actually, i can.

2018. Wow. Just like that.
Isn't it crazy how fast time truly flies the older we get?
I remember being 16 sitting in the brand new car my dad bought for me thinking I would have that car forever. Or graduating high school and thinking the fantastic five would always be friends. Or graduating college and thinking I would actually use that degree.
Well--that car died a few years ago. I talk to no one from high school and well, I am not in the consumer science industry.
The point of all of that was to say, we change. We grow and move and fail and learn and soar and fly. It's all a part of life. We gain, we lose. We love, we don't love so well. We say hello and we say goodbye. Life is like that. The only thing certain about life is that everything is, you guessed it, uncertain.
This year, though, I want to put all the things I want to do in a list. More than a "top 5 resolution" post type list. Of course, I have some things I really want to accomplish this year (like get the neighbors to the right to like, really like us) but I think one major key to success simply starts with goals. It starts with writing it down. It helps to have people hold you accountable.
It helps, too, to know that you can. Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it.
I think back on this past year and think about all the things that I didn't accomplish that I really wanted to. Sure, some of it was due to lack of knowledge or connections or motivation, but most of the things on my mental list were within reach. I simply didn't believe that I could.

So, here's to one year of fearlessly saying "I can" to as many things as possible. I started a note in February of 2017 of things I learned and as I was looking back through them, I realized to everything I learned, there was an action of something I "could" do about it.
--Home is where the heart is but I can choose to make this new city home, too.
--Not all guys are good but I can choose to not write off anyone interested because of other's mistakes.
--Not all guys are bad but some are so don't ignore the warning signs.
--Not all friends are true friends but I can choose who to hang out with and who to invest time in and who to just go out with and have fun.
--You must always change the air filters and I can drive to Target at 8 PM on a Thursday night to accomplish this task.
--Not everyone will want to be featured on your blog but you can continue to ask people who you truly believe in.
--Fame, unfortunately, changes people but I can choose to switch my energy around and support people who aren't changed by it.
--You should always wear sunscreen and you can always buy a bottle of it for approximately 5 bucks at the drug store.
--Cooking dinner for just one or two people is hard (especially when you come from a family of 10+) but hey, you can take leftovers to work. 
--A healthy relationship with Jesus takes a lot of work but I can set aside my Sunday's and 15 minutes a day to get in his word and better myself.
--The gym is scary but so is a lot of other things so I can put on my shoes and go.
--Never turn down an opportunity to travel and I can prioritize my money to make it happen.
--Tacos are never a bad idea and I can devote one, er two, days a week to eat them.
--Having meaningful relationships are hard when you're so busy but you can, and you should, take the time to meet that friend for coffee. Friends are good for the soul.
 --Nashville is a town where you have a million in one shot of landing your dream job but I can be that one.
You get the idea. Some of those are silly. Some of those are hard to write, and even harder to learn. But, there they are. I want 2018 to be the year that I fearlessly pursue loving myself better. I want to love other people better. I want to be a better daughter, sister, friend, etc. I want to help people that I know need helping. I want to feed people I know are hungry. I don't want to hold grudges. I want to guard my heart. I want a lot of things, apparently.
But, I also want you to know that you CAN, too. Whatever it is, you can do it. There is literally nothing too big or too small. So, who's with me? Because no matter what anyone tells you that you can't you--actually, you can.


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