliments. I LOVE my curly hair. I was literally bald until I was three so to have curly hair now, I'll gladly accept it. All of it. As I was thinking about curly hair, I realized how many "stereotyical" things I could say about curly hair. So, I typed the following in my note app on my iPhone in hopes that my curly haired friends everywhere can relate to the list.
1. Our hair is magical.
Seriously, though, it can do anything. Barrel curls? No biggie. Beach waves? Simple. Blow-outs? Just give me a few hours and you'd never even know I had curls to begin with. Sock bun? No sock required. Prom hairstyles? Bring it on.
2. We keep conditioner suppliers in business.
I can buy a bottle of shampoo and it will last me a good two weeks. Conditioner? Two bottles a week. So much conditioning.
3. Our hair is never boring.
Admit it, curls never look the same way twice. We have the snowflakes of hair.
4. Straightening our hair makes us question ourselves.
The only time I've straightened AND documented my straight hair in the past year was my 2nd most liked picture on Instagram. Wait, so am I ugly every other day? These are the questions that haunt us when we straighten our hair and is 97% of the reason I don't.
5. We have a favorite hair tie.
And God bless America and your entire household when that Emi Jay you've been stretching out for the past three months breaks.
6. There is no such thing as a "quick shower."
I mean, if anyone with curly hair tells me that it takes them a second less than 14 minutes to wash their hair, they're lying. Or they aren't washing their hair correctly.
7. We make really fun road trip buddies.
Anyone with curly hair will not sleep in the car because we can't lay our heads against the head rest without frizzing up the back of our hair. So, hello seven hour road trip to Lousiana? I'm up. The whole.way.there.
8. Government issued photos discriminate against us.
I mean, my hair has never all fit inside the license photo. 3/4 of my hair didn't make it into my passport photo. Such is life.
9. Curly hair is bi polar.
Love the curls. Hate the frizz. Can't have one without the other.
10. Did I mention that it's magical hair?
Nothing quite as magical as finding a bobby pin in your hair in the afternoon and knowing you didn't put any in your hair that morning. Left over from yesterday, even after washing it? No, no. It's magic. Duh.
Curly hair

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

beautiful you

 I've met several girls through Facebook over the years through being involved in ministry and I absolutely adore them! I even have gotten to meet some of them. Their hearts are so pure and so sweet and beautiful! It's easy to see that they are doing exactly what God has called them to do.
I wanted to talk, errr, blog, a little about girls, insecurity and appearance tonight.
I am probably one of the MOST insecure people. In the world. I'm no supermodel. I'm no Barbie. People don't want to be me and a lot of people never ever will think I'm pretty or like me. And, that's okay.

What I don't ever want is a pity party for myself. Sure, I think my hair is pretty cute and I don't think I'm ugly, but I'm definitely not always comfortable in my skin. I think I'm pretty fun to be around. I love Jesus and I love people! I pray that is what shines through.
Like what I said above-I don't think I'm super attractive- by worldly standards.
But, I KNOW I'm super attractive to the creator of the universe- GOD. I know this because he made me. I know by God's standards I am perfect. And lovely. And that I'm desirable by HIM. And, that has to be enough.
Think about what the world would be like if we had no mirrors. Can you even do that? It's really hard but if you think for a very long time, what do you think the world would be like? A world with no comparison. A world where everyone embraced everyone, regardless of shape or size or color or features. How perfect, right? That's how God sees us. He doesn't look at our outward appearances, he doesn't even care. He sees our HEARTS!!!

I've always known this, but lately, I've forgotten it. Sometimes I feel like the BIGGEST failure. But, I've been seeking God more the past week than I have in a while. So many distractions was getting in the way of me to see myself the way God sees me. I started seeing me by world standards. I started seeing an imperfect figure, hair and clothes. Then, I started reading and studying about Ruth. Ruth was such a beautiful woman and I am learning so much about her. Her story is a WHOLE OTHER post but I encourage you to read it.
Some of the friends I've made have struggled with eating disorders, disturbed body images and low self esteem. Some people have never even been told that GOD is in love with them and that he thinks that they are beautiful and amazing! Again, God ONLY SEES YOUR HEART!!! So, that's all he is concerned about. And, when you think about it, it's true. If you are kind and polite and lovely to people, you ARE beautiful.

I will never understand how girls can be so heartless and cruel to each other. I was raised to view everyone equal and not to view anyone as a threat. I was raised to try my hardest to put my "God goggles" on and try to see people the way God sees them. I've had friends who have been bullied and even written suicide letters. Thank GOD none of them ever went through with it. When they told me about it, I would think "you are the coolest girl, why would you ever want to end your life?" But, you know what, then I started getting hateful messages from complete strangers with comments on my blog or twitter messages. Like, for real messages that told me that the world would be a much better place without me. I've had another girl tell me that she wanted me to kill myself. These are destroying words. These are words that cause damage beyond repair. I am glad that I've been taught to speak living words and kind words. I simply ignore the messages and pray about it. It's not that easy for everyone and I get that. I just learned from a very young age that Jesus was the only person in my life that would love me through any situation.

It's my sincere desire that as girls, we would encourage one another. I want everyone to reach their dreams. Whatever it is that you are dreaming, I will always be on your team- 100%. Life isn't a competition. Life is suppose to be worthwhile and beautiful. If you need a friend, I'll be anyone's friend. I pray that girls realize how much worth they have.
I want every girl in the whole world to know how beautiful you truly are! If you don't see yourself that way, I am praying for you! I know that I have a lot of work to do on myself-physically and spirtitually- but I know what God thinks of me. There is no one else in the world who can be the YOU that you can be. That must mean that YOU are pretty special, huh?
You are. Some of you paint or sing or model or play music or whatever you do. You are the only one who can do it like you can. It's my prayer that we all accept ourselves and THE LOVE GOD gives us. Life is so hard alone. Please, I beg you, get involved with a Bible study, join a church or even email or comment me, I would LOVE to be a part of your journey.
Remember, you are absolutely beautiful! Just the way you are!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

keys to your heart

Our sermon in church tonight was SO good! I always take notes on Sunday mornings but normally Sunday nights aren't as lengthy BUT as soon as he started preaching tonight, I took notice. He preached out of Matthew 16 and the subject was KEYS. As we were driving home, another spin on KEYS came to me so that's what I wanted to get all out here before I lost any of it. This will probably not make sense like 90% of my other posts BUT it was such a powerful sermon and then God spoke to me so loud on the way home, I just wanted to get it all out.

I am passionate about girls recognizing their worth and purity. It's my personal opinion to stay pure until marriage and I hope that is the opinion and conviction of all girls as well. I understand that it isn't and I don't hold that against ANYONE. I have several friends that don't believe you should wait until marriage and that is their opinion. I'm not here to judge. I'm here to offer advice and guidance to those girls that ask it of me but I never want anyone to feel like I'm pushing my beliefs on them.

Sorry for the little rant but I normally get so many people emailing me to "not push my beliefs on anyone" so, again, this post is intended for me to read only. If anyone else stumbles across this page and likes what I'm saying, cool. :)

Okay, so back to the topic: KEYS. Our pastor used keys as an example to talk about trust. You don't give people a key to your house if you don't trust them. You don't leave your keys in your car if you don't trust that they will still be there when you return, right? Right. So, there are three things associated with keys when talking about your heart.

1. authority
How are authority and your heart and a key related? Someone who has a key, in any situation, has to have some sort of authority to earn one. Well, for someone to earn your heart, you have to give them the authority to have it. No one can "steal" your heart from you without your consent. There are so many girls who blame guys for broken hearts and broken promises and it's so sad. Yes, guys can "break" your heart and break their promises to you but you are ultimately the one that has the control of who you are giving the authority to. That's why I am a fan of taking things way slow versus quick in relationships. Emotions and hormones RAGE when you like someone but if God has your heart, he has the ultimate authority of your heart. The more authority you allow God to have of your heart, the more difficult is will be for someone to steal your heart. So, I think it's better to be "over" guarded vs. not guarded enough when it comes to your heart and the key to it.

2. responsibility
Once you've given someone the key to your heart, you both have a responsibility. Again, you don't give the key to your car to someone you don't think is responsible enough to have it. Your heart is SO much more valuable than a car so you should require someone to use a lot more responsibility to hold the key to your heart. Your heart is precious. It's delicate and it's fragile. You have one lock and one key to your heart-use so much caution when deciding who to give it to. Make sure that the person who gets the key is responsible in every aspect of their life. Make sure they have their own goals and dreams and that they are responsible with what they have. Someone who can't afford their light bill shouldn't be trying to wine and dine you.

3. accountability
Lastly, make sure that the person who you give the key to your heart to is accountable. They need to be accountable to you and preferably others. It's important to set boundaries and talk with the man who gets the key to your heart. If you don't want the relationship to go in a certain direction, you make sure that y'all talk about it. Then, once they know, they can be held accountable for it. This part also means that they know the consequences of giving the key back to you if necessary. So many girls will email me and say that they "just want a boyfriend" or "no one will ever like me with standards so why not just approach a relationship with no standards and then let them know my belief." No, no no. This is wrong and extremely false. You shouldn't ever feel like you HAVE to have a boyfriend. If you do, you're probably missing an eternal love that only Jesus can provide. I promise you, once you are satisfied with being single and you've given the key of your heart to Jesus, he will give it to the man that deserves it. Secondly, please understand that the whole "no one will like me" is just a lie. If you REALLY wanted a boyfriend or to have sex, all you need to do is to go to a bar downtown somewhere. You don't have to be a victoria secret model to find someone who will sleep with you. But, that's not being accountable with your heart and that's not what you want. So, make sure that you are accountable to Jesus with your heart. Give him the key and he will give it to the man that deserves it. And, if you are giving the key to the right person who has authority and responsibility, chances are that's the guy that will hold the key to your heart. He will not break it. He will not push you. He will respect you. And, he will cherish that key more than anything else.

So, again, this is random and scattered but I've just been emailing some amazing young ladies and trying to provide guidance lately. Several of these girls simply are losing a grip on their keys. I hope this is the encouragement that you need to grip onto that key and with the help of Jesus, the right man will be able to grab hold of the key and unlock your heart when the right time comes. :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Do you ever have days where you feel like the biggest loser in the whole world?
Ha. Well, for the sake of everyone in the world, I hope you haven't. I, on the other hand, struggle with being a real big loser in my mind about 78% of the time. It definitely not something I ever want to admit or be proud of, but, it happens.

I mean, I know that I'm not a loser but sometimes you have people in your life who manipulate you and just bring you down. If there is anything I've learned in the first 8 days of 2014, it's that there are a lot of fake "friends" that take advantage of you or people who simply use you. I get SO much backlash from people on my blog and twitter that I'm too ugly to ever be married, that being a virgin is stupid, that I'll never make it in the country music industry as a writer, etc. etc. BUT, what I never really believe is that these people are right. I mean, I have a HECK of a long way to go before landing my dream job and all BUT at the same time, I've kind of surprised myself with how far I've already came.
Probably my newest but realest friend, Michelle, and I talk all the time. What matters in your life is not what other people say or think about me, what matters is what I prove to others. It's SO nice to have people with similar goals and dreams that really believe in you. One positive voice far outweighs all the negativity I receive for whatever reason.
I've always been a go getter type personality. If I want something, I work for it. I was raised that NOTHING is handed to you. I was raised to be a kind and fair person and God will reward that. And so far, 100% of the time, God has. I put my dreams on semi hold every time someone says something negative, and that's wrong. If someone doesn't believe me or believe IN me, then forget them. It's not worth my time to try to convince someone to believe in me. I have to believe in myself before I should or could expect anyone else to believe in me.
This whole dreaming and not letting anyone stop me topic has been in my brain since Monday. I will have 100 amazing days and 1 bad day. It sucks. There is no real reason why I will have that 1 bad day but it does make me question everything I'm doing with my life. And, over the past few days, I literally have received 14 emails from girls who are going through similar situations.
I started this blog because I wanted to bring a voice to girls that it's okay to be the "good" girl and it's more than okay to dream. That was almost a year ago I started this blog. Now, with over 100k views and hundreds of faithful followers, I feel like girls are realizing it IS okay to have big dreams. And to work for them.
I just want girls (everybody, really) to resolve to leave the negative people in the past. 2014 is still a BRAND new year and I refuse to listen to people and their negativity anymore. There are some girls on twitter who blatantly talk about me. It's rude to do but it doesn't bother me anymore. I blocked them and don't go look at their page. I've unfriended people on facebook that are negative influences and even deleted hundreds of numbers from my phone of people who aren't true friends. If they text me, I just don't respond.

I know that there is no 100% way to get rid of negativity in our lives but there are so many steps that we can take to be as positive as possible. The more positive I am, the more willing I am to work for my dreams because they seem attainable. God allows us to live our life in hopes that we know him, first off. Then, he obviously wants us to love others like he loves them but I firmly believe God wants us to have fun in life. So, whatever you think is fun, go do it. If someone is stopping you, remove them from your life. There's too much life to live to listen to negative people all the time.

One year ago TODAY I wrote a "dream list" of things I wanted to do. A bucket list, if you will. And, I will let y'all know that I completed 100% of that 40 item list. Some were very small things and very insignificant to most. But, they were all little dreams of mine and I accomplished 100% of them because I refused to be stopped by fake friends and guys who weren't serious about relationships. It was like taking off a layer of clothes (aka negativity) and it was the best year of my life.

I made another dream list today. These goals may take longer than a year to attain BUT I have something to keep me accountable. And, I encourage you all to do the same. If there is any dream that I can help you with, email me!! I am ALL about making people's dreams come true. I want girls to love God, find amazing friends and relationships and to just genuinely love life. It's such an amazing place to be in when you love yourself.
If that means you are the only one not drinking at a bar, so be it. I've been to PLENTY of bars in the past year and only drank water. If that means that no guy in high school will date you because you are saving yourself for marriage, no need to worry. The hottest guys start coming around mid 20's anyways. ;) If that means that you have to get rid of every friend you have and look for more positive ones, I hope this is the swift nudge you need to do so.

Bottom line--make 2014 the year that you refused to say no to your dreams. I promise you that you will not regret setting goals and accomplishing them!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE: Nashville

And just like that, it's 2014.

I am SO excited and thankful for everyday of 2013. It was filled with SO many incredible memories that I could never even try to list them all. It makes me realize how blessed I am and makes me thank God every single day that I get to live this life. I wouldn't trade a single day for anything. Of course, there were plenty of hard days but the good days FAR outweigh the bad and that's what I'm focused on.

When I started Southern Samplings in February of 2013, I would have NEVER thought that I would be able to reach over 100k views in 10 months OR be able to go on so many adventures. I learned so much in 2013 about myself and about life. I've learned to believe in myself. I've learned that my family really is the most precious family in the world. I've learned that country music is the greatest thing in the world. And, I also learned that Nashville makes my heart skip a little faster. Thank you, Jesus, for an amazing year. And thank all of you for reading. I can't IMAGINE how amazing 2014 is going to be. I hope you'll continue reading but hold on, it's going to get crazy.


Okay, moving along. Let's get to the nitty gritty of this post. Two subjects to discuss: Nashville and New Years celebration. 

I was gifted with a pass to see Brett Eldredge for NYE in Nashville. This pass included a buffet dinner at Wild Horse Saloon and then a private acoustic performance, toast and meet and greet with Brett. My sister came with me and it was amazing. 

We headed out for Nashville Tuesday morning. We go practically once or twice a month so the routine is pretty down. It takes almost three hours to get there from Birmingham. However, this trip was the exception because my sister decided to get an oil change, activate her debit card AND temporarily lose her insurance card ALL in one morning. Whoop whoop Lauren. Way to go! ;)

We finally get to Brentwood where we were staying this visit and stopped by Ivey Cake for some cupcakes. Ivey Childers is the creator of Ivey Cakes and she just so happens to be one of Carrie Underwood's besties so of course, we had to stop by.

 The cupcakes were delicious and I just love the Brentwood area!

After we got ready for the dinner with Brett, we headed downtown to park and get to Wild Horse Saloon in enough time.






Everyone makes fun of how nervous I get before any concert or event so I never can eat before the shows. So, it all looked really good and what I ate, I loved but I hardly touched the food. Haha.


Yes, this is how close he was. No, it's not zoomed in. Yes, our boots touched. Yes, it was awesome.


Sorry about the lighting. It sorta sucked in the event room we were in. Shout out to Chelsea's mom for snapping these pictures while Brett wined and dined at our table, beside me of course. ;)

Every time I've seen Brett, we've always taken selfies. It's a little thing I call "selfies with bretty poppins." So, of course, the tradition continued. 

He sang four or five songs before he just ate and talked with everyone. Even though I didn't pay for my ticket, knowing what I know now, I definitely would've. It was worth every single penny.

As he was dining with us, this little magical moment happened. 


Lawd have mercccyyyy. I could've died RIGHT then and been the happiest little girl that there ever was. Haha.

The "official" meet and greet photos were taken after the magical moment happened. When it was my turn, he said, "I'm about to do something I've never done during autographs. I'm going to draw a picture. But, don't sell it. Because it's yours. And it's an original."


So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is. 

And, of course, we snap chatted all y'all.

The Broadway Bash that Nashville has every year grows each year. They were expecting 70,000 people to be there. When we left the dinner around 8:00, I swear there was already 75,000 people on Broadway, Commerce, 2nd Avenue and every street in between. But, as most of you know, crowds are easily conquered when there is a hot man on the other side of it. Haha. Brett was playing the Broadway Bash at approximately 9:30 which meant we had a hour and a half to go back to the car, charge our phones and attempt to make it all the way to the front of 75,000 people. 

Mission accepted. 

Well, we squeezed just about as close to the front as we could when a security flagged me down and said "come on over here." We have NO credentials whatsoever, which we make known, and he just lets us into the VIP area with NO questions asked. I mean, what? My hair must've been super curly that night. Haha. I mean, how does this just keep happening??? No complaints, though. Haha. We made it. To the very very front. Of 75,000 people. To see Brett. 

 Shout out to Storme Warren for posting our picture on his twitter page.

After the show was over, we went to Losers/Winners bar to hang out for a while. We also checked out ReBar. When you don't drink, bars are fun for a while but then you realize you're just standing there awkwardly and then you just want to go to bed. Haha.

We woke up Wednesday and met my new friends for lunch at Rock Bottom. It is one of my favorite places there and it's always delicious. 


Then, we went to Opry Mills Mall and decided to see the show Ice. Naturally, we scored VIP to the show. 




We toured Broadway for the 600th time and took a picture with Luke, as usual.


We ate dinner at Hard Rock and then said goodbye. :(


Best view ever. 

Until next time, Nashville, you were awesome. :)

And, that, my friends, was my New Year celebration. Hope yours was just as fun!! 
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